Portuguese Gift Ideas

The following items are all designed and made by me. All artwork was done by computer and therefore any design can be used for any item. For instance, if you like the Azores flag on a shirt, or mousepad, even though it's not pictured that way, just ask. If you have a good idea that I haven't created, just tell me and I might be able to do it, too.

buttons.jpg (6465 bytes)Buttons

are 3.5 inches in diameter and have a metal backing.

Price = $5.00 + shipping.


keychain.jpg (7184 bytes)

These plastic keychains are double-sided. Both sides are shown here. One side is the Azores flag and the other is the Portuguese flag. But like everything else, if you prefer some other combination such as a map of the island of São Miguel on one side and the Azores flag on the other, or the island of Terceira on the other side, just specify that when you order.

Price = $5.00 + shipping.



cap.jpg (3883 bytes)Baseball caps come in lots of colors, but not all colors are always in stock. Generally we carry Black, Red, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, and Green. If you order at least a dozen of them, I can get other colors, too. Just let me know what color you would like.The designs on caps can be any of the designs you see here. The one pictured is the Azores flag on the left and Portuguese flag on the right.

Price = $10.00 = shipping



mousepad-faial.jpg (6344 bytes)mousepad-flores.jpg (6215 bytes)Mouse Pads
of any design are possible. I really like the islands on them, but flags look great, too.

Dimentions are 8" x 9"

Price = $15.00 + shipping



totebag.jpg (5286 bytes)Tote Bags - These are really popular and useful items and great for gifts. At our Doug's Mugs shop (now closed), one of the most popular things to put on the tote bags were pictures of sports teams or school classroom shots to give to teachers. Here, I have pictured the Azorean flag with the caption "Proud Azorean." On the other side could be the Portuguese flag. Price for these heavy canvas bags are $20.00 for one image and $7.00 more if you want something on the reverse side. + shipping



shirt-picaroto.jpg (4697 bytes)

These images are just to give you an idea of what can go on any shirt. There is no limit to what ideas you can come up with on your own. All shirts are 50/50 cotton/polyester mixture and made by Fruit of the Loom. They are of good quality and decent thickness - not too heavy for summer and good year-round.

The left image is the island of Pico and the caption "Proud Picaroto" (Picaroto is a what you call a person from Pico).

shirt-portuguese-american.jpg (6077 bytes)

The image to the right has the caption "Proud Portuguese-American."

  We carry these sizes which should fit just about everyone:

Kids: size 6-8, size 10-12, size 14-16

Adults: size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large


shirt-terceira.jpg (4638 bytes)Price = $20.00 + shipping

Each shirt comes with one image included with the price. The maximum image size is 8x10" (vertical or horizontal). A second image costs $7.00 more. And text is available (such as a caption) for an additional $2.00. These stock designs you see pictured all cost $20.00 (no matter what size shirt). Special requests are welcomed, too.

The left image is "Proud Terceirense" (person from Terceira).


shirt-portuguese.jpg (4677 bytes)

The right image is the Portuguese flag and the caption "Proud Portuguese." Other similar captions are available for the other islands, like "Proud Micaelense" "Proud Faialense" "Proud Jorgense" etc.

One of the favorite things to have on a shirt is a photograph or mouse pad, such as an old B/W ancestor photo, or your child or grandchild. Since you're looking at this on the Internet, you might also know how to scan your own images or create your own artwork. You can have anything you want on a shirt (or any other items we have) if you either send the picture for us to scan or attach a file to your email message. If you're not familiar with pictures and the quality it takes to achieve a good print from them, ask me more details. You might be disappointed in the results if you send me a low resolution image and expect high resolution results. Generally, the image must be 2 or 3 megs for the best results. Since I will not accept an attached file of this size (too slow to download), you would be best off sending me the photo for me to scan. However, if this is not feasable for some reason, you can send me the image on a 3.5" floppy disk (make sure it is IBM format and try to fill the disk with one single image - 1.44 megs) or if your image is larger, you can send me a zip disk and I will return it with your order. I can read many types of files, but I don't carry all possible programs. Corel Draw 8 is what I use for graphics, so if your image was created entirely in Corel Draw, it will be a very small file and will achieve the highest possible quality since the picture is in the vector format (not a bitmap like a .jpg, tif, gif, bmp, tga, etc).

Shipping costs depend on what you purchase. Most of these things don't weigh much, so if you live in the continental U.S., sending by first class is probably not going to be more than $5 for any single item. Doubling up the items for shipping might not increase the price more than a dollar or two. All items are insured in case they are lost enroute. I will give you an exact quote on shipping once I know what you want.

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