Why this website?

To my friends, acquaintances, customers and future people who will fall into one of those three categories:

I have tried to develop a website which reflects my interests, hobbies and business concerns all wrapped up into the home page called "Doug's Place" at www.dholmes.com. Like you and most others, we all have to make a living. My main business from 1990 to 1998 was my little shop at a local mall which I called "Doug's Mugs." But anyone who knows me knows of my passion for genealogy which has developed over the recent years and takes more and more of my time. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find time to do all the things one likes? Well, we all know there is always a lack of time, but I refuse to allow that to stand in the way of my genealogy interests. As of 1 January 1999, I closed my Doug's Mugs shop at the mall and devoted myself to doing full-time Portuguese genealogy.

If I were rich, I wouldn't have to worry about the details of making money to survive and could spent all my free time on my favorite things to do. But like most of you, I am not rich and have to make an honest living like everyone else. So how does one balance the need to make money and still do the things they love?

My answer to this question is reflected in this website. You'll see links pointing you to things that I sell and services that I provide because we all have to put food on the table, as they say. I have tried to come up with a way for me to devote more and more time to genealogy, so I've tried to balance earning a living by offering my services as a way to continue to do genealogy. I have so many huge projects in mind that could probably never be even considered by someone who is not at retirement age. Well, I don't plan to wait that long, so I think that by finding a way to pay for my time, I can do these things now and in the end they'll be of immense benefit to the Portuguese, Slovak & Hungarian communities. I can't see a logical reason why anyone would have a bad opinion of me for trying to do what I do in the best way I can figure out.

But whether or not you become a customer of mine, in addition to a friend or acquaintance, I think the pages on this website will not only hold some of your interest, but will possibly become one of your Favorite Places (as they say on AOL) to visit time and again, because no one can argue successfully against the fact that the data, contacts, references, etc. that can be found here will be of help to anyone doing genealogy in the regions covered here.

I welcome your input and especially appreciate the kind help and time so many people have given to me over the years. Like most things in life, nothing is truly in a vacuum - we're all affected by each other's actions. This website might not be nearly so interesting or helpful if it weren't for the participation of you and so many others. I give you my sincere thanks!

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