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Map of Macao / Mapa de Macau


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The address of the National Archives of Macau

Arquivo Histórico de Macau
(Macao Historical Archives)
Av. Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, 91-93

Tel. +853 330913 / 330914
Fax. +853 561495




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This is from a photograph of the church called Nossa Senhora da Conceição in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, island of Terceira, Açores (Azores), Portugal.
It is an example of the typical look of Catholic churches in Portugal. 
You supply the picture and place an order for one where your ancestors were baptized, no matter what country.

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Corcovado in lace
(Rio de Janeiro landmark)

Slovak Lacework



Macau Entries:

Jareth, (no address submitted)
Email: JARETH12@aol.com (email not good)
Date submitted: Wed, 3 May 2000
Comments: I am beginning to research my ancestors with the minute information that I have. I wanted to request information from you on my Great Grandfather since you noted on your website that ancestors from Macau will soon be featured. My Great Grandfather's last name was Xavier and supposedly he owned the first Portuguese newspaper in Macau and also helped establish the first Portuguese social club. I apologize for not being able to even provide you with his first name but my resources are all but gone. I will appreciate any information you can provide. My Grandfather's name was Fernando Do Rosario, my Mother's father. Again, thank you for your assistance.

John Braga, England
Email: JohnB@crownsys.co.uk
Date submitted: Sat, 20 Apr 2002
Surname: Braga
Comments: I wish to find information on my great-great-grandfather Joao Joaquim BRAGA, born probably in Macau in 1827, who emigrated to UK in 1858 and died in 1876. At one time he lived in Victoria, Hong-Kong. He married Vicencia Paula DE CARVALHO who was born about 1830, and died in UK in 1914. Any information welcomed! John Braga UK

Ben Ocampo, (no address submitted) Carson, CA, USA
Daytime Phone: (310) 370-3370 ext. 1312
Email: bocampo@attbi.com
Date submitted: Tue, 27 Aug 2002
Comments: I am looking for information on my grandfather's family. Supposedly, my grandfather is originally from Portugal whose family moved to Macau in the late 1800's. He then traveled to the Philippines where he met my grandmother, married and settled in the Philippines. This was around the early 1900's. My grandfather's name is Francisco Silva-Netto. My theory is his last name must be Silva and his mother's last name is Netto which in Spanish culture is carried as the person's middle name. At the time of his travel to the Philippines, the Philippines was under American rule. When a person immigrates to America, the last name and the middle name is normally written in the manner whereby the last name is connected to the middle name by a hyphen, the last name being written first. This theorizes why the last name is written as Silva-Netto. I guess my grandfather just used that as his last name. I would appreciate very much whatever information I can get or any one that can point me to the right direction where I can get information from. I don't know where to start. I am not a genealogist. I am just an individual who is trying to find out about the background of my grandfather. Even my mother does not know much about her father's family background. Thank you.



Mary Selvaer, Kent, England
Email: maryselvaer@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 11 Mar 2004
Comments: John William Roberts died Macau 1813-1815. He was working for the East India Company when he died. He had been a very rich man but had lost his wealth possibly by speculation or some dubious dealings. His father was a director and some time chairman of the Company in London. I am trying to find the Roberts connection with my family. I believe J W Roberts had a number of illegitimate children and I am possibly descended from one of them. He may even have been a bigamist. I have read his will which was written in Macau and he mentions a wife Mary Jane, a legitimate son George Fenton Roberts, two un-named daughters and their mother called Vincentia and a reputed son Manuel John Johns(t)on, the latter who was taken in by Mary Roberts, J W's sister. Manuel John Johnson born 1805 in Macau became quite a famous astronomer in England. His mother may also have been Vincentia but this is not clear. His will also mentions the existence of another daughter and the possibility that there could be others who claim him as their father. I would be interested in anything connected with the above.

Telma Maria da Rosa Grant, Bowmanville, Canada
Email: grantfizz@sympatico.ca
Date submitted: Sat, 4 Sep 2004
Comments: Ancestors/descendants of Edward Bontein, British citizen, born Bengala, India, emigrated to Macao 1835, and married in 1841 Julia Maria Josefa Gracias. They had 3 kids:
1.Eduardo Bontein, who died as an infant of one day old Jan 31, 1854
2.Francisca Josefa Gracias Bontein (died March 9, 1936) who married Fernando Antonio da Rosa, one of their kids, Alberto Bontein da Rosa is my grandfather, my father, Artur Bontein da Rosa.
3.adopted girl: Filomena Esperanca Francisca Bontein.
Was it an unusual thing for a British subject to marry a Macanese? Any knowledge of ancestors or descendants of above, please email me. Thank you.

Christopher daRoza, San Francisco, CA
Date Submitted: Friday, 3 Aug 2007
Surname : DA ROZA
Comments: I wish to find information regarding my ancestors who were in Macau and possibly find when my ancestors traveled from Portugal to Macau and from what Province. I have my grandfathers name and date of birth and his parents names that is all. My Grandfathers Name is Antonio Ambrosio Da Senna Da Roza born 22 February 1899. Antonio's parents names were Hilario Baptista da Roza and Catharina da Roza. If you have any information on the above please email me. Much is appreciated and thanking you in anticipation.

Yvonne Nieuwoudt, USA
Email: ymn@adelphia.net
Date Submitted: Friday, 21 Aug 2012
Surname: PEACH
Comments: I am looking for information on my great-great-grandfather    Ricardo Augustino  PEACH Born 15 May 1759 in Macao, then a Portuguese Colony. I would very much like to get a birth certificate for him and the full names of his father and mother. We do know that his father was Samuel PEACH born in England. Please this would mean so much to my family .  Ricardo then traveled to South Africa. Kind Regards

For comments, questions, or to submit your own surnames and locations, send e-mail to: . Make the subject "Masterlist" and include the same kind of information you see in the above entries: Your name & address, Telephone no., Email address, Surnames in one village (in alphabetical order), Comments you wish to add. If you have more than one village, submit the same things for each and every village. If you have surnames from various lugares within the same parish, send one submission and group the names into the various lugares.

Religious "surnames" (like "de Jesus, da Conceição, do Espirito Santo, etc.") of women are usually not accepted since they're of no genealogical value, except in cases where these names are used by males. Refer to my series of articles on "Portuguese Naming Traditions" on this website.

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