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Genealogists who know only that their ancestor came from Somewhere on São Jorge: (No location is known)
It would be best to include comments about these ancestors so that others might be able to help determine the original parish.)

Dee Baxley, 717 Sterling Rd., Apt. 19, Roanoke, VA 24014, USA
Email: DBaxley821@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Ávila, Machado (Marshall), Teixeira (Texan).
Comments: I am searching for any information on my great-grandmother, Mary M. Marshall (Marichal, Machado) who lived in Providence in 1900, thru 1912. She lived at 50 Brook St., 545 Wickendon St., and 286 Williams St. Her father was Antone Texan Marshall and her mother was Barbara Avila. Possibly originally from São Jorge, in a village where it was the custom for the unmarried girls to wear stockings of different colors (possibly one red and one white). If anyone has ever heard of this custom, please let me know, as this is the only clue we have as to where she came from. She was very secretive for some reason. Her mother died when she was young and she was sent to "The Azores" to be raised by relatives. Came back in about 1895 and married Joseph Santiago. He was a barber. Her father was remarried in the time she was in the Azores, possibly to an Irish woman. Apparently this caused her to be very angry, as she never spoke to him again. Did he have more children? Who was Alvena, a niece, listed with Mary and Joseph on the 1900 census? Legend says Alvena ran away with one of the DuPonts. Mary always maintained she was born in Providence (3 Feb 1876) but no records confirm this.

Carrie Souza, 163 Clark Street, San >Rafael, Ca. 94901, USA
Email: magic23k@pacbell.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Souza, Mancebo, De Souza, Caetano (Quietano), Maciel.
Comments: I am trying to learn about my relatives form the Azores. My grandfather was Edward Alexander Souza, born 10/21/09 died, 8/21/94 in Sausalito, Ca. Great grandmother was Mary Catan Mancebo born 02/18/1888 died 11/22/20 in Sausalito. Mary Catan Mancebo's mother was Mercianna Emilia Maciel, born in 1861 in the Azores. On 01/07/1886, Maricianna married José Quientano Mancebo, born in 1885 in the Azores. Jose mother was Barbara Emilia Quietano and his father was Antonio Quietano. Marcianna's mother was Maria Santo Maciel and her father was João José Maciel. Great grandfather was Alexander De Souza, born in 1883 in São Jorge and died 03/13/15. All I know of Alexander's father was that he was born in São Jorge and died in Portugal.

Mike Vandiver, (no address submitted)
Email: mikev@jps.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surname: Freitas
Comments: Candido Freitas born 1877-1887? Immigrated to Bristol, RI 1877-1906?, married Mary Travers from Flores, Had a son Joseph Travers Freitas born 08/08/1907 in Bristol, RI.

Frank Perry, 11 Cheryl St. Niantic, CT 06357
Email: bdperry@worldnet.att.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surname: Perry (Pereira)
Comments: My great grandfather was born on São Jorge on Sunday Jan 15, 1854. His parents were John and Mary. They immigrated to the Providence MA area in 1864. On Monday Jan 2, 1878 Francesco married Mary Amelia Nelson in Provincetown, MA. Circa 1885 they moved to New London, CT. They would have 5 children before he died of scarlet fever on Monday April 4, 1904.

Richard Brazil, 4308 Olive Hill Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028, USA
Email: rhbrazil@sdcoe.k12.ca.us
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Brazil, Hilario, Silveira.
Comments: My grandfather, João Brazil, from São Jorge, Azores Islands, was born in about 1857. He was about 56 years old when he left the Azores. He sailed from Gibraltar on April 17,1912, aboard the ship SS Harpalien #5506, with his family, for the Hawaiian Islands.

Shawn Lang, Portland, CT (via MA)
Email: shawnzo@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Uknown.
Surname: Pereira, Machado.
Comments: Antonio Machado (b. 1853 or 1860, d. UNK in Boston, MA) Parents names: Francisco and Maria. Any assistance in searching my GGF will be greatly appreciated.

Rosemary Bettencourt-Borba, P. O. Box 187, Cool, CA 95614, USA
E-Mail: borba@inreach.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Bettencourt
Comments: Relatives of Joseph Ames Bettencourt born in 1876 (?) came to the United States in 1891. He had two brothers that were here one was Frank and the other was William. He also had a brother in the azores Dr. Manual Bettencourt and a sister. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Josephine Silva, Eureka, California
Email: jsilva@northcoast.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Furtado, Silva
Comments: Maria Silva born 1870 to 1890; João Furtado born 1860 to 1890.

Geri Giafis, 4104 24th Street, #107, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA
Tel: (415)824-1914
Email: Yorkiegurl@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Joseph.

Linda Hardman, 3081 Los Prados St., #112, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA
Email: hardman.linda@emeryworld.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Borba.
Comments: Manuel Augustus Borba born January 31, 1880.

Michael Price, PO Box 621894, Orangevale, CA 95662, USA
Tel.: (916)988-5136
Email: None
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: unknown
Surnames: Junqueino, Perdozo Brazil.
Comments: Elvira Junqueino was born 21 March 1889; Foster Perdozo Brazil was born 9 Jan.1884

Mary Bordi, Rt 2 Box 230, La Honda, CA, USA, 94020
Email: mbordi@crl.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Sequeira.
Comments: José António Sequeira born 23 July, 1853, son of Manuel Antonio de Sequeira and Maria de Jesus. Brother of Manuel António, Maria, Maria Viltra, António and João José.

Dan Keefe, 1331 E. Taylor St. Vista, CA 92084-3307, USA
Tel.: (619)941-0611
Email: KS6Z@sprynet.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown (Velas?)
Surname: Sousa, Enos (Ignacio).
Comments: My mother Maria Elizabeth Sousa was born on February 2, 1898. She was the daughter of Joseph Sousa and Maria Sousa (Enos). I believe that she was born in Velas, I am certain that she was born on São Jorge. My grandmother Maria Enos was born (I think) on Ilha de Santa Maria. I don't have any information about my grandfather, Joseph Sousa. He died in Providence, R.I. in 1904? leaving my grandmother, my mother and two other small children alone in East Providence. I do have other information about brothers and sisters of Maria Enos my grandmother.

Candace Lazzaro (no address submitted)
Email: clazzaro@knklinks.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Mendonça/Mendoza.
Comments: I'm unsure which island but we believe they were from São Jorge. I also have a Amarant and Bettencourt lines from Beira (parish of Velas).

Mary-Jane Walker, 57 Ocean View Drive, Pittsburg, CA 94565-1356, USA
Tel.: 925-458-3164
Email: n6nva@arrl.net
Date updated: Tue, 13 Jun 2006
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Belfine(?), Jacinto, Joseph, Pedrosa Azevedo, Silveira.
Comments: Uncertain about the origin of BELFINE (Delfina?). My grandfather was Manuel Joseph da Silveira, but he always went by Joseph. He was born 8 May 1882 on S.Jorge. Manuel King was born 16 July 1829 on S.Jorge. Rosa Pedrosa Azevedo was born on S.Jorge.

Lin Palmer, 408 Gaut Road, Jefferson City, TN 37760, USA
Email: beanercp@usit.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Cunha, de Mello, Silva.
Comments: Manuel Reposo Lagoso de MELLO, wife: Maria JACINTA; son: Julio Tavares deMELLO, born 1851. Julio immigrated to Hawaii in 1882 with wife Ana JULIA and two small sons, José, born July 22, 1879 and Alfredo, born abt. March 1881. Also, Joseph SILVA, and wife Gloria CUNHA immigrated to Hawaii sometime unknown before 1883.

David da Silva Cornell, 2014 Kalorama Road NW, Washington, DC 20009
Email: cornelld@hayboo.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: da Silva

Douglas Garcez, Rua Madre Selima 154, São Leopoldo, RS, Brasil, CEP: 93040/180
Email: rsf2120@pro.via-rs.com.br
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Garcez de Morais, Garcez, Morais, Borges, Santos, Menezes, Bettencourt, Dias.
Comments: interesso-me principalmente pelos primeiros povoadores açorianos ou não do rio grande do sul e colonia de sacramento.tenho muitos registros dos primeiros povoadores.

Linda Nunes West, 20 E. lst Street, Morgan Hill, CA 95020
Tel.: (408) 778-7476
Email: hrs@garlic.com
Date submitted: Tue, 20 Jul 1999
Sao Jorge: Silveira Nunes Bettencourt
Faial (Ribeirinha or Flamengos): da Rosa Furtado, Tomasia
Comments: Great Great Grandparents: Manual Silveira Bettencourt (1800-1897) and Rosa Joaquiana 1807-1905?. 7 Children: Manuel (great grandfather), Jose (miner in Rough and Ready, CA), Mateus, Merciana, Joao (miner in Rough and Ready), Rosa, Mariana.
Great Grandfather: Manuel Silveira Nunes Bettencourt of St. George (1825-) and Anna Sequeira of St. George (DOB unknown): 5 children Manuel M. Silveira Nunes (my grandfather), Maria (Milpitas), Joseph S (Agnew)., John M. (Piedmont Rd.), and Anna. (Bettencourt and Nunes are occasionally omitted in these people's names). Manuel M. Silveira Nunes St. George (1862-1935)--immigrated 1880 and Philomena da Rosa Furtado? DOB: August 3, 1873 of Riberina or Flamengos--immigrated 1888 (Father: Antonio F. da Rosa and mother Maria Tomasia). They had 16 children. I have information on the rest of the family.

Lois M. Eckstrom, 2300 Louise Ave. Arcadia, CA. 91006
Tel.: 626-445-8225
Email: loise@mail.cheetah.net
Date submitted: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Surname: Gomes
Comments: I'm searching for my husband's grandfather who was named Cristorio Gomes or Gustado Gomes (depending on which document we look at). He emigrated from the island of Fujal in the Azores via ship, landing in Boston. He came via railroad to Oakland, CA., bought l5 acres of land in Irvington and farmed it until he died in l929. He is buried along with his wife Rosa F. Rosa in the cemetery of St. Joseph's parish church along with their son, Joseph Gomes who died following WW1. His wife, Rosa F. Rosa was born on the island of St. George in the Azores and emigrated via ship around the straits of Magellen, landing in San Francisco. Their marriage date is not known. She died in l939 and is buried in the same cemetery. Their other son, Manuel was in the army in WW1. He married a Helen Ramsell (Irish origin) and they had six children: Christopher, Kenneth, Lorraine, Rita (last address was Tulsa, Oklahoma), Alvin (died at age l2 from meningitis) and Louise (last address was Marysville, CA. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might be related to this family. We do not know the dates of Cristorio Gomes immigration or Rosa F. Rosa's. My husband is 75 and is the only available source of family data at this point. Their birth years we should be able to come up with as we've mailed a request to the parish in which they are buried to send us all of the records regarding baptisms, confirmations, et. al. as soon as they locate them. They have kept records predating Cristorio's and Rosa's deaths by l00 years (+/-).

Faustene Heilman, Cupertino, CA
Email: heilman@ix.netcom.com
Date submitted: Sun, 31 Oct 1999
Island & Village: Unknown (possibly Faial, Sao Jorge)
Surnames: Enos, Silvers, Silva
Comments: I'm researching Emily Josephine Silva, born 1875 in Hayward, Alameda Co., CA. On her death certificate, it lists John Silva, born Azores, as her father; her mother, name not known, born Azores. Info was supplied by her daughter, Caroline Enos Rollin. Emily married Manuel Enos, first, and they had five children, Caroline, Fred, Lillian, Edward, Deolinda. Later in life, Emily married Manuel's brother, Frank Enos Silvers. Frank's death certificate lists father as Manuel Silvers, born Azores, and mother as Isabella Silva, b. Azores.

Antoinette (Toni) Peichoto Alderson, 3109 Tuxford Ln., Modesto, Ca. 95350
Tel.: 209-579-0510
Email: toothngum@aol.com
Date submitted: Fri, 16 Jun 2000
Village: Castelo Branco, Faial. Also, Sao Jorge; village unknown.
Surnames: Fernandes, Peichoto, Peiscoto,Peixoto, Silveira.
Comments: I am looking for information on my paternal grandparents. My grandmother, Mary Fernandes, was born on May 18, 1895 on the island of Sao Jorge. She immigrated to the United States in 1912 arriving in Providence, R.I. and eventually to Atwater and Crows Landing, Ca. My grandfather, Jose Siveira Peixoto, was born in Castelo Branco, Faial on March 11, 1892. He immigrated to the United States on May 2, 1910 on the S.S. Massilia and arrived in NYC, N.Y. and eventually to Atwater and Crows Landing, Ca.

Melvin L. Picanco, (no address submitted), U.S.A.
Email: mpicanco@megapathdsl.net
Date submitted: Fri, 15 Mar 2002
Surnames: Picanco, Nevis (Neves)
Comments: My grandfather Manuel Picanço was born on São Jorge on 11 August 1866. He came to Northern California and married Mary Valine in Chico on June 11, 1894. My grandmother Mary valine was born in Sacramento, however, I understand that her parents had just arrived from the Azores.

Gail Moran, 4943 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879 U.S.A.
Email: morang@ride.ri.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Possibly Velas.
Surnames: Bettencourt Silva.
Comments: I am researching my great grandfather Manuel Bettencourt Silva. He was born on São Jorge in May of 1856. His father's name was Joseph Bettencourt Silva. He emigrated to New Bedford, MA in 1869/70. I do not think he was a whaler. I know he worked on a farm for a while, and always had a talent for growing things and cultivating fruit trees. He may have come from Velas.

Tony Agueda (no address submitted)
Email: aagueda@modesto.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Comments: I am interested in finding out more about my husband's genealogy. His name is Antonio Manuel Azevedo Agueda, born July 1, 1968 although through his mothers indications when he was born it took 2 days for the information to be recorded due to the long distance that had to be traveled, so his birth records may indicate July 3, 1968. He and his parents(Adelino Xavier Agueda DOB 03-24-36 and Angela Ines Azevedo Agueda DOB 04-20-40) immegrated to the US sometime in 1976, by way of Boston. He has a brother Edgar Joseph Azevedo Agueda and a sister Elizabeth Maria Azevedo Agueda. Adelino Agueda was born of Manuel Agueda DOB unknown and Rosa Delida Xavier Agueda . Adelino Agueda is the eldest of 13 children , his mother Rosa Agueda just recently passed away in early 1996. Angela Agueda was born of Francisco Azevedo and Maria de Silva Azevedo, she had 3 sisters and 3 brothers, one of whom died in the 60's during the war in Angola. All of these people are believed to be from a town near Calheta (maybe Sao Antone???) We have no birth certificates only immegration records. We would like to go back as far as possible. Anyone able to help please e-mail me.

Katherine Agust, Fallbrook. California
Email: Kaysknir@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: de Noronha

Gwen Caldiera,(no address submitted)
Email: gcaldeira@webtv.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Freitas
Island: Probably San Jorge
Comments: My paternal grandfather was Joseph Freitas who we believe came San Jorge in 1905-1915 period, landing in San Franciso and moving to Gustine, California (Merced County). Married Maria Sears (Soares?), had five children. Changed family surname to Caldeira because, as the story goes, there were several Joe Freitas all living in Gustine and it was too confusing; "Caldeira" was taken from the area of the Azores his family came from, the caldeiras volcanic area. We are not sure about the name of siblings, what town he came from in Azores, etc.

Yvonne Groseil, New York, USA
Email: Groseil@wiley.com
Date submitted: Wed 1 Jul 1998
Comments: I am searching for information about my grandfather Jules Marshall, who was born in Sao Jorge. He was married to Amelia Souza, also from Sao Jorge. They came to the US and settled in Provincetown, MA, where Jules was a fisherman. I think their name was probably Machado before it was Anglicized. I do not know their dates of birth or when they came to the US, but my mother was born in Provincetown in 1902, and they had been living there a number of years previous to that.

Wesley E. Johnson, (no address submitted)
Email: Chipper@mlode.com
Date submitted: Thu, 22 Oct 1998
Surname: Theotonio
Comments: searching for ancestors of John Theotonio b 3 May 1872 St George Island Azores. came to Calif aand Married Anna Margaret Foster(belived to have been changed from Azevedo) Jump sailing ship in Benica Calif. Anna Margaret Foster(ieAzevedo)was the daughter of Frank Faustine Foster and Phobe Enos who is to belived to have been born in Mass. John married Anna 9 Feb 1907.

Gloria Edmonds, 12914 NE 139th St., Kirkland, WA 98034, USA
Email: bigg1@email.msn.com
Date submitted: Wed, 5 May 1999
Comments: I am researching family from Sao Jorge. Great-grandfather, Flecionno Machado de Lemos, sailed from Sao Jorge in late 1800s and met and married my great-grandmother, Maria Emilia de Conceicon, in Boston. They left Boston for California and raised 14 children in Hawkinsville, CA. Would like any information on family/siblings/children of Machado de Lemos' and any information is appreciated. Thanks

Sheri Bashor, P.O. Box 767, Montague, CA 96064, USA
Email: bashor@snowcrest.net
Date submitted: Sun, 9 May 1999
Surnames: Silva Asvitt, de Neto, Almada
Island: Sao Jorge
Village: Unknown
Comments: Maternal side: My great great grandfather Manuel de Silva Asvitt was from the Island of Sao Jorge. He was born around the 1850's. I do not know his real name, Asvitt was anglicized when he came to the USA. I do know it is not Azevedo or any variation of spellings. My grandma use to say that everyone knew the family in the "Azores" as the "spits" Manuel married Maria Almada I believe on Sao Jorge. Manuel & Mary came to Ellis Island and then to Hayward, California where they settled.
Paternal side: I know nothing of the de Neto family except they are from Sao Jorge and de Neto (my great grandfather) changed his name to Rogers when he came to the states.
I would appreciate any information on these surnames or families... Thanks for your time and interest.

Rick Sears, 6807 256th St NE, Arlington, WA. 98223, USA
Tel.: (360) 435-4081
Date submitted: Thu, 12 Feb 2004
Village: Unknown
Comments: I have a Grandmother Josepa Ameilia Soares from Sao Jorge but I hit a brick wall on her. I have her Alien Registration and she stated on it that she arrived in the United States on the Steamship "Peninsular" on Sept. 18, 1907 at New York. but I can't find a record for that ship on that date at New York. Would you happen to know of that arrival? She also gave several names, she gave her name as Josepha Amelia Soares Souza and said she entered using the name Anna de Azevedo, she also listed under names know as, Anna de Azevedo, Josephina Sears (maiden name) Mrs Manuel M. Souza and Josepha Amelia Soares. She also gave her date of birth as February 17, 1872 in Vellas, Sao George, Azores. I have not been able to verify any of this information. She was married to Manuel M. Souza so the story goes but he died before she came to the United States. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Susan DeSousa, 2045 Lundy Avenue, San Jose, CA 95106, USA
Email: BigBrd15@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 25 Jul 1999
Comments: I don't have the names of the parents of Joseph and Antone Silveira. I also don't have any information and the Mendonca's. Joseph and Maria were my dad's parents and he doesn't know anything about them at all. I do now Joseph arrived in Providence RI in November 1907. I don't know if his wife came with him or if she was already here. Thank you for any information you can find for me.

John Amarant, Post Office Box 197, Leongatha 3953, Australia
Email: john@sej.com.au
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999
Comments: I Have quite a lot of background data relating to my family in Sao Jorge - courtesy of a relative who visited the Island some years ago. However I am more interested in learning if I have any distant links with any Amarant(e)s in America. It has long been family tradition that there was only one son in the family and as a consequence the surname died out - at least in Sao Jorge anyway.

Pat Clark, 254 Swett Road, Woodside, CA, USA
Email: rmarshal@stanford.edu
Date submitted: Tue, 31 Aug 1999
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Quadros, Lima
Comments: My gr grandmother Mary Quadros 1865-1939 and my gr grandfather George Quadros 1845-1929 lived in Sausalito and had l1 children in Sausalito, CA. We were members of the Catholic Church Star of the Sea which lost records in fire. No information how the name Quadros originated or why Lima is said to be George Quadros name also. Goerge Quadros was said to have arrived on Whaling ship from Azores via Boston. He perhaps jumped ship and changed his name? Mary Quadros maiden name unknown and she was an arranged marriage to George in USA and also lived in Boston first before arriving in Sausalito? The facts are vague about the history. I would love knowledge of Quadros line and my gr grandparents if known to anyone from Azores in Sausalito too. The Quadros family lived in Sausalito on Marie Street and Glen Drive and a son Antone Quadros was Police Chief 1938-42.

Michael Patrick Soares, 20829 Raccoon Road, Stella, Missouri 64867, USA
Email: tracyps@leru.net
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999
Surnames: Asevedo, de Coracao, de Oliveria, Soares
Comments: My great grandfather was Henrique Jose' Soares, my great grandmother was Emilia deCoracas De Jesus Soares from Sao Jorge island in the Azores. My grandfather Angelo Henrique Soares was born 29-May-1892 in the village of Santo Amaro, Sao Jorge Island, the Azores. I am searching for information on my great grandparents and their parents Jose Joaquim Soares and Aurora Soares.

Janet Enos Eisenbeis, 9172 West Laguna Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA
Email: f.loop@worldnet.att.net
Date submitted: Wed, 17 Nov 1999
Village: Unknown
Surname: Silveira, Ferreira, Freitas, Souza (Sousa?)
Comments: I am searching for information on my maternal grandparents. My grandfather, Clyde (Caetano?) Silveira, was born on Sao Jorge in 1899. I am told that he came to the United States at age 18 (approximately 1917) with his brother, leaving his family in Sao Jorge, possibly through Providence, RI. I believe his parents' names were Rita (Ferreira) Silveira and Joseph Silveira. He later married my grandmother, Julia Freitas, who was born in 1906, also in Sao Jorge. She came to the United States when she was 15 years old (approximately 1921). Her parents were Rose Souza (Sousa) and Anthony (Tony) Freitas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Tammy Nevis, 302-9945-93 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada
Email: laskey@rogers.com
Date submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 1999
Comments: I know my fathers family originated in the Azores Islands so far are Faial, Sao Jorge and Sao Miguel looking for Nevis(Neves), Marshall(Machado) and Curry(Correia or Cura). Family settled in California.
My father's name is Carl Nevis, his father Joseph W. Nevis, grandfather John Curry Nevis married Isabelle Williams(Portugal descendent) great-grandfather Manuel Pimential Nevis married Rose Curry both immigrated from Portugal. I find it interesting that John has as middle name his mothers maiden name could be a custom. Possibly Pimential is name of Manuel's mother. I have located some information concerning the Williams side.

Shirley Fagundes, (no address submitted)
Email: Jimfungi@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 9 Mar 2000
Names: de Borba, Fagundes, de Jesus, Inacio, Faustina and Nunes
Comments: Searching for her husbands family that came over from Sao Jorge, The Azores and settled in the San Joaquin Valley. I have generated the Fagundes Genforum.com website for people to post their information for others to help each other.

Raymard (no address submitted)
Email: raymard@pacbell.net
Date submitted: Sat, 10 Mar 2001
Surnames: Brazils in Calif., Souza, de Souza and maybe the nickname of the "Funch" family.
Origin: San Jorge, Azores
Comments: My Grandmother was born on July 11, 1884 somewhere in San Jorge. She was one of many children. Some siblings include Lena, Barbara, Manuel, Rozalia, Lucia and maybe Peter. I know there were more. Most siblings eventually came to Calif. Several of that generation and the next generation are buried in San Luis Obispo. However, someone stayed in San Jorge from my grandmother's generation or her parents generation. I learned the house she was born in burned down in the last 30 years but do not know where it was located in San Jorge except that it was not a "fagai" (spelling?). I do not know how to proceed further with this information since there are no living relatives left who have the answer to the questions. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Fred H. de Oliveira Jr., 8710 Ketchwood Drive, Houston, TX 77099-1529
Email: deoliwho@aol.com
Date submitted: Mon, 12 Mar 2001
Lugar: Unknown
Surnames: Oliveira, Silveira, Souza, Brazil
Comments: My great-grandfather, Juan Manuel de Oliveira, was born on Sao Jorge in 1832. He left the islands on a whaling ship in 1848, and settled in Massachusetts in 1852. His father was Joaquin Jose de Oliveira and his mother was Maria de Jesus da Silveira--both probably born in the first decade of the 19th century. Juan Manuel's grandfather was Francisco de Oliveira, probably born in the 1790's. As far back as I know, the family lived on Sao Jorge.

Foster, (no name or address submitted)
Email: Mrsoinkyandjoe@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 3 Jul 2001
Comments: I hope you can help me to find any living relatives I may still have on Sao Jorge. My grandfather was born there in 1972. His name was Antone Foster, or Antonio Faustino. I would appreciate any information available. Obrigada.

Cyndee Arruda, Providence, RI
Email: cyndeelee2@yahoo.com
Island: San Jorge and San Miguel
Date submitted: Tue, 3 Jul 2001
Surnames: Pacheco, Arnoldo, DaSousa, Machado
Comments: Looking for information on my great grandparents. They came from both island listed above to NY and New Bedford ports and moved to Fall River, Mass to Providence, RI. I don't have the name of the towns they were from and would like any info as to where to write for additional info.

Lita Medeiros, Peth, Western Australia
Email: l.medeiros@student.murdoch.edu.au
Date submitted: Mon, 23 Jul 2001
Comments: Hi i would like to trace my family tree also. My name is Lita Medeiros of Perth Western Australia. My fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers name is Medeiros da Rosa, originally separate names but joined with a maiden name somewhere down the line. They are from Sao Jorge in Azores. My mothers family name is Tarira, Bernardo, and Freitas, they are from the mainland Portugal. Lita

Kathleen Nevis, Connecticut, USA
Email: budda_char@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Fri, 30 Nov 2001
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Nevis, Souza, Mello
Comments: My name is Kathleen Nevis and I am doing some research on my fathers side of the family. I have traced part of my ancestry back to Sao Jorge and the name that comes up is Joseph Souza Nevis Mello Miller born March 6, 1822 and he married Josephine Paravagna. Joseph's parents are Joseph and Mary. Joseph and Josephine had 10 childern (Miller's). But that is about all the information I have on them. I also have another branch of my family that starts with Nevis. I have come to a stump on Manuel Nevis born around 1861 in Sacromento,Ca. Their may have been a name change somewhere in this lineage. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Sincerely, Kathleen Nevis.

Sarah White, P.o. Box 1537, Yreka California 96097, USA
Email: Sarahbear77ca@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 2 Dec 2001
Surnames: Borba, Lemos, Machado de Lemos
Comments:I'm a decendent of the Lemos family!!!! Flecionno Machado de Lemos His daughter Emelia Rose Lemos was Married to Joseph Borba which is my Great Great Grandfather and Emelia would be my Great Great Grandmother!!! I'm looking for the Joseph Borba side of my family!!!

Susan Lutz, 314 Poplar, Boonville, Mo 65233, USA
Email: Christmasmouse55@Yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sat, 7 Sep 2002
Islands: ST.Jorge, Terceria
Surnames: Cabral,Machado,Bettencourt
Comments: My Grandfather Joao Maderios Cabral was born on St. Jorge on Aug. 8, 1887. His Mother's maiden name was Barbara Bettencourt. His Mother-in-law's name was Enelia Machado,and she was born on Terceria, Mar. 31, 1873. She went to Brazil, then came to Mass. early 1900's.

Scott Francis, San Diego, Ca. USA
Email: calfran@earthlink.net
Date submitted: Fri, 1 Nov 2002
Surname: Silveira, da Rosa, Pereira, Almeida
Comments: trying to find geneologies for my grandparents: Joeph Francis Silveira and Mary Ellen Rose married in San Jose, Ca. in 1915. Her parents were Jose Luz da Rosa (Ribeirinha, Faial) and Mary Amelia Silveira. His parents were Joseph Francis Silveira and ??? Almeida. They were from Calheta, Pico (?). Any information/help would be appreciated.

Donna M. Shoults, 12308 NE 68TH PL, Kirkland, WA. 98033, USA
Tel: 425-828-7516
Email: ADONNA3@c.s.com
Date submitted: Sun, 4 May 2003
Surnames: Bettencourt (Sao Jorge), Maciel (Sao Joao, Pico), Perry (Pico), Soares, Silveria, Vierra (Faial)
Comments: All my great grandparents came from Portugal. I have some information but it is not complete. My grandmother on my mother's side lived Rua da Ladeira no 16 Augustias Horta Faial. She left Portugal at the age of 16 and came to America with her two brothers leaving her Mom and sisters. She stayed in Boston, Mass. for a time and finally settling in Centerville, Ca. which is now Fremont. Up until 5 years ago a member of her family still lived at that address. Her Husband Manuel Joseph Silveria came from Pico. He to came to Centerville as a teenager and Lived with the Judge. He met and later married my grandmother. They had two daughters, Laura and Anna. They also raised their nephew John Maciel. I have almost no information on Manuel J. Silveria's side. His father was Antonio Jose de Silveria, a farmer and his mother's name was Maria Isabel. On my father's side (Bettencourt) the family came from SaoJorge, Portugal John Cabral Bettencourt my great-grandfather and Thomasia Rose Perry my great-grandmother. My great-grandparents on my father's mother side was Manuel Joseph Souza and Marie Luna. That's all I know about them other than their siblings ended up in Stockton, Calif. The Bettencourts also ended up in Centerville and became farmers and land owners. I have many pictures and some stories on their lives but on my father's mother's side I have little and on my mothers father's side I have little also. This is becoming an exciting journey I would enjoy more information and meeting other relatives. My mother's parents belonged to a Portuguese Lodge and attended many custome dances. I have the sheet music to the Chamarita numerous Portuguese dishes and a book on the Portuguese settlement in Washington Township Fremont, Calif. I'm sorry to say I don't speak Portuguese, my grandparents were trying to learn English so that's what was spoken. My Mom could speak and read it but didn't teach my brother or I. Looking forward to hearing from someone!

Robert James Marshall, P.O. Box 1524, El Cerrito, CA 94530-4524
Email: robertjm@hockeyhockeyhockey.com
Date submitted: Fri, 19 Mar 2004
Azorean villages: unknown
US area of research: Oakland, CA and Honolulu, HI
Comments: Hopefully, some of this will ring a bell with the people reading the board. The current family line that I'm researching includes two brothers that came from the Azores, JOSEPH TEXEIRA MACHADO (born: 1866) and MARSELINO TEXEIRA MACHADO (born: 1860). They immigrated between 1880 and 1883. I don't know if they came together.
Joseph settled in the Oakland area pretty much all his life, where he had a myriad of jobs, including dairy farming in the Temescal district for a time. He married MARY ALAMEIDA (possibly LEWIS) in MAY 1892. They had two children, MARY MARSHALL (we called her "Babe") and LOUIS EDWIN MARSHALL.
Mary Alameida is a tough one to figure out as I have conflicting information on her name. She also had a brother, MANUEL ALAMEDA. Her death certificates says her parents were MARY VIERA and FRANK ALAMEIDA. She was born in 1877, in San Juan Bautista, California. What is strange is that I have seen her brother being born in California, in 1877, with the last name of Alameida, YET his voter's affidavit said he was born in Massachusetts, in 1874, and his farther was JOHN LEWIS. John Lewis, and Mary Viera had five children together (WILLIAM WALTER LEWIS, MARGARET LEWIS, CHARLES DUFFY LEWIS, ALBERT EDWARD LEWIS and ARTHUR C. LEWIS).
Marselino bounced back and forth between Oakland and Honolulu. He worked as a teamster, including owning People's Express (drayage) for several years in Honolulu. He was married to HENRIETTA AUGUSTA MARCIEL. They had two sons and a daughter. One son, MARSELINO T. MARSHALL, lost one of his legs when another driver for People's Express ran over him with a wagon. He died in 1915. The other son, WILLIAM WALTER MARSHALL, died 1929/30 after being bitten on the hand and contracting blood poisoning. The daughter was named ADELINE MARSHALL. I really don't know much about her at all. She died sometime in the latter part of 1901, shortly after giving birth to her son, BENITO OLIVEIRA, Jr. All of Marselino's three children were born in the Kingdom of Hawaii, near as I can figure. Last thing to note is that MT, Jr. is buried in King Street Cemetery with someone named MARY ALAMEDA. The index lists her as being born in 1838, so its obviously not a spouse. Perhaps a grandmother?

Kellie Crnkovich, P.O. Box 693224, Stockton, CA 95269
Tel.: 209-321-5032
Email: markkell95@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 6 Apr 2004
Surnames: Sao Jorge: AVILA
Comments: Looking for my family that lived in Washington, CA and immigrated from the Azores. My Great Gradfather Manuel is on the 1880 census and family is there from then on. Here are names of family/descendants I am looking for: Joseph Perry Silva (Pico) b abt 1853 m Mary ?? b. about 1856. Their daughter Mary Silva b 1880 (1month at census). Per census records it looks like Mary Silva wife of Joseph later married Antone Dutra (1920 census) they have children Antone b 1898 and Laura b 1908. Mary and Joseph daughter Mary I believe married Serjo Martin (per 1920 census) and their children are Maria b 1909, Manuel b 1912, Joseph b. 1915, and Mabel b. 1919. Manuel Perry Silva (Pico) b 1847 m Marianna Avila (Sao Jorge) b 1874 (I believe she came around 1889 because I think she was only 15 when they were married per census records) Per story Manuel was married to older sister when she died without children Marianna was sent to be his wife from Sao Jorge. Their children are as follows. Anthony Bernard Silva b 4/13/1895 children Walter, John, Howard, Bobby, Sandra, Patricia. Manuel Perry Silva 9/16/1896 Joseph Silva 1902 Marie Madeline Silva 1907 m Joseph Silveira b 1899 sons are Donald an Richard. Andrew Azevedo b 1862 m Barbara Avila (Sao Jorge) (believe Marianna's sister) son Andrew A Azevedo b 1898. Please contact me if you are part of this family, or if you know this family or the ones listed. Thanks, Kellie

Anna Johnson, (no address submitted)
Email: chipper@mlode.com
Date submitted: Wed, 21 Apr 2004
Comments: My mother born in Mr. Eden, Alameda. as Anna Marie Theotonio was the third child. of John Theotonio born May 3, 1872 on St. George Island, Azores and Anna Margaret Foster(married names-Theotonio and Garcia) John Theotonio was born may 3, 1872 on St. George Island, Azores. Anna Margaret Foster was born 2, July 1889. There were 6 children born of this union. Mary Victoria (married Walter Pereira); Anna died at 2mo. Anna Marie (married Richard Ritchison(my Parents)), Ruth Helena (married John Brazil), Lenora (married Theodore Yeghoian and Unknown) John ( married Fern Lynn and Florence). Anna Margaret Foster parents were Frank Foster(Faustine) or Azevedo) and Phoebe Enos. Her siblings were Frank Foster Jr., Louise Foster, Hattie Foster (husband Henry Nunes), Mary Foster(Cavanugh), Phoebe Enos had one sister Mary Enos(married Manuel Lemos). It is believed that the sisters came from Boston. Manuel M Lemos and Mary had two children Anna (Robinson) and was born in Virginia City, Nevada and a brother Anthony who married Mary Irene Pachec. Any information about these families would be appreciated.

Mary Silva, 1701 Sandpiper Drive, Yuba City, CA 95993
Tel: 530-673-6414
Email: marys@syix.com
Date submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 2004
Comments: Researching all Sao Jorge villages for ancestors of John Vieira born 1820--changed name to Solus, settled in Siskiyou County. His parents were Manuel Vieira and Maria Joaquina. A brother-Joseph born 1832 imigrated to America abt 1850 and returned to Sao Jorge where he died early 1900s; Sisters include; Mary-date of birth unknown and Barbara-born 1835. Mary and Barbara both married and died in Siskiyou County. At least one other daughter was in this family--she immigrated and returned to Sao Jorge after a brief stay. Researching all Sao Jorge villages for ancestors of Antone (Antonio) Soares-born abt 1851, immigrated abt 1875. Parents Constantino Soares and Anna-last name unknown. Sisters Frances and Belle also immigrated to America, birth and imigration dates unknown. Other siblings unknown. Antone studied for the priesthood but quit to immigrate. Thanks for your help.

Robb Johnson, 245 W. Magill Ave., Clovis, CA 93612
Email: robb_johnson@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Fri, 3 Dec 2004, updated 20 May 2009
Comments: It is believed that my g-great grandparents, Manuel Teixeira Souza and Rosa Delphina Silveira were married on the island of St. George (Ilha de São Jorge) and had at least two sons Jacinto Souza and Joseph Teixeira Souza (b. Feb. 3, 1891; d. Nov. 6, 1959 in Middletown, RI). Joseph appears on the 1930 census in Newport, RI with his wife Mary (Maria Victoria Frates) and their 5 children. According to this census, he immigrated to the U.S. in 1905. Maria Victoria Frates (b. Oct. 8, ] 1883 Ilha de São Jorge; d. Nov. 1, 1950 in Middletown, RI). According to the 1930 census, she appears to have immigrated to the U.S. in 1899. I have no information about her family other than stories from my grandmother. According to my grandmother, her family lived next door to a church in one of the villages on a "hill" on the island of St. George (I know VERY vague). They were believed to have had a fair amount of property which was sold off by her husband Joseph when she was very ill, shortly before her death. The story also says she was sent to the U.S. by her family due to an incident which "embarrassed" the family.

Courtney Borge, 2923 East Washington Street, Orlando, Florida 32803
Tel.: (407) 228-7844
Email: cborge@earthlink.net
Date updated: Mon, 14 Feb 2005
Lugar: unknown
Surnames: Fagundus
Comments: Joao Borges and Anna Delfina Periera had a son (my gggrandfather) named Joao Borges in 1868. They had another son named Jose around 1871 and a daughter name Augusta around 1878. My gggrandfather came to the US in 1889 and eventually moved to Yerington, Nevada in 1895. His brother and sister also moved to Yerington. My gggrandfather married Marie Fagundus (who was from the island of Flores) in 1896. Augusta, married Frank Lucas (who happened to be 30 years her senior) in 1899. If anyone has any information that could help me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Marion Bonni, (no address submitted)
Email: Marionbonni@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 21 Aug 2005
Names researched: Azevedo, Ennis, Silva, and Martin
Comments: I am looking for the village on the island of Flores for relations to Antone Vincent Silva who came to the US in 1872. He had a sister named Julia and brothers Frank and Manuel I believe. They came to Tuttletown, CA (Tuolumne CO.) and he lived with his sister, who I know only as Mrs. Vincent. He married Mary Bettencourt Silva of Columbia, CA who came to Calif. in the 1870's. She was born in Sao Jorge village unknown. I also know that Antone had a sister in Turlock. I would like to know what village they both came from and what ship they came on, which I assume was to San Francisco. Any help would be appreciated. Relatives names are Azevedo, Ennis, Silva and Martin. Also Pedro. Thank you. Bonni

Shari Mari Moore, San Antonio, TX - Born, Merced, CA
Email: smoore79@satx.rr.com
Date submitted: Fri, 25 Nov 2005
Island: Unknown - possibly Sao Miguel or Sao Jorge
Surname: Souza, Silva
Comments: Not too much info - my mother's family is Souza - her father is Manuel Peary Souza - he has at least one uncle I know of, named Joseph Souza - Manuel Souza is 1st generation American, was fluent in Port. - beyond that I do not know much more off hand.. any info or relatives to that side would be great - I did live on Terciera for 2 years when in high school, but did not research too much while there, unfortunately...

No name submitted, Glendale, AZ
Email: satrene43@qwest.net
Date submitted: Sun, 29 Oct 2006
Island: Sao Jorge
Surname: dos Santos, Pacheco
Comments: I am looking for information on my Grandfather Silverio Victorino Pacheco, born abt 1877, died 9/1/1911,who changed his last name from dos Santos, He married Maria de Lemos born 2/13/1881 and died 10/14/1934. They lived in Vallejo, Lincoln, Sherdian, CA. Any information would be appreciated.

Yvonne Law, Sanctuary Point NSW, Australia
Email: evialaw@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Mon, 16 Apr 2007
Island: Sao Jorge
Comments: I am looking for a Giovanni (John) VICTORINE who was born in Portugal abt 1835 area not know but possible Sao Jorge, died in Australia 1912, married Sarah Braden or Breaden in 1879. Any information on birth or relations would be appreciated. Thank You

S. Luis, (no location submitted)
Email: jlluis@sbcglobal.net
Date submitted: Sun, 10 Jun 2007
Island: Sao Jorge
Surnames: Azevedo, Victorina
Comments: Am researching my great, great grandparents Manuel Jacinto Azevedo and Vecencia (Victorina) Azevedo. They had two children, Joseph Jacinto Azevedo, born abt. 1866 in Sao Jorge (married Isabell Joseph Leonardo) and Mary Azevedo, born October 31, 1867 in Sao Jorge. Both Joseph and Mary settled in and around Marin County, California. Ring a bell with anyone? S.L.

Diana Riley, California
Email: vriley28@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Tue, 11 Sep 2007
Island: Sao Jorge
Comments: Am looking for gggrandfather who emigrated in about 1870 to the U.S., settling in Alamo/Danville, California. Name as we believe - Joseph Tercheira b. (death cert shows) 3/27/1855, emigrated from Sao Jorge about 1874. His parents were: Paul Tercheira and Isabella Suares (b. about 1836). He changed his name from ?Terchera? or ?Terciera? to Suares or Saurez or Soures or Sourez because when his mother died sometime before or about 1870 to 1874, his father remarried a maid in the house. He and a brother we believe emigrated. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Patricia Ruiz, (no address submitted)
Email: thegrasshopper@att.net
Date submitted: 7 Apr 2009
Surname: Leveira?
Comments: I have not been able to find the surname LEVEIRA in any of my searches for it, nor have I ever seen it anywhere. Have you ever heard of this name?  Supposedly, my great-grandfather came from St. George. Thanks, Tricia

Debbie H, Australia
Email: "Debbie and Dale" cavers001@bigpond.com (invalid by 2010)
Date submitted: 8 Sep 2009
Surname: Sward (Soares?)
Comments: I am searching for info on Emanuel Sward.  It is believed that 'Sward' was not his real name.  He could not read or write so it seems that records show his name as 'Sward', probably based on how his real name was pronounced. It is said that he arrived in Tasmania, Australia around 18th September 1870, having deserted the American Whaling barque the Matilda Sears as is written in the logbook for the 1869 voyage of the Matilda Sears. Some stories say that he travelled to Australia with Emanuel MARKS and Arthur D SILVA and that they all abandoned a Portuguese naval ship on which they were all sailors. Emanuel was born on 16 May 1852 on the island of Sao Jorge. Emanuel Sward married Mary Ann Lovegrove who was born in Tasmania, Australia. They had eleven children, all born in Tasmania, Australia:
John Emanuel SWARD; b. 7.2.1876;  William Joseph SWARD; b. 19.3.1877;  Arthur Albert SWARD; b. 19.6.1878;  Frances Lena SWARD; b. 26.9.1879;  Henry George SWARD; b. 22.1.1881; Herbert Huon SWARD; b. 26.7.1883;  Louis Harold SWARD; b. 27.9.1888;  Laura Mary SWARD; b. 27.9.1888;  Florence Isabel SWARD; b. 15 4.1891;  Ernest Leslie SWARD; 31.10.1892; Elsie May SWARD; b. 6.1.1895. Because of the incorrect name it seems almost impossible to trace Emanuel's ancestors.  If anybody can help me it would be greatly appreciated.  Debbie H - from Australia

Patrick P. Pizzo, (no address submitted)
Email: ppizzo@email.sjsu.edu
Date submitted: 24 May 2010
Island: Sao Jorge
Surname: Vieira
Comments: I am trying to find information about Manual Vierra (Vieira?) from, I believe, the island of Sao Jorge in the Azores who married Gloria Maria Machado from the island of Pico sometime in the 1890's. They
came to the USA in about 1899, to Boston [don't know if they came through Ellis Island]; and then they moved to Pascadero, California in the early 1900's (maybe around 1904 or so). When they got to the USA, their name became Rodriques; and, I understand from my aunt, approaching 100 years, that their surname in the Azores was Rogers. Very confusing, I know. Can anyone help me out here?

Chris Cabral, (no address submitted)
Email: hazmat1capt@gmail.com
Date submitted: 5 Jun 2010
Island: Sao Jorge
Comments: I am trying to put together a family tree. My great Grandfather came from Sao Jorge I am not sure what village he came from he left Sao Jorge before 1900 or around that time. His name is Fernando Cabral any help would be great I have heard over the years he had a sister and a brother but as time passes and people get older the memory isn't that great. He came to the USA and settled in the Ceres area of California. Thanks for you time

Robert Souza, 129 Round Court, Petaluma, CA 94952
Email: souzaham1@att.net  or  souzaham@mac.com
Date submitted: 19 Aug 2010
Location: Sao Jorge (village unknown)
Surname: Souza
Comments: My husband, Robert Souza and I are going to the Azores in two weeks.  He would like to locate any relatives from his grandfather's side.  His grandfather’s name was Alexander Souza and came through Ellis Island in 1896.  Ellis Island had him listed as Alexander De Souza. We believe he was born around 1880.  Everything states that he came from Sao Jorge, Portugal but doesn't tell us anything else.  We know of no other relatives of his that emigrated.  If we had a birth village we could locate records and perhaps relatives.

Pat Clark, 6165 Barnwood Drive, College Station, TX 77845
Telephone: 979-268-4340
Email: pclark@bluebottle.com
Date submitted: 11 Mar 2012
Location: Sao Jorge (village unknown)
Surnames: Quadros, Lemos Quadros, Faria
Comments: My mother is Catherine Clark and mother's family came from Sao Jorge we believe? Mother's name is Catherine Clark and her maiden name was Bergin. Catherine's mother's name was Rose Quadros, born 1885 and died 1965  and lived in Sausalito all her life. She was one of 11 children of Maria Quadros born and living in Sausalito. Rose Quadros mother's name was Maria De Gloria Faria. Maria was born 1865 in Portugal and immigrated to Massachusetts and is listed as A1 on 1920, 14th Census of US. Maria lived in Sausalito with husband George Quadros. George Quadros Immigrated 1872 and died 1929 in Sausalito. George was from Azores but not sure which island actually? I believe it was also Sao Jorge? We have no knowledge of any family in Azores and would like to know anything about family history of Maria De Gloria Faria and George Quadros? I want to add that George Quadros was George Lemos Quadros. Can you tell me how to start this process and help me follow it up? Thank you so much.

Laura Eastman, no address submitted
Email: lauramcm723@hotmail.com   
Date Submitted: 3 July 2012
Island: Sao Jorge
Surname Moraes/Morais
Comments:  I am trying to find information about my ancestor, my great-great-great grandfather – Joseph Moraes.   He was born around 1820+/-? on Sao Jorge.  And immigrated to the US/Canada around 1837+/-? Thank you!

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