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Below you can see the map of the island of Santa Maria, Azores archipelago and the concelhos that comprise it.
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Concelho de Vila do Porto

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Read some stories about emigrants from Santa Maria and add in your own

Genealogists who know only that their ancestor came from Somewhere on Santa Maria: (No location is known)
It would be best to include comments about these ancestors so that others might be able to help determine the original parish.)

Ken Carvalho, 14 Leonard Court, Alameda, California 94502-7941
Tel.: (510)522-5891, Fax: (510) 522-5951
Email: Carvalho@CompuServe.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Almada, Braga, Chaves, Carvalho, Rezendes, Rezendes Chaves.
Comments: I am looking for both sets of parents for Boaventura José de Carvalho, born: EST 1820, his wife was Berrardina Jancitta de Chaves, born: EST 1820, they were Married: ABT 1844. They had the following children: i. Bernardo de Carvalho, Born: EST 1844, his wife was Marguerite Braga; ii. Manuel Ventura de Carvalho, born: EST 1846, his wife was Antonia Rezendes Chaves; iii. Antonio Braga de Carvalho, born: 3 May 1855, Santa Espirito, Santa Maria, Azores, died: 15 Dec. 1911, Newman, Stanislaus Co., California, USA, his wife was Maria Lawrence, they were married on 30 Aug. 1897 in Modesto, Stanislaus Co., California, USA; iv. Antone de Carvalho, born: EST 1855, his wife was Antonia Embalina Almada.

Russ Perry, 810 Oak Ridge Road, Papillion, NE 68046
Tel.: 402-593-8148
Email: russperry@home.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 10 May 1999
Comments: My grandfather, Albert Joseph Perry, was born in Provincetown, Massachusetts on July 11, 1891. His birth record lists his parents as Joseph F. Perry of Faial and Louisa S. Silva (married March 8, 1886). Louisa was born in Provincetown. My grandfather's cousin has given Louisa'a birth date as June 13, 1864. His cousin also told me that Louisa was married to Joseph's older brother and when her first husband died she married Joseph. My grandfather told me, before he died in 1986, that his grandfather was employed at the American Consulate in Horta and when each of his sons reached the age of 12, he got them US Visas and sent them to the United States. My grandmother, Elizabeth Silva (Perry) was also born in Provincetown on February 2, 1898. Her parents are listed in the official record as Antoine Silva of Santa Maria and Maria Veira of Pico. Other relatives have told me that the names Craves, Cardozo, and Brun are associated with my family, but they gave me no further information. I have been told that Antoine had his own fishing boat in Provincetown. My father and his brothers and sister grew up in a family that tried their best to be Americans. They succeeded quite well. I was chosen by the United States Department of Defense to be an Air Attache at the Embassy in Lisbon. I had the blessing of being able to learn the language, history, culture, and people of Portugal. Now I'm interested in connecting with my relatives in the Islands and learning more. Sincerely, Russ Perry.

Sam Koester, 5635 Oak Creek Place, Granite Bay, CA 95746
Email: sammyk@rcsis.com
Date updated: Mon, 19 Apr 2004
Surnames: Soares Coelho, do Rego, Tavares, (from Santa Maria Island)
Comments: Manuel Martin Coelho, my father, born in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1911. My grandparents, Jose Soares Coelho, B. abt. 1883 and Maria Filomena Tavares do Rego, B. abt. 1893. Jose's parents: Jose ____ Coelho and unknown. Maria's parents: Antone Tavares do Rego and Maria Jose Soares. Antone's parents: Francisco Tavares do Rego and Dona Maria Tavares do Figueiredo. Maria Jose Soares' parents: Antonio Joaquim de Mousa and Maria Luisa. I believe these ancestors were all from Santa Maria but; am no sure of it. Any help would be much appreciated. SammyK

Catherine Livermore, 4033 Leavitt Ct., Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA
Date submitted: Thu, 15 Jul 1999
Comments: Researching on Maria Conception Costa, born Dec 8 1868 in Santa Maria, married to Joseph Braga. Had 4 children and immigrated to California where they had 4 more children. Joseph Braga died in 1919. He was a fisherman in Santa Maria and worked for Standard Oil Co. in Calif. Their Childrens names are: Jessie, William, Angelo, Mary Jo, Delphina, Joseph, Edward and Mary. Thanks for whaterver information can be shared.

Bob Cabral, Hingham, MA
Email: Bobbyc@acninc.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sun, 26 Sep 1999
Surnames: Cabral
Comments: My family has researched our family tree back to my great grandparents. My Great-Grandfather's name was Frederico Abreu Cabral (born 12/18/1885 and died 12/27/1960). He was born on the island of Santa Maria and later moved to Sao Miguel before immigrating to the U.S. He married Emelia Idalina Cabral (born 1/3/1890 died 12/27/1960 - her maiden name was Cabral too) and they had 12 children before moving here. I am looking for information on my great grandparents before they married.

Samantha Hart, (no address submitted)
Email: samiam170@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Wed, 1 Dec 1999
Islands: Santa Maria, S. Miguel
Surnames: Cabral, Sousa, Bettencourt
Comments: The name Cabral is from the island Santa Maria, and the names Sousa, and Bettencourt are from S. Miguel. I am not sure of the villages they are from.

Shari Dallas, (no address submitted)
Email: sharimac@worldnet.att.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 17 Jan 2000
Surname: ANDRADE
Island: Azores Island, Santa Maria
Village: unknown.
Comments: Manual Andrade (de Andrade?) migrated to Napa Co. CA about 1889. Married Rose Laurel Postal. Fathers name Luiz, mothers name Anna Figiores. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alyse Kenny, 4901 Zenith Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410 USA
Email: Rotector@aol.com
Date submitted: Sat, 4 Mar 2000
Surnames: Mellow (Mello), Perry, DeSilva, Pury
Comments: We think that Frank Mellow (Mello) and Lucy Perry came from the Santa Maria, Azores. We do know that they came from the Azores. Lucy's father name is Manuel P. DeSilva and mother is Flora Pury. From the death certificate Frank Mellow came to America in 1867 and Lucy Perry in 1882. They lived near the mouth of the Salinas river near Castroville, CA and in Merced, CA. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Joe F Souza, (no address submitted)
Email: jfsouza@juno.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sat, 15 Jul 2000
Comments: My name is Jose De Freitas Souza. The son of Jose Anthony Souza and Filomenia De Freitas Chaves. I was born in Santa Maria, Azores island. May 2, 1947. I came to U.S.A. when I was only 2 years old. I am the oldest of 6 children. I know I have cousins that live in Santa Maria, but unsure of their names. My son Thomas is trying to get our family history. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rick, (no address submitted)
Email: wysiwyg@megalink.net
Date submitted: Sat, 17 Jun 2000
Surnames: Baptistor, Bettencourt (Bitcumcurte), Graciosa, Rezendes
Comments: I am seeking info on Antone Baptiste (Baptistor) and Emelia Rezendes, both born on Santa Maria. They married and had a son Joseph, born in Dec. 1868 and possibly another son Manuel. Joseph married Maria (Mary) Bitcumcurte (Bettencourt) born in 1871 from Graciosa. I am interested in any info-dates, villages they may have lived in, churches they may have attended, etc... Also would anyone know where I can find vital records in this area. Unfortunately, I do not speak Portugese. rick

Ann Gorman, 2834 Eastwood Dr., Iowa City, IA 52245
Tel.: 319-354-1309
Email: lrgorman@home.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 2 Aug 2000
Surname: Sylvester
Comments: My g-g-grandfather, Antone Sylvester, from Faial jumped ship in New Bedford, MA ca. 1840. His father was Joseph Sylvester. In Portland, ME ca. 1854 Antone married Mary L. (surname unknown) from Flores (maybe Santa Maria). They had 5 children and many grandchildren. Mary was a mid-wife and nurse. When Mary died in 1907, she had a sister in the Azores or in Portugal. Antone worked as a mariner and died in 1910 in Portland.

Ida (Aida) Freitas, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Email: martinsfam@golden.net
Date submitted: Fri, 14 Jun 2002
Island: Santa Maria
Surnames: Freitas

Tosca B Fernandes, (no address submitted)
Email: co000@netzero.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sat, 15 Jun 2002
Surname: Fernandes
Comments: We are looking up Fernandes with the Braga or rather De Braga name.

Carol Sybrant, 1609 Pearl Eye Lane, Medford, OR 97504
Tel.: 541-245-3394
Email: Carolsybrant@charter.net
Date submitted: Fri, 6 Feb 2004
Comments: I am searching for information on my great grandparents who all imigrated from the Azores to Massachusettes, then settled in Centerville (Washington Township) California. I do not have information on their villages. PICO: Antone Oliveira, born August 1851; married Mary D. Lewis
PICO: Mary D. Lewis, born 1855, married Antone Oliveira
SANTA MARIA: Manuel Rezendes, married Rosida Dutra
FAIAL: Rosida Dutra, born 1868, married Manuel Rezendes
No other information known.

Lynn Pritchett, Oro Valley, AZ, USA
Email: chocolynn@comcast.net (updated 2009)
Other/back-up valid email: thepritchetts@comcast.net
Date submitted:  1 Aug 2004 (updated 28 Feb 2009)
Island(s): Santa Maria & Faial
Village(s): unknown
Comments: Some family stories tell me that some Caton ancestors in America, are not of that surname, but gave it upon entry into the USA, as many were smuggled in on fishing boats? "Perry" is a possible origin of Caton name? Has anyone else heard such a story in their family history search? Anxious to exchange family history with any/all Caton or Silva descendants. My oldest Caton/Silva ancestors: Manuel Caton, born in 1862 on Santa Maria Isle to Manuel and Isabela, who married Ida Silva, born in 1864 to Joseph and Rosa in Provincetown, Mass.

Suspected family relationship between these men - Seeking information/sibling of any 1 of these men -
No snippet of knowledge or theory too small - Any input appreciated :

** CATON, Manuel F., Sr..:  born 26 Dec 1839 on Faial Island, Azores, Portugal to Francis CATON-CAETANO and wife (name unkn); immigrated 1855 at age 16; married Philomena Phoebe CONSTANTINE in Provincetown, MA 19 Jan 1865; died in Provincetown on 24 Feb 1918 - Occupation: fisherman/doryman, and in later years when the open ocean fishing became difficult for his aged body - gardener & artist model

;-)      CATON, Manuel R.,:  born May 1864 on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal to Manuel CATON-CAETANO & wife Isabella;              immigrated 1880 at age 17; married Ida SILVA (dtr of noted Captn. Joseph Antone Serpa SILVA & wife Rosa RODRIGEZ) in Provincetown; died at sea Jan 1918 - Occupation: fisherman/commander/captain, co-owner of schooners: Carrie F. Phillips, Addison Center, Sea Fox, & Philomena Manta**  (submitter's lineage: will trade/share documentation on this line already known)

** CATON, John B.:   born January 1869 on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal to Manuel CATON-CAETANO & wife Maria/Mary; immigrated 1889 at age 17; married Amelia/Amelda in Provincetown, MA; Occupation - fisherman to about age 60, then gardener

Brian Smith, North Dighton, MA, USA
Email: ssbs@comcast.net
Date submitted: Wed, Feb. 21, 2007
Surname: Androff
Island: Santa Maria
Village: unknown
Comments: Searching for information on my great grandmother, Mary Androff, b.3 Oct., 1859, Saint Mary’s, Azores, West Islands, and her parents: father, Manuel Androff, mother Maria (?). Mary married Elisha M. Smith in 1884 and lived on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts where she died on 30 Sep., 1895. No information on when she emigrated, or if her parents emigrated also.

Charles Anthony Smith, (no address submitted)
Tel: 401-454-9272        
Email: cas7856@aol.com
Date submitted: 19 Feb 2010
Surnames: Costa Puim
Comments: I am looking for info on PUIM surname from Santa Maria. Maria da Conceciao PUIM born abt 1900 died abt 1990... Several of her children were Virginia da Costa PUIM, Filomena da Costa PUIM LOPES, Alfredo da Costa PUIM and Jose da Costa PUIM.....

For comments, questions, or to submit your own surnames and locations, send an email to: Make the subject "Masterlist" and include the same kind of information you see in the above entries: Your name and address, telephone no., email address, surnames in one village (in alphabetical order), comments you wish to add. If you have more than one place, submit the same things for each and every place. If you have surnames from various lugares within the same parish, send one submission and group the names into the various lugares.

Religious "surnames" (like "de Jesus, da Conceição, do Espirito Santo, etc.") of women are usually not accepted since they're of no genealogical value, except in cases where these names are used by males. Refer to my series of articles on "Portuguese Naming Traditions" on this website.

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