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Last update: 18 May 2014


Below is a map of the concelho and its parishes. You can click the map on each parish or use the links provided below.

Ponta Delgada Cedros Santa Cruz das Flores Caveira

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Genealogists researching somewhere in the Concelho of Santa Cruz das Flores (parish unknown):

Margaret Disciullo, (no address submitted)
Email: m.disciullo@worldnet.att.net
Date submitted: Thu, 11 Feb 1999
Island: Flores
Comments: My great-grandmother's name was Amelia Margarita de Amaral and she was born on Flores in 1845. I do not know what village she came from on that island. She married Jose Pereira d'Avila from Horta, Faial (I don't know when or where) and gave birth to my grandmother Maria Periera in 1881 Boston, MA. I would like to hear from anyone who is also researching the surname de Amaral. I am seeking information on what village she may have come from. My cousins named Amaral came from Santa Cruz, Flores.

Ida (Aida) Freitas, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Email: martinsfam@golden.net
Date submitted: Fri, 14 Jun 2002
Island: Flores (Santa Cruz)
Surnames: Freitas, Pereira (Perry)


Genealogists researching in the parish of Benditas Almas:

Gerald S. Lopes, 7900 Via Roma Dr., Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Tel.: (916) 967-1461
Email: Gerald_Lopes@bbs.macnexus.org
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Coelho, Lopes, Mesquita, Pimentel, Sousa.

Cidalia Riker, (no location submitted)
Email: Blufro8@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 26 Jun 2007
Surnames: Salvador or Pacheco
Comments: My name is Cidalia Riker. I am trying to get my family tree started and am looking for information on ancestors and find any relatives. My grandfather's name was Afonso (I believe "Felix") Salvador and my grandmother was Carminda Pedro Salvador. They were from Caveira Flores. I am trying to get pictures as well even though back then they probably didn't have any but I thought I would try. The other side is the Pacheco family, Carmindo Pacheco and Loiusa Pacheco.


Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora do Pilar:

Teresa Parara, AR USA
Email: rzorback@ipa.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 13 Nov 2000
Surname: PARARA Cedro, Flores and Cedro, Faial
Comments: Looking for information on Antonio Parara and Narcisa Cordero in Monterey, CA. Hearsay tells the family came from Cedro, which island isn't known. Immigrated to Hawaii and then on to Monterey, CA. Spelling of the family name may also be Prera, Pereira. One piece of information that may be helpful is the marriage record of Antonio Silva Prera, 30 years old, son of Antonio Prera Silva and Silva of Portugal and Narcisa Cordero, 25 years old, daughter of Matias Cordero and Ygnacia Sunzia. In the margin of the marriage record it says Antonio Silva Prera with Narcisa Cordero.

Jolee Ellis, 168 W Bayview, Homer, Alaska, 99603
Tel.: (907) 235-6349
Email: jellis@xyz.net
Date submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2002
Island: Flores
Village: Cedros
Parish: Nossa Senhora do Pilar
Surnames: Avellar, Clementina
Comments: José Maria Avellar m. Theodora Clementina abt. 1870. Children: José Maria Avellar Jr., b. 28 Dec 1871, Maria Avellar (m. Mariajo Fraga), Henriquetta (m. 1) ? Machado 2) ? Mendonça.) Looking for information on José Avellar Sr. and Theodora Celmentina (my great grandparents) Family tradition says that José was a ship's captain and travelled between the Açores and the East coast of the US. José Avellar Jr. immigrated to California in 1888 at age 16 where he became a grain farmer in Madera, CA. He died in 1957.

Ponta Delgada

Genealogists researching in the parish of Apóstolo São Pedro:

Doug da Rocha Holmes, Surprise, Arizona 85388, USA
Mobile nº: 1-623-398-0452
Website: https://dholmes.com/
Date updated: 20 Feb 2009
Surnames: Furtado.
Comments: These are my sister-in-law's ancestors which I am researching.

John J. Vasconcelos, (no address submitted), So. Pasadena, CA 91030
Tel.: (213) 255-1210 or (818) 577-4821
Email: JJVascon@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Fraga, Freitas, Vasconcel(l)os.
Comments: Originally spelled Vasconcellos until about 1900 at which time double letters were dropped from the Portuguese language. Branches of the family which immigrated to the U.S. before 1900 retained the old spelling.

Richard R. Dias (born Herculano Rodrigues Dias), 10049 Jonbell Place Santee, CA. 92071
Tel.: (619) 627-6153
Email: rickdias1@cox.net
Date submitted: Mon 21 Apr 2003
Surnames: Fernandes, Dias, Rodrigues Coelho, Freitas, Ramos.
Comments: My mother is Maria Rodrigues Dias born 1920 in Ponta Delgada, Flores. Her father was Francisco Rodrigues Coelho, her mother was Isabel Freitas da Conceição (Conception). Her father, Francisco was born in San Leandro, CA on 12/12/1893. He was baptized in San Leander's Catholic church. Copies of church records are in my possesion. My Father was Antonio Fernandes. (Dias) was added after he immigrated to New Bedford, MA. 1954.

Joanne Pereira McCune, 2621 Prescott Rd., Space 172, Modesto, CA 95350
Te.: (209)526-1218
Email: (none)
Surname: Sousa.

Gay Morris, 740 Tioga Avenue, Sand City, California, U.S.A., 93955
Email: gmorris740@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Bispo, Furtado, Serpa, Silveira.
Comments: João Laurenço Bispo, b. 1858, married Mariana Serpa. 8 children (Frances, Mary, John L., Edward, Joseph M., Geraldine, Julia and Louis). Became US citizen in 1884, brought family in 1914 to Hayward, California.

Rosalina Gomes, (address not submitted), Canada
Email: ghaupt@Lynx.bc.ca
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Jeronimo{Claudino}(my father), Encarnacao (my mother)
Comments: I live in Vancouver, Canada, now. I left Flores in 1978. My parents and family still live there. Please forward any reponse to the e-mail address.

Eric Edgar, 7271 Valley Trails Dr., Pleasanton CA 91588
Tel.: (925) 485-1664
Email: eaego@comcast.net
Date submitted: Fri, 06 Aug 2004
Village: Ponta Delgada
Surname: Noia
Comments: I am looking for descendants of Domingos Antonio Noia b. 12 Nov 1854 Parish Apostle St Peter Ponta Delgada, Flores. Son of Antonio Rodrigues Noia and Maria Isabelle Marchiquitta. One of a family of seven boys and four girls. Siblings: Francisco Antonio b. 3 Feb 1846. Joao b. 7 Dec 1849. Antonio Rodrigues b. 6 June 1852. Matteus b. 6 July 1856. Maria Julia b. 6 July 1862. Manuel Luis b. 1856 and 3 unknown sisters. He was in California in 1870 and returned to Flores by 1873 when his son Manuel Luiz Noia was born 1 August 1873. He received his citizenship papers before returning to Flores for good. It is thought Manuel had three sisters and was the only son. He settled in Atwater California and died in 1939. I am interested in finding family in the Azores.

Anita Manning, New Zealand
Email: manning_aj@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Tue, 17 Jan 2006
Surnames: Bernard/o, Candida
Comments: Looking for information re the Bernard/Bernardo family, originating in Flores, the Azores Islands. Manuel Jose Bernard/o 1841-1928, was born in Ponta Delgada. He jumped ship in New Zealand (1902) after mistreatment and eventually became a naturalised citizen. Manuel married Ann Eliza Newcummin Rayner of New Zealand, in 1873. Manuel had a brother (name unknown) who emigrated to Buenos Aires. At one stage Manuel and Ann were to emigrate to Buenos Aires to live with their extended family - yet they were turned back because of a flu epidemic (or something like that). Their Mother - Teresa Candida. Their Father - Manuel Bernardo. Any links to the above information most appreciated :)

Santa Cruz das Flores

Genealogists researching in the parish of (Matriz) Nossa Senhora da Conceição:

Helen Salvador, 4806 Adams Ave. Fremont, Ca. 94538-4802
Email: Hisalv@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: de Fraga

Gerald S. Lopes, 7900 Via Roma Dr., Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Tel : (916) 967-1461
Email: Gerald_Lopes@bbs.macnexus.org
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Coelho, Lopes, Mesquita, Pimentel, Sousa.

Doug da Rocha Holmes, Surprise, Arizona 85388, USA
Mobile nº: 1-623-398-0452
Website: https://dholmes.com/
Date updated: 20 Feb 2009
Surnames: Armas, Armas do Amaral, Armas da Silveira, Pimentel, Silveira.
Comments: These are my late cousin's ancestors (José Leal Armas, resident of Angra, Terceira) which I have researched back to the middle 1600s.

Beverly Rocha, 2470 Paradise Ln., Los Osos, CA 93402
Email: up4glass@fia.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Freitas, Armas, Furtado, Craveiro.

John J. Vasconcelos, (no address submitted), So. Pasadena, CA 91030
Tel.: (213) 255-1210 or (818)577-4821
Email: JJVascon@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Freitas, Pimentel.

Joan Freitas-Ertrachter, 501 Derby Lane, Modesto, CA 95350-1007
Tel.: (209) 522-4259
Email: joan-ca@sbcglobal.net
Date submitted: before 1998, updated 29 May 2010
Surnames: Ambrósio Freitas.

Wes Boyce, 19 Valley Brook Dr, Fairport, NY 14450
Email: wboyce33@yahoo.com
Date submitted: before 1998 (updated 18 Mar 2009)
Surname: Silvia.
Comments: The village that my great-grandparents, Frank S. Silvia and his wife Marianna, were from was Santa Cruz.

Name: Not submitted yet & no address, either.
Email: Preteachn4@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Villa De Santa Cruz
Surnames: Mateus (Matthews), Pereira, Pimentel.
Comments: I am looking for information on my grandfathers' family, he left Flores when he was 18 and came to California, Contra Costa County. He married my grandmother her last name was Pimental. My grandfather had two sisters and seven brothers, their names are Victor, Tony, Armenda, Alfred, Manuel, Maria, Fernando and Gozuino Mateus. My grandfather changed his name from Mateus to Matthews when he came to the US. When my Uncle Fernando (Fred) came, he also changed his name to Matthews but then changed it back to Mateus years later. He lived in Fort Bragg, Ca. and Mendocino, Ca.

Tamara Petrucci, 5535 Via Ontiveros, Yorba Linda, CA
Tel.: 714 693 0540
Email: boswellgr@aol.com
Date submitted: Wed, 06 Oct 1999
Surnames: Alves, Freitas
Island: Flores (from social security application)
Village: Vila de Sta. Cruz (from social security application)
Comments: Marie (Maria?) Alves b April 23, 1894 in Villa de Sta. Cruz, Flores, Azores came to the U.S. in 1913. She was in California by 1915. She appears in the 1920 census in Los Angeles, CA with husband Richard Diaz from Spain and children Louis b 1915 and Joseph b 1916. Marie died in Hawthorne, CA in 1983. On her social security application she lists her parents as Joseph Henriques Alves and Marie Freitas. The names of family members that I have are Marie Alves b 1893/94, and her siblings Olive, Martha, Joseph, Julia. I find it interesting that they all have northern european spellings to their names.

Patty Milich, Northern California
Tel.: 530/756-6802
Email: ppmilich@calweb.com
Date submitted: Sun, 18 Mar 2001
Village: Santa Cruz, Flores, Azores (Nossa Senhora da Conceicao)
Surnames: Fraga
Comments: Maria Jose de Jesus (Fraga) was b. abt 1843 in Santa Cruz; married Jose Jacinto in 1863, Santa Cruz. Had three children in Santa Cruz: Maria, 17 June 1864, Margarida, 25 Feb. 1866; Antone, 20 Jan. 1868. Possibly Julia in 1876. Emigrated to US, landing in CA by 1877. Other children born in CA. Maria Jose de Jesus (Fraga)'s parents were Manuel Jose de Fraga, b. same parish, and Maria de Jesus from same parish.

Donald Saulnier, 3429 Eastcrest Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah 84120
Email: utmhaction@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 18 Aug 2002
Name: Guilherme Henriques
Comments: He was born 7 October 1889 in Santa Cruz, Flores, Azores. Emigrated to New Bedford, Massachusetts as a young man. He married Evangelina Paes on 11 February 1911 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He was employed as a weaver. He bought a home at 25 Stpehen St. in New Bedford and they had four children:
Alice who was born 5 December 1911 and died that same year.
Arminda who was born 3 March 1913 and died 12 June 1958. She was married to Joseph Edmond Saulnier 21 October 1933 in Tiverton, Rhode Island. She died 12 June 1958 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Charles who was born 1 December 1920 and died 6 June 1931.
And an adopted son Dennis Henriques who was born 22 January 1945. He was the son of Guilherme da Silva Henriques and Maria Ramos. His parents were not married.

Paula Pimentel Hoxie, 4480 Foster Court, Murphys, CA 95247
Phone: 209-728-8712
Email: phoxie@goldrush.com
Date submitted: Fri 2 Apr 2004
Village: Santa Cruz das Flores and Lomba
Surnames: Ávellar, Caetano Ávellar, Boja, Marks (Marques), Rozavis [sic].

Ernest Avellar, P.O. Box 55450, Hayward CA 94544
Email: ave5@msn.com
Date submitted: Sun, 6 Mar 2005
Comments: I would like information about my family--Avellar. My great grandfather, Antonio Caetano Avellar, came with his wife, Emilia, née Marks, from Santa Cruz, Flores about 1860 to the Boston area. My grandfather, Joseph Caetano Avellar and a sister, Mary Alves, were born there. Then the family returned to Flores. Four more girls were born there. In 1891, they set sail on the SS VEGA and returned to Boston. At some time after that, they migrated to California to the Watsonville area, where four boys were born: Joseph, Albert, Fred and my father, Ernest Avellar, in 1902. About that time the family moved to Oakland CA. Ancestors (Noia, Canhuto) of my mother also came over with the Avellars.

Kathy Smith, Massachusetts, USA
Email: kathysmi@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Fri, 16 Jan 2009
Island: Flores
Surnames: Gregorio/Gregario, de Jesus Salvador
Comments: My surnames for this vicinity are listed above. Joao F. Gregario immigrated to Boston, MA with his wife Maria de Jesus Salvadore--he was born around 1845 in Flores. She was born around 1852 in Santa Crus, Flores. Would love to come in contact with more relatives on these family lines, and learn more about their history.

Sara Baker; Boise, Idaho
Email: bakersn@live.com
Date submitted: 14 May 2014
Location: Santa Cruz de Flores
Surnames: Bellem, Pashcal
Comments: Tracing great-grandfather; Fernando Freitas Bellem (DOB 7 Jun 1886), immigrated to USA ~1906 and naturalized within 2 years. Returned to the Azores in 1921 and returned with wife, Mary C. (Pashcal) Bellem (DOB ~1902). Do not know if Mary was also from Flores; she told stories about being raised in an orphanage. No known information about Fernando's family other than him writing that he was headed to California to live with a cousin, on his entry record to Ellis Island. Have had zero luck with this surname, any help would be appreciated.

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