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Below you can see the map of the India and the location of the three former Portuguese colonies Goa, Damão, and Diu.
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This is from a photograph of the church called Nossa Senhora da Conceição in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, island of Terceira, Açores (Azores), Portugal.
It is an example of the typical look of Catholic churches in Portugal. 
You supply the picture and place an order for one where your ancestors were baptized, no matter what country.

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Corcovado in lace
(Rio de Janeiro landmark)

Slovak Lacework


Genealogists researching somewhere in India:

Winston Allen Saldanha, 8 Lancaster Avenue, Newtown VIC 3220, Australia
Tel (home): ++ 61 3 5222 1446
Tel (work): ++ 61 3 9344 2546
Mobile: ++ 61 409 133 155
Fax: ++ 61 3 9344 3219
Email: WinstonS@atkinson.com.au
Date submitted: Wed, 27 Dec 2000
Surnames: Saldanha
Comments: My family hails from Mangalore in India which was settled by the Portuguese in the late 16th/ early 17th Century. Though never ruled by the Portuguese, the Portuguese were originally traders. It is rumored that we are direct descendants of Antonio de Saldanha, after whom the Port of Saldanha Bay in South Africa is named. Another theory is that the family was converted to Christianity and took the name of Saldanha. Could you shed some more light on this. Perhaps a starting point may be Antonio de Saldanha and his descendants.

Leslie Ross, England
Email: mail@layzeboenz.freeserve.co.uk
Date submitted: Sat, 19 Jan 2002
Comments: My ancestor was Walter Ferdinand (Das?)Merces who was in Bombay around 1875, married unknown GOMES, had four daughters Esther, Ethel, Sybil, Ruth ... those names suggest he had "anglicized" therefore probably dropped the "DAS" part of his name. Where am I going to find birth death or marriage certs? I believe that the Das Merces family was probably in Bombay at the time that it was gifted to Charles II. Please help if you can ... I have been trying to get somewhere for nearly 6 years now.

Brian D'Mello, London, England
Tel: 0171 389 4646
Email: Brian.DMello@britcoun.org
Date submitted: Mon, 22 Apr 2002
Surname: Melo, de Melo, D'Melo
Comments: I am trying to find the origins of my surname. I was born in New Delhi in India, but my father was born in Bombay in India.

Roella Alvares, P.O. Box 5358, Salmiya 22064, Kuwait
Email: jrjkjalvares@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sun 18 Aug 2002
Surname: Carvalho
Comments: Hi, my name is Roella Alvares. My maiden name is Carvalho. I am the 7th generation of Carvalhos hailing from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Through church records I found out that my grand dad 7 generations ago was a son of a Portugese merchant who sailed from Portugal and settled in Tellicherry (also know as Thalassery, Kerala). I would like to know more of any Carvalhos in Portugal. My grandfather (7 generations ago) name was Xaiver Carvalho. I would like to know where the Carvalhos originated. If anyone can help, please contact me.

Marjorie Roncon Gahan, Co Wexford Ireland
Email: margeart@eircom.net
Date submitted: Sun, 17 Nov 2002
Surnames: Silva Roncon; D'Silva
Comments: My ancestor Richard Silva Roncon died in Bombay 1940,born possibly in Hyderabad. His wife Zumeira Da Silva
Comments: Research the Portuguese ancestors of Richard and Zumeira. The original Portuguese location of the Roncon surname. Access to a Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages in the Portuguese colonies in India circa 1850-1900. Any information on these topics very gratefully accepted.

Anthony Alfred Jude Dias, (no address submitted)
Email: anthony_mct@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Wed, 28 Jan 2004
Comments: Anthony Alfred Jude Dias DOB 22 may 1947 Son of Ronald Bruno Dias born 8 Sept.1921 in Kerala S. India and Margaret Bastian born in Bangalore. Wishes to contact people who know lineage. Thank you kindly.



Mary Selvaer, Kent, England
Email: maryselvaer@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 12 Feb 2004
Comments: John William Roberts died Macau 1813-1815. He was working for the East India Company when he died. He had been a very rich man but had lost his wealth possibly by speculation or some dubious dealings. His father was a director and some time chairman of the Company in London. I am trying to find the Roberts connection with my family. I believe J W Roberts had a number of illegitimate children and I am possibly descended from one of them. He may even have been a bigamist. I have read his will which was written in Macau and he mentions a wife Mary Jane, a legitimate son George Fenton Roberts, two un-named daughters and their mother called Vincentia and a reputed son Manuel John Johns(t)on, the latter who was taken in by Mary Roberts, J W's sister. Manuel John Johnson born 1805 in Macau became quite a famous astrologer in England. His mother may also have been Vincentia but this is not clear. His will also mentions the existence of another daughter and the possibility that there could be others who claim him as their father. I would be interested in anything connected with the above.

Gerry Pfoor, Red Oak Realty, 2983 College Ave., Berkeley, CA. 94705
Tel.: (510)280-2181
Email: gerryredoak@aol.com
Date submitted: Sat 14 Feb 2004
Coments: My grandmother's maiden name was Alberts or Albert (not sure) her name was Gloria Gertrude and had a brother named Manuel and a sister named Rose and other siblings also she live in Portugal until she was about 12 or 13 when her father took the whole family to Goa,India. I know she was brought up in a covennt in India. After she married at a very young age she amd her husband and children including my mother moved to England. If my grand mother was alive she would be around 95 (no birth certificate) I understand that her father was a fisherman in Portugal before moving to India. My G/mothers brother Manuel Alberts and wife Mary lived in 1968 in Indore, India. That's all I have right now but would love more info. I would appreciate any help. Gerry.

Mr. Emil Fred, Thottathil, Sakthikulangara, Kollam-3 Kerala State, India
Tel.: 09895375557
Email: emilfred@sancharnet.in
Date submitted: Sat, 17 Apr 2004
Comments: I'm from Kollam district Kerala State India. My name is Emil Fred, but there is supposed to be a family history down my father's line which relates me to the Portugese settlers who came to in India down here during the 1600 - 1900 could you be able to find out the history of one Moraise or Morris family who could have travelled to india for the purpoe of settlement especially during the above time frame. My search has been blocked 3-5 generations down...so i thought about working down from top instead of my way up the ladder. Meanwhile i'll be continuing my research up the ladder. Will let u know in case i strike on anyhing. Hope u'll be able to help me. Thanking you, Emil Fred.

Sally Slade, 7 Oakfield Rd, Matfield, Kent UK TN12 7LB
Email: sallyslade36@aol.com
Date updated: Sat 2 Sep 2006
Village; unknown although links with Cochin, Travancore and Bombay
Surnames: Moniz, de Braga, Brigida, Fleury, Dart, Walker
Comments: My grandmother’s family were in India for several generations. On her maternal side, male Hoogewerfs married Brigida and Fleury ladies. My Great Great Grandmother was Violanta Hoogewerf, daughter of Judge Alexander Hoogewerf of Travancore, who m. Hall Mellville Walker in the mid / late 1800s. They had Elsie and Oscar. We are pretty well-informed on this side of the family but any more is always welcome! Elsie (b.c.1887) married John Dart (b.c.1879) – they are my great grandparents. John’s father was John Moniz Dart (b.c.1844), who was married to Mary Stephens (b.c.1842); both died in 1918 in Nasik, near Bombay. We don’t know where they were born. They describe themselves as English on documents. There must be a Portugese / Goa link through the Moniz name – does anyone know of a John Moniz Dart??? Or a Moniz – Dart marriage in the late 1700s / 1800s? He might have been given the Moniz name after a grandmother or grandfather. John Moniz was in the British Civil Service, Indian Railway and Salt Company. Ended up as Superintendent of Pechey-Phipson San at Nasik, which was where he died. The Walker / Hoogewerf side were very wealthy and educated. All seem to be in legal / journalism (editors).

Les Madeira, (no adress submitted)
Email: Lesmadeira@switchcomms.co.uk
Date submitted: Thu, 25 Aug 2005
Comments: My Grandfather was Don Madeira De Almeida, he or his father as far as I can gather owned the Portuguese Maritime Shipping Company. At some stage he moved the family to India. He had a son and daughters who were Noel, Merci and Budie (known as Kathleen and Elsie) I presume from the surname that he originated from Almeida in Portugal but cannot be sure as he could well have originated from Madeira as the name also suggests. Any info would be appreciated.

Orlando Oliveira Silva, India
Email: aldo@mtnl.net.in
Date submitted: Thu, 13 Apr 2006
Surnames: Oliveira Silva, Azavedo, Catulo, and Teles
Comments: My name is Orlando Octavio de Jesus Duarte de Oliveira Silva (quite a mouthful!) aka “Ollie”. My paternal grandparents were João Affonso d’Oliveira Silva and Maria Rosa d’Azavedo. My maternal grandparents were José Luis Duarte Catulo and Quiteria Leticia Teles (of Curtorim). All of them were residents and parishioners of Ponda, Goa. My parent’s names were Jose Joaquim d’Oliveira and Maria Ernestina Duarte Catulo. My father’s only brother João Theodoro Oliveira had 2 sons, Alfredo and Mario, last heard in Nairobi, Kenya and England. I’m trying to locate relatives in Africa, Brasil, England, Goa and Portugal. I would be happy to hear from them or anyone who can help me trace them. Thanks. Ollie

Kelvin Saldanha, Orlando, Florida, USA
Email: kelvinsaldanha@gmail.com
Date submitted: Thu, 15 Mar 2007
Surnames: Saldanha, Correa, Pinto, D’Souza, D’Costa
Comments: My name is Kelvin Saldanha. As of late I’ve been increasingly curious about my family’s genealogy. My grandparents are from Mangalore in India, which was evidently settled by the Portuguese several centuries ago. The farthest I can trace my family’s last names back is my great grandparents. Both sides of my family have been catholic as far back as my great, great grandparents. The names I can trace back the farthest are Saldanha on my Dad’s side and Pinto on my Mom’s side. I somehow doubt that I’m going to get anywhere without having access to birth records, but I’m hoping that this might get me a little closer to finding out where exactly my ancestors are from. Thanks for your help.


Hilti Cordless Tools



Julie van de Water (nee Doyle), South Australia
Email: hansjools@westnet.com.au
Date submitted: Wed, 4 Jul 2007
Comments: DOYLE, Patrick Joseph b. 1850 Kilkenny, Ireland - served with British Army in Jubbelpore, India. REBEIRA, Amelia b. 1862 India - daughter of Francis Rebeira, labourer married Patrick in 1881 at Chapel of St. Joseph, Jubbelpore, India. Patrick and Amelia came to South Australia (from India) in April 1883. Patrick's British Army Records state that they came straight to the Colonies. I can find no records (apart from marriage) on Amelia's and Patrick's families. Have been searching for more on Amelia and Patrick for 30 years. Any help would be appreciated.

Catherine Britt (nee Naidu Anthony) Victoria, Australia
Email: cbr59268@nigpond.net.au
Date submitted: Mon, 12 Nov 2007
Comments: I am searching for information about my great grandad Drufarman. He is supposed to be a shipping merchant. Met my great grandma Kausalitha Naidu and married in India. Had 13 children and many of the kids returned to Portugal. Apparently some of the generation are in the portuguese Navy. Any information or help would be appreciated.

Colleen Hodgson, Gold Coast Australia
Email: gho52976@bigpond.net.au
Date submitted: Mon, 17 Mar 2008
Surnames: Vardon or Verden?
Comments: Looking for information on my grandmother Christina Vardon (not sure of the spelling) was possibly of Portugese descent. She married Peter Denis Brogan( born Scotland) in India and had ten children and died there in about 1946. Peter was a Royal Scots Fusilier. Any info on the family name would also be a help.

Judith Shorter, 2533 Dunsmuir Ave, Box 167, Cumberland, B.C. Canada V0R 1S0
Email: judy_shorter@yahoo.ca
Date submitted: 2 Jan 2010
Surname: Mendes in Malliguam, Maharashtra, India
Comments: I am searching for information on my great-great-grandmother, Indiana Eliza Mendes who married James William Scott. I am also searching for information on Anne (Ana) Mendes who married William Wollaston in 1799 in India. It is my understanding that the two Mendes women are related but I have not been able to discover how this is so.

Colin Rodrigues, Woking, United Kingdom
Email: colinjarod@hotmail.com
Date submitted: 6 April 2010
Location: Calcutta
Surnames: Rodrigues, Rodriguez, Rosario, Rozario, D' or De Rosario, D' or De Rozario, Pereira
Comments: Trying to trace information about my paternal grandfather Henry Valentine Rodrigues born ? in/near Calicut area and Maternal grandmother Anne Adelaide Rozario born in Madras to  Benjamin Rozario and Josephine Pereira in 1880. They married in Calicut in 1895 when Henry was 30yr old. On the Marriage certificate his father is given as A L, her's as J N. Can find no trace of Henry's baptism or either of these individual's parents in OIRC records in British Library in London. Any info would be appreciated.

For comments, questions, or to submit your own surnames and locations, send e-mail to: . Make the subject "Masterlist" and include the same kind of information you see in the above entries: Your name & address, Telephone no., Email address, Surnames in one village (in alphabetical order), Comments you wish to add. If you have more than one village, submit the same things for each and every village.

Religious "surnames" (like "de Jesus, da Conceição, do Espirito Santo, etc.") of women are usually not accepted since they're of no genealogical value, except in cases where these names are used by males. Refer to my series of articles on "Portuguese Naming Traditions" on this website.


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