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Read some stories about emigrants from Terceira.

See a very nice 10-minute YouTube tourist video of Terceira by Cesar Pedro (in Portuguese)

Below you can see the map of the island of Terceira, Azores archipelago and the concelhos that comprise it.
You can click on each concelho to go to that specific page or, if you prefer, use the links below.

Vila Praia da Vitória Angra do Heroísmo

[Angra do Heroísmo] [Praia da Vitória]


If you're coming to this page from some other link than the MASTER LIST HOME PAGE , please be sure to scroll to the bottom to find all the other areas of Portugal and her former colonies.

This is from a photograph of the church called Nossa Senhora da Conceição in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, island of Terceira, Açores (Azores), Portugal.
It is an example of the typical look of Catholic churches in Portugal. 
You supply the picture and place an order for one where your ancestors were baptized, no matter what country.

Genealogists who know only that their ancestor came from Somewhere on Terceira: (No location is known)
It would be best to include comments about these ancestors so that others might be able to help determine the original parish.)

Mary Paradise, P.O. Box 582041, Modesto, CA. 95358
Email: mparadis@toto.csustan.edu
Date updated: Thu, 9 Jul 1998
Surnames: Avelar( Avellar), Candida, Fagundes, Governo, Julio, Machado (Marshall), Vieira.
Island: Terceira?
Village: Unknown
Comments: My Great-grandmother was Mariana Avelar (Avellar) and died in Azores. Great-grandfather was Manuel Avelar (Avellar). Grandmother was Francisca Avelar (Avellar) was a third order nun (Carmelite order). Married Francisco M. Vieira. My Great-Great-grandfather was Frank Fagundes. His daughter, my Great-grandmother was Lucinda M. Candida Fagundes. She married my Great-grandfather Francisco M. Vieira, died Azores island, supposely was crippled in a wheelchair reason unknown. They had 7 children: Francisco M. Vieira, Mary, Lorraine, John, Lucy, Pauline, Tony (changed his name to Marshall - reason unknown). My Grandfather was Francisco M. Vieira and he married my Grandmother Francisca Avelar(Avellar). My Grandfather, his mother,and siblings left April 1920, in what I read on my great Aunt's passport it says American Consulate: St. Michael's. They entered at Providence in >Sept. 1920 on the Britannia. They were residents of: Casa da Riberica County of: Praia da Vitoria District: Angra Freisa: Santa Cruz. My mother was born in Bristol, Rhode Island. My mother's name was Carmela she was baptized at St. Elizabeth's Church in Bristol, RI, baptismal Register number #343. Her sponsors were Francisco Cauto Coelho and Maria Cauto Coelho. If you can give me any information please contact me it's very important to know where my family came from and who they were what they were like and did.

Eileen (Rosa) Henderson, 21624 50th Ave. E, Spanaway, WA 98387
Tel.: (206)847-3128
Email: Frail@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: unknown
Surname: Rosa

John Christopher (Jay) Rogers, 1575 Dixie Way, Melbourne, FL 32935
Email: jrogers@iu.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Villages: Unknown
Surnames: Rodrigues, Luis, Raposa, Rocha.
Comments: My paternal great-grandfather was Antone Francisco Rodrigues (Anthony Francis Rogers) who came from Flores to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1882 and then to Little Compton, Rhode Island in 1890. He worked on the Levi Sisson farm and in 1893 married Maria Cota Luis (Lewis). Maria had left Doze Ribeiras, Terceira, with her brother, Francisco Cota Luis, to come to Little Compton in 1891. Antony Rogers bought the oldest homestead in Little Compton on Maple Avenue in 1891 (the C.R. Wilbor farm and homestead built in 1690 by one of the children of the Plymouth Colony settlers).The Rogers had five children, Mary, Lewis, Amelia, Michael and Anthony. The youngest, Anthony was my grandfather who founded with his brother Michael, the Compton Construction Company and built many of the houses in Little Compton. Michael was also the founder of the Fo'c's'le Restaurant at Sakonnet Point. Lewis Rogers inherited the Wilbur homestead and served as the Fire Chief. My maternal great-grandfather's surname was: Raposa also from Flores. I am also somehow related to João B. Rocha of Little Compton (John Rogers).

Marlene Gregorio, 238 River Acres, Sacramento, CA 95831
Tel.: (916)391-3655
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Gregorio "Ventura".
Comments: My husband's paternal grandfather was Manuel Gregorio Ventura of somewhere (Angra?) on Terceira, who married Mary Simas from somewhere on Pico. The family lived in Clarksburg, near Sacramento, CA.

Becky Roessler, 186 Rochford Square, Flint, Michigan 48507
Email: VEJF88A@prodigy.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Costa, Machado Luis, Rocha Luis.
Comments: Looking for parents of Florinda Augusta Costa b.1871 and João Rocha Luis b. abt.1861, d.abt 1892. They had a son Francisco Machado Luis, b.6/6/1893. Francisco Machado Luis was born on Terceira. Don't no when he came to America but do know he came to Mass. and the to Half Moon Bay, California. Then to El Centro, Ca.

J. Brightm, (no address submitted), MASS, U.S.A.
Email: jbrightm@ma.ultranet.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Ponte.

Wendy Marie Coelho, 922 Fannin #110, Denton, Tx 76201
Tel.: 940-484-2929
Email: Vebensberg@aol.com
Date submitted: Wed, 23 Sep 1998
Surnames: Sousa, Coelho, Botelho
Comments: My name is Wendy Marie Coelho, born in Providence, Ri 7-11-65. Parents: Jao Alberto Coelho and Janice Ann Botelho. My family on my maternal and paternal sides come primarily from Tecieira, Azores and my grandfather was a merchant marine whose family relocated to Rio De Janerio when he was a teenager otherwise to the best of my knowledge the Coelho side came strictly from the Azores. I have very few living relatives in the U.S. to help narrow my search so any information or suggestions that you have please call or email me.

Michael R. Sheehan, 1411 Hoyt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201
Email: Shamrock95@aol.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Tue, 9 Feb 1999
Village: unknown
Comments: In Oct 1867, my GG Grandfather, Manuel M. ENOS was born on Terceira. His parents (according to his death certificate, Feb 1928) were Manuel ENOS and Mary GUACIA, also born on Terceira. In Jan 1867, my GG Grandmother, Mary J. SOUZA was born (probably on Terceira). Her parents (according to her death certificate, Apr 1957) were Manuel SOUZA and Mary CUNHA. In 1887 or 1888, they left the Azores and moved to Massachusetts. They are in Somerville, MA in the 1900 census, and in Newton MA from 1910 until their deaths. They ran a laundry in Newton/Watertown area from at least 1910 until the 1930s or perhaps the 1940s. Their children are: Mary J. Enos (Shinnick), b. Aug 1888, d. Dec 1974, Eva M. Enos (Pierce), b. Sep 1892, d. Apr 1971 (my Great Grandmother), Rose A. Enos (Foley), b. Jul 1894, d. Dec 1980, Adam J. Enos, b. Apr 1897, d. Aug 1985. Any information would be welcome!

Carlos Ormonde, Trav. Moinho de Vento, 30 - 1º - 1200 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel.: 351-1-3951023, fax: 351-1-3951024
Email: ormonde@mail.telepac.pt
Date submitted: Mon, 1 Mar 1999
Island: Terceira
Surname: Ormonde

Michael Barcellos, 11 Lorin Dr., Wilmington Ma. 01887
Tel.: (978)-658-7137
Email: mbarcell@bbn.com
Date submitted: Mon, 18 Oct 1999
Comments: Hello my name is Michael Barcellos. My grandfather Dr. Manuel deBarcellos came to America from Portugal. I believe he lived in Terceira. He went to college here at Boston College and later at Kansas City University (which I believe became the University of Missouri). He practiced Medicine here till he died in 1957 at the age of 65. His father made guitars and guitar strings. Any and all information related to my family and my name would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know when it was changed to two LL's from what I understand all Barcelos were originally one L. Thank you.

Sheri Black(Alves), (no address submitted)
Email: sheriblack@mindspring.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sat, 04 Dec 1999
Island: Terceira, The Azores
Surnames: Alves, Oliveira, Avila, Mendes
Comments: My VoVo, Daniel Frances Alves, born in California March 17,1912, is the son of Joseph Alves and Alexandrina Mendes. His wife(my Va Va), Alice, was the daughter of Mathius Oliveira and Margaret Avila. I know my Great grandmother Alexandrina was born in Terceira on February 13,1892. I don't know where the others were born.

Pat Mello Sylvia, 7 Sagamore Drive, South Dartmouth, Ma.02748
Email : Blackice430@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 16 Jan 2000
Surnames: De Costa, Vitorino, Da Silva
Comments: gg grandfather was Joaquim Jose Vitorino, gg grandmother was Rosa Mariana, gg grandfather was Clemente Jose Da Silva, gg grandmother was Maria Clara. I think they were born around 1845. They were from San Mateus Terceria. Thank you for posting this for me: Pat

Barry Duke, 604 Fischer Court, Roseville, CA 95678
Email: bduker@ix.netcom.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Fri, 4 Feb 2000
Comments: I am looking for my relatives from Terceira. Joseph Laurenco (born 1876) who married Delphine Rosalee Vierra (born 1904). Joseph's father was Lewis Laurenco. Delphine Vierra's father was Frank Vierra. Her mother was Maria Isabel Leonardo. Maria I. Leonardo's father was Jose Machado Leonardo. Her mother was Maria Isabel. Jose M.Leonardo's father was Hilario Rodriques Frois. (Why the name change I do not know).

Mike McCormack, 16 Briarwood Drive, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA 02745
Tel.: 508-998-1218
Email: mikemcc@ma.ultranet.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 21 Feb 2000
Comments: I am looking for connections to Maria CARVALHO VALENTIM (born Terceria abt. 1889) who traveled abt. 1891 we believe to Providence, Rhode Island, USA with her mother Maria CARVALHO. We believe her mother was not married to the father, John VALENTIM, who was reputed to be a famous doctor in Rio de Janeiro and had two sons that went through the Lisbon Naval Academy. No clues as to town or parish.

Kiki, (no address submitted)
Email: vickiea@ria.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sun, 2 Apr 2000
Comments: Would like to hear from any with the surname Ormonde from the Teceiras area. Also anyone with my mothers middle name Rodrigues. My mother's name was Odete Ormonde until marriage. It has been about 40 years since she had any contact with her side of the family.

Murl Long, (no address submitted)
Email: murllong@earthlink.net
Date submitted: Tue, 12 Sep 2000
Comments: I am seeking information in two categories:
(1) The history of Jose' Rocha Nunes, born 1895 in Terceira, Azores. Also, Maria Grace Nunes, wife of Jose' born in Terceira, Azores in 1902. Any information would be appreciated.
(2) This request is a bit more depressive. I have just run across an article about serious problems that has occurred because of the lack of family movement from Terceira over hundreds of years. There seems to be the possibility of in-breeding within the limited number of families that lived there causing certain genes to be non-responsive. Murl Long, son-in-law of Jose' Rocha Nunes.

Philip A Furtado, P.O. BX 2257, Teatickeet, Ma 02536
Tel.: 508 540-5121
Email: overtimeok@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 9 Jan 2001

Keith Dagsaan-Bremerton, WA
Email: keith1207@home.com (invalid email) or kdagsaan@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Wed, 25 Apr 2001
Island: Could be Sao Miguel or Terceira
Comments: Grandmothers name was Mary Arruda Botello-(sic)Pacheco, first born of Rose Candida(Conditi?) Pacheco and Pedro(Peter) d'Arruda Botello. Brothers include Peter, Anthony, Joseph. Sisters are Rose and Ann. Grandmothers parents emigrated and settled in Newport, Island in early 1900's

Sandy Mozingo, Tacoma, WA USA
Email: PlumSweetUSA@Hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sun, 20 May 2001
Surnames: Casado, Caetana, Candida, Casablanca, Correia, Da Conceicao, Cota, Da Rocha, Da Costa, Da Encarnacao, Da Fonseca, Da Rocha, De Sao Jose, De Barcelos, De Lima, De Sousa, Do Carmo Ramos, Do Rosario, Do Socorro, Gomes, Inacia, Lima, Lopes, Louro, Machado, Pacheco, Ramos, Vieira, Silveira, Tabone, Trindade, Tristao, Velho, and Xias.
Comments: I have family tree back to early 1700's. Need earlier info. Latest names are Francisco Machado Ramos b. 7 May 1848, marr. Gertrudes Candida Gomes - Daug. Maria Do Carmo Ramos. Francisco Da Costa b. 4 Jun. 1844, marr, Maria Do Socorro, son, Joaquim Machado Da Costa. Too many to list. If interested I will send entire pedigree chart.

Steve Lloyd, (no address submitted)
Email: slmtfam4@qwest.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 5 Nov 2001
Surnames: Souza Pereira Avila Machado Teixiera Brazil Silveira Cordozo Luiz Pedro Rozario
Comments: my great grand father's name was Antonio Luis de Avila. After he migrated to Sacramento California and married my great grandmother Maria Neves Souza he changed his last name to Silva. I wish to fill in the gaps of my family tree wich I copyed from my grand mothers copy after she died her name was Rose Kidder (silva) who passed away last year. I am particularly interested in my great grandmothers side of the family which I have no record of. She was borne on the the island of terceira ill repost this in that forum as well any help would be appreciated.

Lupe Diaz, Miami, Florida, USA
Email: Lupe28@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 14 Mar 2002
Surnames: Fernandez (Fernandes), Gonzalez (Gonzales), Pacheco, Rosa. Comments: All I know is that they were born in Islas Terceras, Azores, Portugal, from the early 1500 to the late 1500, Alejo GONZALEZ, married Barbara FERNANDEZ, both were born in Islas Terceras, Azores, Portugal. They had at least one son: Sebastian FERNANDEZ PACHECO, also born in Islas Terceras, went to Cuba, married Ana ZABALA CASTILLO, born in Havana, Cuba. They had at least two daughters:
1) Ana ZABALA PACHECO, born in Havana, Cuba. Married in Havana, Cuba, on November 15, 1589 to Juan TREVIÑO GUILLAMAS MERCADILLO TREVIÑO, born in Avila.
2) Maria PACHECO ZABALA, born in Havana, Cuba. Married in Havana, Cuba, on November 08, 1595 to Gonzalo MANRIQUE MEXIAS, born in Villa de Cedillo, Toledo (OR) Cuba. Any information will be appreciated.

Ethan M. Rogers, P.O. Box 215, Orange CA 92856
Email: butcher1072@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Mon, 19 Aug 2002
Surname: Rodrigues
Island: Terceira
Village: Unknown
Comments: My great great grandfather was Mattheus Rodrigues (sp?). At about age 14, in 1883 0r 1884, he left the home of his godparents (who had kept him due to his mothers poor health and impoverished state) and worked his way to America aboard ship (which ship I'm not sure but would like to). He settled in New Bedford, Mass. and worked in a rope factory and an orchard farm. He met his wife Lucy (last name unknown) in Massachusetts. She was from the island of Graciosa. They moved to the San Joaquin Valley shortly after marrying and had five children. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Lutz, 314 Poplar, Boonville, Mo 65233, USA
Email: Christmasmouse55@Yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sat, 7 Sep 2002
Islands: ST.Jorge, Terceria
Surnames: Cabral,Machado,Bettencourt
Comments: My Grandfather Joao Maderios Cabral was born on St. Jorge on Aug. 8, 1887. His Mother's maiden name was Barbara Bettencourt. His Mother-in-law's name was Enelia Machado,and she was born on Terceria, Mar. 31, 1873. She went to Brazil, then came to Mass. early 1900's.

Flora Ramos, 16333 Cambridge Drive, Lathrop, CA 95330-8502, USA
Email: 3flower@transbay.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Tue, 10 Jun 2003
Surnames: Deniz, Ferraz, Souza, Alves
Locations: St. George, Tesada, Terceira

George W. Jones, III, 164 Wright Road, Albertville, Alabama 35951
Tel.: 256-878-6262
Email: gwjmail2001@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Fri, 25 Jul 2003
Comments: This may be an "exercise in futility", but, here goes! My great-grandfather JOSEPH FURTADO was born on the island of Terceira [town unknown] in 1842 [birth year on his tombstone] and left the island arriving in the United States in 1856 [location unknown]. He eventually settled in Brewer, Penobscot County, Maine. He became a naturalized citizen on October 12, 1864 in Brewer. The family oral history states that he left Terceira because of a dispute with his parents [unknown] over his attending the services of the Catholic Church. It was said that his parents severely punished him for his behavior, and that he therefore ran away at the, approximate, age of 15. It is further said that he stowed away aboard a ship belonging to a Captain Hatch who later adopted him. Whether this is true or not, I discovered that he, indeed, was listed in the 1870 US Census for Brewer, Penobscot County, Maine as the "step-son" of a Sea Captain named Isaac Hatch and his wife Sarah. He married first [date ?] an Emily J. [?] who died in 1875. They had one son Willy b. 1874 who died in 1875. Joseph married second, Julia Euphemia Gordon Dec. 31, 1877 in Brewer, Maine. Their first son, Elmer Eugene, was my [maternal] grandfather. Joseph died in 1903 in Brewer, Maine.
Having stated all this...Is there anyone for whom this information may be of interest? And/or might someone know of an individual in their family history who meets these...or similar facts? It is always possible that Joseph lied about his real surname to cover his tracks. For what it is worth... It is also said that his mother came to the states in search of him. Any assistance in discovering his family history on the Island of Terceira would be gratefully appreciated. I am very interested in my Portuguese heritage. Sincerely, George W. Jones, III

Gerri DeCosta, Ormond Beach FL
Email: barryfanfl@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 2 Oct 2003
Surnames on Terceira: DeCosta, Jose Joaquim b. 1863, d. 23 Apr 1934, Boston, MA

Gloria Thompson, 550 Wanzia Ln., Patterson, CA 95363
Tel.: 209-892-6033
Email: gloria_thompson53@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sun, 7 Aug 2005
Surnames: Brazil, Goncalves, Sao Carlos

Cleo Groff, Califonia
Email: cleocalif@aol.com
Date submitted: Monday, July 12, 2006
Island: Terceira
Surnames: Frank B. Capino born abt 1881, Pauline B. Capino born abt 1885, Joaquin Esteves Nunes born Nov. 28. 1905. Comments: I was told that these people were born on the Island of Terceira. Any information would be appreciated.

Liz Lacey, Ontario, Canada
Email: lizlacey2001@yahoo.ca
Date submitted: Wed, 20 Jun 2007
Surname: Da Maia
Comments: Looking for family members of Manuel Celestino Da Maia. I have found new information that he came from portugal via ship on Fer 7, 1920 to New York ships name was the Mormugao, he is listed as 20yrs old. The ship sailed from the following ports in portugal Lisbon and Algiers Ports, he also could be from Terceira or the Azores. I believe he left either via the US or Canada and headed back to Portugal and then to England or went straight to England. Can anyone tell me where I could find ships lists leaving the US or Canada going either to Portugal or England between 1920 -1924. Also can anyone tell me where I could look up birth records in those areas? Is there anywhere online? My father in law remembers going to Lisbon at a very young age after his father died, so he very well be from Lisbon. Thank you. Liz Lacey

For comments, questions, or to submit your own surnames and locations, send an email to: Make the subject "Masterlist" and include the same kind of information you see in the above entries: Your name & address, telephone no., email address, surnames in one village (in alphabetical order), comments you wish to add. If you have more than one place, submit the same things for each and every place. If you have surnames from various lugares within the same parish, send one submission and group the names into the various lugares.

Religious "surnames" (like "de Jesus, da Conceição, do Espirito Santo, etc.") of women are usually not accepted since they're of no genealogical value, except in cases where these names are used by males. Refer to my series of articles on "Portuguese Naming Traditions" on this website.

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