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The items below are available for purchase and can be sent by mail to anywhere in the world.
Please ask for more details, if interested.

Slovak "Noise Maker"

(great for football, basketball, baseball or hockey games)

milan9a.jpg (24683 bytes)This wood toy is known as a "rapkac" (pronounced as "rop-koch") and is a very old type of Slovak ceremonial tool originally designed as a replacement to the village church bell which was not permitted to be rung during the week before Easter. Children would use a small rapkac to call the people to church. Our idea is somewhat more modern; bringing it to the local sporting events. This one in the picture is just one version. There are some which have a double-ratchet for twice the sound. It is extremely loud! Bring it you root for your favorite football team.

Price $10 (plus shipping from Slovakia)

Slovak Dolls

milan4a.jpg (44084 bytes)

 7 inch Kroje Dolls (the 2 in middle):
Price $34.99 for set
(plus shipping from Slovakia)



kroje-doll-1.jpg (20258 bytes)



16 inch Kroje Dolls:
Price $69.99 each
(plus shipping from Slovakia)







hangdoll.jpg (42413 bytes)

6 inch Kroje Dolls: Price $12.99 each (plus shipping from Slovakia)

Corn Husk Dolls

milan8.jpg (179334 bytes)

milan6a.jpg (50829 bytes)

2 inch Corn Husk Dolls
Price $9.99


milan7a.jpg (58979 bytes)



5 inch Corn Husk Dolls
Price $16.99

choose shipping option

The following pictures show our current stock of 5 inch Corn Husk dolls.

Please choose from these when you buy any and tell us which one you want during the check-out process or by separate email.


milan1a.jpg (134649 bytes)Slovak Glass
The image appearing to the left shows a tiny sample of the exquisite glass pieces which are available from Slovakia. The center piece is 15 inches tall and is black glass. The three wine goblets are red glass. The short piece to the left of the tall center piece is also black glass. The piece to the right of the tall one is a blue glass vase. They come in these four colors: black, red, dark blue & green. Prices vary by color with black the most expensive. Each piece is hand-painted with flower patterns and have gilded patterns, as can be seen.


Tall black vase: Price $249.00
Red wine goblets (set of six):
Price $299.00
Short black piece:
Price $169.00
Blue vase:
Price $129.00
(plus shipping from Slovakia for each of the above)

If you want a particular color glass, just ask for a quote.

milan2.jpg (95744 bytes)





The photo to the left shows the wonderful craftsmanship that goes into these glass works. This photo is the same piece to the left side of the tall piece in the photo above.

 Short black piece: Price $169.00
(plus shipping from Slovakia)




Slovak Crystal

The picture below shows some of the beautiful shapes and designs so abundant to the person interested in Slovak crystal. As all Slovaks know, their crystal is among the finest in the world.

milan3.jpg (159210 bytes)
Thin Vase on far left: Price $99.00
Wider Vase 2nd from left: Price $109.00
Bowl: Price $299.00
Candy Bowl on right: Price $119.00
(plus shipping from Slovakia for each of the above)


Banska Bystrica - Nitra - Vlkolinec - Trencin - Zvolen

Banska Stiavnice - Spissky Hrad - Skalnate Pleso

Total face value of these stamps is 83 Slovak crowns. Sold only in complete sets for $25.00 U.S.


$5 for small ones (2.5" x  3.25")

"Slovakia" Erb (10 in stock)

Erb (6 in stock)

Slovensko" Erb (2 in stock)

("erb" means coat-of-arms in Slovak.)

$7 for large one (5"x 6") (1 in stock)

Slovak Wooden Bird

milan11.jpg (67388 bytes)       milan11a.jpg (11592 bytes)

Price $35 (plus shipping from Slovakia)

Placing An Order

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Make checks payable to "Doug Holmes"

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