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  Note: Several of the books and maps about Slovak or Hungarian subjects are available only by special order from our contacts in Slovakia or Hungary. If this is the case, it will have a price option to be shipped by boat (taking 1-2 months) or by air (taking about 1 week).  
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Note: Several of the books and maps about Slovak subjects are available only by special order from our contact in Bratislava. If this is the case, it will have a price option to be shipped by boat (taking 1 or   2 months) or by air (taking about 1 week).  Prices do not include shipping.
  Slovak to English large dictionary (Slovensko-anglický slovník), 1088 pages - This is the most exciting Slovak book to arrive in decades. The lack of a large dictionary of Slovak words has been the plague of English-speakers with Slovak ancestry. So it is with great excitement that we can offer this terrific reference to everyone now.


The price is $49.95 plus shipping.

Shipping costs will depend on how you prefer it shipped to you. The fastest is by air, arriving in about a week, and it costs $20.

By boat it will cost $10 in postage and it will take about 1 or 2 months to arrive.

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Slovakia Travel (Bi-lingual CD-ROM, in English, Deutsch, Slovensky)

($49.95 plus shipping)

Here's what the box cover says to describe it: "Slovakia Travel CD-ROM is a complete multimedia  presentation on Slovakia. It is a perfect: 

  • travel guide for someone planning a trip to Slovakia - much more detailed than your typical brochures.
  • souvenir for visitors to Slovakia.
  • gift for anyone interested in learning and seeing more about Slovakia.
  • historical guide of folk culture, attractions and memorials.

Includes: 1300 photographs, 33 video sequences, 46 interactive maps, 150 pages of text. The CD has 650 megs of data. (Shipping fees: air = $10; boat = $5)

Computer system requirements:Windows 3.1/ or 95, 486 DX2/66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, VGA monitor (best with 16.8 million colors), sound card, CD-ROM player.



Cirkevne matriky na Slovensku
zo 16-19 storocia
(Church Records of Slovakia
from the 16th - 19th Century)
($40 plus shipping)

By Jana Sarmanyova. A terrific reference listing every village and what records exist in the archives for each. For the past few years, I have used this book to help numerous members identify where to find their Slovak ancestor's records. It's in Slovak, but easy to use. If you want to see and use this book before deciding to buy it, the LDS has a copy on film.  
(Shipping fees: air = $16; boat = $8)  - SORRY - SOLD OUT


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Hrady (Castles) ($30 plus shipping)

Shows 50 castles of Slovakia and a short history of each. Written in English, German, French, and Hungarian. Very nice. (Shipping fees: air = $12; boat = $5)


Encyclopedia Ludovej Kultury Slovenska
(Encyclopedia of Slovak Culture - 2 volume set) ($65 plus shipping)

A "must have" book for anyone interested in Slovak culture. Written in Slovak. Volume 1 is pictured to the left. The price includes both volumes. Almost impossible to find now.
(Shipping fees: air = $35; boat = $15)


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sk-walk.jpg (21627 bytes)

Slovakia, Walking Through Centuries of Cities and Towns
($35 plus shipping)

Shows 27 settlements split among the East, Central, & West regions along with their histories. Great book. Hardbound. (Shipping fees: air = $16; boat = $8)



Slovakia Maps

Slovakia Autoatlas ($26 plus shipping)

Many know of the Velky Autoatlas Ceskoslovenska which was the most detailed map available in one book of the former Czechoslovakia (1:200,000 scale). With the division of these countries in 1993, a new autoatlas for Slovakia was published. It's the best and most detailed series of maps in a single book available for the tourist. I was the first to bring this map back for resale in 1995 and many are now selling it. One group raves about its value and high quality and sells it for more than $55! Others sell it for less than $30, but after shipping costs, it's still more than the $30 I charge. Dimensions are 9.5" x 13" with 132 pages. Scale is 1:100,000 (twice the detail of the old autoatlas) and includes small city maps in a 1:10,000 scale. It lists each village, no matter how small, and the postal code for each one. They are into the 2nd edition now. The one pictured here is from the first edition.

(Shipping fees: air = $12; boat = $7)


sk-atlas.gif (73305 bytes)
city-map.gif (39436 bytes)

Slovakia City Maps ($15)

Each at a scale of 1:10,000 for the city map and 1:50,000 for the topographical map on the reverse side. Each has a street index and "Practical Information" which includes a list of renamed streets, list of historical sites, museums, churches, theaters, cinemas, hotels and street addresses plus phone numbers for most of these places.

This series is not complete. I will first list the cities available immediately from me:

  • Banska Bystrica (3 in stock) 
  • Bratislava (1:20,000 scale for city map) (3 in stock)
  • Kosice (2 in stock)
  • Lucenec & Rimavska Sobota (2 in stock)
  • Martin & Vrutky (1 in stock)
  • Nitra (1 in stock)
  • Piestany (1 in stock)
  • Poprad & Stary Smokovec (5 in stock)
  • Povazska Bystrica (2 in stock)
  • Presov (1 in stock)
  • Prievidza & Bojnice (2 in stock)
  • Trnava (3 in stock)
  • Zvolen (2 in stock)
  • Zilina (3 in stock)
  • Ziar nad Hronom & Banska Stiavnica & Kremnica (2 in stock)

$3 USA shipping

Note: When I run out of any of these maps, they can be special-ordered for $20 each.


The following city maps (same series as above) are available by special order at a cost of $20.00.

  • Humenne
  • Komarno
  • Levice
  • Levoca
  • Liptovsky Mikulas
  • Michalovce
  • Nove Zamky
  • Partizanske
  • Puchov
  • Ruzomberok
  • Spisska Nova Ves
  • Topolcany
  • Trebisov
  • Trencin
  • Vranov nad Toplou
  • Zlate Moravce


($30.00, includes shipping)

This a brand new map book of the Liptov region which shows the Tatra mountains and recreational areas.

It shows maps in two levels of detail. First, it shows the whole region in 1:100,000 scale. Then it shows extremely detailed sections in 1:9,000 scale which shows detail down to the square blocks of buildings and the streets of the cities of Liptov, Liptovský Mikulas, Ruzomberok, and Liptovský Hrádok.

(3 in stock) (Once I run out, it'll be shipped from Slovakia with extra for postage.)


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kosice.gif (88012 bytes)


($30.00, includes shipping)

This a brand new map book of the Kosice area which shows the surroundings in great detail.

It shows maps in two levels of detail. First, it shows the whole region. Then it shows extremely detailed sections in 1:9,000 scale which shows detail down to the square blocks of buildings, street names (the larger streets). It has a 6-page text in English, Deutsch & Slovak (6 pages for each language) of the local information, including some history, cultural places, recreational locations, etc.

(4 in stock) (Once I run out, it'll be shipped from Slovakia with extra for postage.)

hike-map.gif (33124 bytes)

Note: I have from 1 to 4 copies of each map at this time. 
If I sell out of any single one, the map will be sent directy from Slovakia for $20.

Slovakia Hiking Maps ($11)

These are at a scale of 1:50,000. All are topographical and in color with contours shown. 
They show exceptional detail down to the buildings being represented by tiny black squares. 
No map of this type is more detailed.
The series was completed in 1999. 
It covers the entire country.

Available from me now (by map #): Maps# 100 - 157

USA Shipping = $3


Szlovakia terkep (Slovakia map) ($20)

Published in Budapest. This is an historical map which includes all of Slovakia and part of Munkacs (Munkacevo), Ukraine region. It is the only map available which lists both the Slovak & Hungarian place-names together. It is indexed for each language. A "must have" reference. Sent directly from Hungary. (plus shipping)


Autoatlas CSSR ($22)


By Slovenska Kartografia, 1990. This map shows all of the former Czechoslovakia. This out of print book is still very handy because it shows these countries in hard-bound book form, perfect for taking with you, and lasts long. Scale is 1:400,000.

(1 left in stock) - Price includes shipping.

cssr.gif (45742 bytes)

Kroje Slovenska (Slovak Folk Costumes) ($15 plus shipping)

Color map (folded) showing men's and women's costumes for dozens of regions in Slovakia. Includes a short explanation in Slovak, German, and English.
(Shipping fees: air = $3; boat = $2) - OUT




Order some nice and original artwork on Christmas cards
by Natália Holmes

Bácska és Bánság

(Region south of modern Hungary and west of Romania, in the area of northern Serbia and Croatia)

Photographed by Szacsvay Péter. It's written in Hungarian but is a great picture book for that region. Full of costumes, buildings, people, etc.

(Price = $45.00, includes postage)

I ran out of these once and was lucky to find any again. Once these are gone they will not likely ever be available again.

(Sold out)

bacska.gif (97807 bytes)

In Transylvania, A Living Wonderful Tradition

Photographed by Szacsvay Imre, text by Dr. Kicsi Sandor: This 3-volume set is a wonderful collection of photos of the mountains and valleys of Erdely (now Transylvania, Romania).

  • Volume 1: "From Nagyvarad towards the Hargita"
  • Volume 2: "The Historical Counties Haromszek and Csik"
  • Volume 3: "Along the Southern Carpathian Alps"

Photos are of the churches, people, villages, rural areas, crafts and the like with a description and history for each photo. Because of the lack of information available for this region, this book is probably the next best thing to a visit there. Size of each volume is 9.5" x 12.5" - in English. OUT OF PRINT. (Price = $95.00) (Sold out)

erdely.gif (47887 bytes)

Erdély Térképe és Helységnévtára
(Transylvania Map and Gazetteer)

This map is definitely the best one available anywhere of Transylvania. It's in color and it lists each village first in Romanian, then Hungarian and for the larger cities, in German. On the back side is an index for the Romanian place-names and one for the Hungarian place-names. Scale is 1:500,000. Legend is in Hungarian, Romanian, German and English. This map covers the whole region from the Tisza river in the Banat region in the west to modern Hungary and the Ukraine in the north and over to east of the Carpathians in the east down to Ploiesti, Romania and the Carpathians in the south. I consider this a "must have" map for anyone with ancestry from this region; simply excellent. ($20.00, includes postage)


Buy a hand-made
fabric bookmark
by Milan Holmes


Radnai havasok (Alps of Radna [Oradna], Beszterce-Naszod county, Erdély) ($15.00)

This is a copy of a 1942 military map in color with includes Beszterce-Naszod, Maros-Torda and part of Kolozs counties in Transylvania. Made during the brief time this area was returned to Hungary during WW2. Scale is 1:200,000 - quite detailed. Clarity is not the best, but still a valuable reference.
(sold out)


Szekelyfold (Szekely land, in Eastern Transylvania) ($15.00)

This is a copy of a 1941 military map in color (a companion to the one above) which includes the counties of Csik, Haromszek, Udvarhely and parts of Maros-Torda and Beszterce-Naszod in Transylvania.Made during the brief time this area was returned to Hungary during WW2. Scale is 1:200,000 and, like the one above, is not extremely clear, but still readable and is a very good reference. (Sold out)


Need to print any of this out?

HP toner can be more economical when printing out large quantities of information.


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