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Here is an INDEX to the back-issues and their articles of the O Progresso newsletter by the PHCS:

March 1997 - Vol.16, #1

100 Years Marked by Sacramento Portuguese Organization (Centennial of Sacramento Portuguese Holy Spirit Society)

Scholarship Deadline is April 15

Tours to Portugal Offered

Call for Unpublished Writers ("Wryte" - an on-line computer literary magazine)

Letters: Who Discovered the Azores?

Military Titles of the Past (Genealogy article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

Master Calendar for 1997

Club News: Southside Improvement Club; Luso-American Frat.Fed.

A Herança Portuguesa: The Portuguese of Rio Vista

Dia de Portugal June 7 in San Jose

Genealogy Workshop Scheduled

Financial Statement for 1996

DECEMBER 1996 - Vol.15, #4

Portuguese Community Mourns Passing of Msgr. Fagundes

Officers Elected for 1997

Another Scholarship Offered

Eagle Scouts Pretty-Up the Park

Not Many Portuguese in Politics

"A Barrelful of Memories - Stories of My Azorean Family" (Review of book by Pauline Correia Stonehill)

A Herança Portuguesa: Tras-os-Montes

Opportunity to Study in Portugal

Portuguese Language Classes to be Offered

Who Discovered the Azores?

Tour to Portugal Offered

Linguica-and-Bean Feed Planned

Portuguese Genealogist Master List (Article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

SEPTEMBER 1996 - Vol.15, #3

Folkloric Dancers Perform at Ice Cream Social

Veteran Luso Legislator Honored on Retirement (State Senator Henry J. Mello)

Portuguese Exhibit at State Fair

New Dance Group Formed

Azorean Students Speak on Ecology

First Portuguese Heritage Festival in October

Free Exhibit Honors Sousa Mendes and Other Holocaust Heroes

Picnic in the Park Followed Strenuous Pulling of Weeds

A Herança Portuguesa: In Siskiyou They Came for Gold and Stayed to Farm.

You Don't Speak Lisbonite, Do You?

Genealogy Trip Checklist (Article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

JUNE 1996 - Vol.15, #2

Sacramento Honors Memory of Portuguese Hero Sousa Mendes

Two Scholarship Winners for 1996 Competition

Clean-Up-the-Park Picnic

Remarks of Consul General Ferreira da Fonseca (re Sousa Mendes)

Artifacts Exhibited at School

U.S. in Lisbon World Fair

Scholarships Available in Azores

A Heranca Portuguesa: Shasta County Portuguese Revive the Festa

Genealogy on the Internet

New Book on Azoreans in California (by Robert L. Santos)

Portuguese Phone Books & Genealogy (Article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

In San Jose, Portuguese Labeled `Minority' But Not `Hispanic'

Northern Lights in São Miguel

Simple Little Love Story With a Portuguese Flavor (Review of "Our Sacramento Delta Love Story")

Writing Your Family History (Aritlce by Felix G. Game)

MARCH 1996 - Vol.15, #1

Two Scholarships Now Offered through PHCS

`Portuguese Schindler' Honored on Holocaust Memorial Day

Portuguese Park Clean-Up Planned

Dinner Dance in Auburn

New Head of Azores Government Welcomed by Local Portuguese

Tours to Portugal Announced

Rock `N Roll in the Azores

Our Lady of Fatima Sodality Invites Community to Meetings

A Herança Portuguesa: Portuguese First Worshipped at St.Stephen's Church.

Portuguese Join the Internet

Master Calendar

Guide to Sacramento-Area Portuguese Organizations

Naming Traditions (Part 3); Surname Selection (Genealogy article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

Another Portuguese Genealogy Workshop Scheduled

Wanted: Portuguese Family Recipes

Financial Statement for 1995

DECEMBER 1995 - Vol.14, #4

Scholarship Dinner: `As Though You Were in Madeira'

Officers, Directors for `96 to be Installed in January

Dinner-Dance in Newcastle

Internships Available to Students

Portugal's Government Changes

A New Child Movie Star? (Local Portuguese have bit parts in movie "Phenomenon")

Are We Hispanic, or What?

Inhames, Vinho e Ailhos; No Turkey (Thanksgiving tradition of local Portuguese family)

Call Them Luso-Native Americans (Indian-Portuguese connections)

A Herança Portuguesa: The Portuguese of Princeton

Scholarships Available to Students of Portuguese Blood

Naming Traditions (Part 2): Surname Types (Genealogy article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

`Portuguese Pioneers of the Sacramento Valley' Planned (Sequel to "Portuguese Pioneers of the Sacramento Area")

SEPTEMBER 1995 - Vol.14, #3

Two Azores Students Present Show on Island's Volcanoes

Scholarship Dinner November 4

A Journey of Discovery (Patricia Corbera finds her roots.)

Calif-Azores Exchange Program

A Herança Portuguesa: Tiny Dixon's Portuguese Heritage

Naming Traditions (Part 1): Given Names (Genealogy article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

Two New Directors Elected

Azorean is Archbishop of S.F.

Seminar on Genealogy in Visalia

When is a King Not a King (The story of Manuel and Josephine King)

Portuguese-in-Nevada Show

Portugal/Lusophone World Meeting

Azorean Convention in Faial

JUNE 1995 - Vol.14, #2

Allison Rose Wins Scholarship

Music-Wine Tasting and Slide Show Events are Successes

Azorean Govt. Donates Books

My Portuguese Heritage (Essay by Alison Rose)

Scholarships Offered at U.C.B.

Exhibits Highlight Portuguese

Surname Origins (Genealogy article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

A Herança Portuguesa: The Mysterious Melungeons; Were They Portuguese?

Azorean Political Leaders Visit

MARCH 1995 -Vol.14, #1

Portuguese Music/Wine Tasting Event April 30

Free Slide Show of Portugal

`Lift to the Altar' Fund Drive (To install elevator at St. Elizabeth Church)

Fraternalist of the Year (Evelyn Nordeste Tachera honored)

Scholarship Announcements Sent to High Schools

Azores, Portugal, Madeira Tours Announced for `95

Immigrant Life Wasn't Easy Back Eight Decades Ago

Master Calendar

News of Portuguese Organizations

A Herança Portuguesa: The Holy Ghost Festas

Portuguese Vital Records (Genealogy article by Doug da Rocha Holmes)

Financial Statement for 1994

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