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This website was created with the Portuguese genealogist in mind. 
It is for anyone and everyone whose passion has become the search for their Portuguese ancestry 
no matter where they came from in the former Portuguese territories. 
Many projects are underway which will be of great interest to anyone concerned with this field of study.
Check back from time to time to see the new developments.



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Genealogy & DNA

Portuguese Ancestral Photo Gallery


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grape harvest in Portugal


Listen to the podcast which aired on 22 Jan 2019 where I talk about Portuguese Genealogy and DNA testing. We talked for over an hour and it went beyond the limit, so it cuts off before we actually ended it. Hope you enjoy it.

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Join me on the 2019 Terceira & Graciosa
genealogy tour.

For those who join us, my daughter will produce a video of the trip for a unique combination of travel video, stills and drone footage. You can see her work here, if curious:

We'll include an optional hike into the Algar do Carvao in Terceira and the trail Volta à Caldeira - Furna do Enxofre in Graciosa. The rest of the time will be spent at the villages, especially where members of the tour have a personal interest.

Since Angra will be our main base, we can include trips to the civil registries in Praia and Angra, plus the archive, if wanted. I will be helping everyone find documents of their ancestors available only by a personal visit to the archive (not online).

I proudly present the original
Portuguese Genealogist Master List

If you're interested in genealogy, 
you'll definitely want to check out who else is and maybe find a distant relative!

DNA and Portuguese genealogy


If your ancestors came from Terceira but you don't know which village, be sure to look here:

Terceira Island Marriage Database

If your ancestors came from Pico but you don't know which village, be sure to look here.

Pico Island Marriage Database

Document Verification


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Attention anyone with these names:


Now seeking SIMAS photos for future book



Portuguese Genealogy Articles
by Doug da Rocha Holmes




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Visit the
Portuguese Passenger Ship Master List


Browse the
Portuguese Genealogical
& Historical Library



Portuguese Gift Ideas:


Do you speak Portuguese or want to learn?
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Portuguese Family Histories - Home Page



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Corcovado in lace

If you seek professional help . . .

Portuguese Genealogy by Doug da Rocha Holmes


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Visit the page for the 
Portuguese Historical & Cultural Society

PHCS also has their own home page:

Portuguese voters of 1872 in California

If you know your ancestor was naturalized 
and eligible to vote by 1872 in California 
(all counties), look over this database 
to help you find your ancestor's origins:

1872 Portuguese Voters

Visit the Portuguese Gift Shop to see some of the 
interesting items available
for people interested in Portuguese things.

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Topographic maps of the Azores

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Quick Portuguese survey to earn FREE DNA test 

Order some nice and original artwork on Christmas cards
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Why This Website?  

This website is for YOU, the Portuguese genealogist. 
If you have an idea, please let me know. 
Let's together make the days when people had to look long and hard for information 
about doing Portuguese genealogy, a thing of the past!

The URL for this page is:

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You might find these YouTube travel adventures & video clips fun and interesting:



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Note: The background image is the Rocha Homem family of Conceição, Angra, Terceira, Açores. 
From left to right is Maria da Conceição Leal da Rocha, José Sebastião Leal da Rocha Homem, 
Jacinto Leal da Rocha Homem, Angelina Esther Leal da Rocha. Circa 1906, Angra. 
All but Maria moved to Sacramento, CA. 
See their story in the Family Histories section of this website:

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