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Here is a collection of Portuguese related items available for purchase. If you know of something I can add to this collection, please let me know.


Portuguese Genealogy Syllabus ($10.00)
A basic reference for anyone who wants to do Portuguese genealogy in the United States and in any location where Portuguese is the native language. Click here for more information.

Sacramento's Greehaven/Pocket Area

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A History of the Azores Islands (Volume 5) ($28.00)
By James H. Guill. The best English language history of the Azores Islands ever written. A "must have" book. Click here for more information. (long ago sold out, but might still be found used online)

Early History of the Island of Terceira (from the book by Fr. Jeronymo Emiliano d'Andrade), 1845, translated and edited by August Mark Vaz, 1990. ($12.65) Click here for more information. (no longer being offered by the author)

Note to any authors of History or Genealogy books:

I am willing to add more good books to this list. If interested, please contact me.


Portuguese language tapes by Professor, Maria Oliveira. There are 3 tapes for Portuguese costing $19.95 each.


Topographic maps of the Azores (Açores):
These are the best maps available of these islands.

Order some nice and original artwork on Christmas cards
by Natália da Rocha Holmes


Visit this page for many great new items:

Have your ancestor's photo on a T-shirt or other gift items. You can send your photo to be copied and placed on these items (please be sure to send only a good copy and keep the priceless original in a safe place), or if you have a symbol ls2208 or other form of scanner, you can send the file by E-Mail. I can add any text to the mug, such as name, age, where born, etc.

Great for family reunions, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and even for yourself! One of my favorite things on my desk is my tile (coffee coaster) of a view of Angra, Terceira. Would you be interested in having a coaster of each island of your ancestors?

Now available is a beautiful tile of these islands of the Açores:

Faial, Flores, Graciosa, Pico, S.Jorge, S.Miguel, Terceira

(see them by clicking here)

Perfect for use as a coffee coaster. I'll be making the other islands soon. You can put in your request for your island, too, and I might do it next.

There is no limit to what can be on a shirt, apron, mousepad, etc: photos, graphics, children's art, text. Just get your own idea and let me know.

Buy a hand-made
fabric bookmark
by Milan Miguel
da Rocha Holmes


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