Tiles of the Azores

Now available are ceramic tiles/coasters of these islands of the Azores, Portugal. Being the Christmas season, these would make excellent gifts for your genealogy friends and relatives.

They can be displayed on an easle, permanently mounted in the wall, used as coffee coasters (my favorite way to use them), or hung on a wall.

These tiles are 4" x 4" square. Cost is $12.99 each or a set of four costing $40 (a $11.96 savings). A full set of the 9 islands of the Azores sells for $75 (a $41.91 savings).

The following pictures of these tiles are larger than the actual item in order to show the clarity better.

Note: I am no longer able to make tiles and so I can check what I have left in stock, in case of interest.

terceira-c.gif (14173 bytes)



An option for each tile is to have your own village or settlement (lugar) listed in Red and larger than the rest of the village names in order to customize your tile to represent where an ancestor came from. This option costs $2 per village. If you get more than tile with this option, the extra $2 fee is waived for the other tiles of that island.




pico-c.gif (11000 bytes)


For the islands not yet shown here: Santa Maria, Corvo, S.Miguel, Madeira, just let me know if you're interested and I can give you some idea of how long it would take me to make it for you. In the case of Madeira and S.Miguel, there are far too many villages to show them all clearly on a 4" x 4" tile. Therefore my plan is to show the more important and larger villages and I can add in your village, if not already shown, with the $2 option mentioned earlier.


faial-c.gif (11007 bytes)



Also available are tiles that are 6" x 6" which can be used in the same ways as mentioned earlier or also as hot pot holders. These 6" x 6" tiles are available for $16.99. I can also special order 8" x 8" tiles, if anyone is interested. Cost on them would be $19.99.





s-jorge-c.gif (10327 bytes)



All these pictures were created by myself using a combination of computer programs like Corel Draw and Photo Finish in addition to scanning in real maps to base my drawings on. They are pretty accurately displayed and can be easily used as a handy reference to where the villages on each island are located in relation to each other. This comes in handy for the genealogists among you.



graciosa-c.gif (8731 bytes)



As you might have realized, these images I've created can be applied to any of the other items I sell. So if you would like a t-shirt, mousepad, apron, keychain, etc., all this is possible.






flores-c.gif (10242 bytes)




If you plan to use these tiles as coffee coasters, please let us know and we'll attach felt to the bottom so they won't scratch the table surface.






Shipping costs are as follows:

1. In California, add 7.75% tax plus $3 shipping for a single tile. Add 75 cents extra for each additional tile in your order.

2. In all other states of the U.S.A. and in Canada, cost is $3 shipping for a single tile and an extra 75 cents for each additional tile in your order.

3. In all other countries of the world, cost is $5 shipping for a single tile and $1 extra for each additional tile.

(All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Charge cards are accepted for an extra 5% fee.)

Send your U.S. check or international money order to:

Doug Holmes
Surprise, Arizona 85388

And be sure to contact me by email so I can have your order ready as soon as possible.


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