Early History of the Island of Terceira

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From the book by Fr. Jeronymo d'Andrade, 1845, translated and edited by August Mark Vaz. 109 pages in easy to read paperback-magazine format.

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In this short but concise history of the island of Terceira, translated for the first time into English, Fr. D'Andrade traces the history of the island in one of the most trying periods from the days of discovery and colonization to the difficult period of the Spanish occupation.

Fr. D'Andrade used an almost modern sociological approach as he describes the formation of the character of the people, their manner of living and their heroic opposition to the power of Philip II, then the most powerful monarch in all Europe. Andrade tells of the victories and defeats, and the terrible revenge of Philip on the people of Terceira for their loyalty to the cause of Antonio, Prior of Crato and pretender to the throne of Portugal which Philip had seized.

Of particular interest to those of Azorean descent is the section devoted to the noble families that colonized the island and the origin of their illustrious names. Added to the original work is a chapter, taken from an eyewitness account, of how the people of Terceira, alone and unaided, finally rose up in revolt against the Spanish occupation and laid seige to the Fort of S. Filippe on Mount Brazil, ending forever the Spanish occupation of the Azores.

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Comment by Doug da Rocha Holmes: This book is a terrific resource for Terceira Island history in the English language. It's full of information about the earliest settlers on the island and I'm sure anyone would find it a valuable addition to their own library. After reading it, I wrote off to the author to try to arrange to sell his book through this website. The profit margin was too slim to allow that so I decided to just make this page for him anyway. I receive no compensation in any form other than the good feeling of telling others of a great reference to get. I only ask that anyone who buys Mr. Vaz's book will tell him that they first heard of it and were pursuaded to buy it after seeing it on this website. I hope he gets flooded with new requests!

If the person interested in Terceira history has ancestry from that island, they should know that Terceira is one of my specialties of research and I can help you trace your ancestry as far back as those records allow. This varies from parish to parish, but can be as far back as the 1500s in several cases there. If interested, go to the Portuguese Genealogy Information Page for more details.

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