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Concelho of Lajes do Pico



Last update: 18 May 2014


Below is a map of the concelho and its parishes. You can click the map on each parish or use the links provided below.

São João Lajes do Pico Ribeiras Calheta de Nesquim Ribeirinha Piedade

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Genealogists researching somewhere in the Concelho of Lajes do Pico (parish unknown):

Bob Silvia, (no address submitted)
Email: plymouthag@cs.com
Date submitted: Mon, 25 Sep 2000
Comments: I have recently unearthed death records of my ancestors who came to this country from the Azores. I am in the process of checking out their marriage records. Their death records are the only thing I can go on at this point that gives the names of their parents. All of them died in the Taunton, MA area. Last week I drove there to the courthouse and I am pasting below what I have discovered. Would you please list these people on your search page with the others? Thanks.
MANUEL PEREIRA SILVA - BORN ABOUT 1867 - TO JOSE SOUZA SILVA and MARIA PEREIRA. The death certificate listed Portugal, but I am almost sure he came from one of the islands. Laborer/Provincetown Fisherman MARRIED ISABEL MARTIN IN 1898. DOD 8/26/1918 age 51. Cause: Lobar Pneumonia
ISABEL MARTIN BORN 11/27/1877, ST. JOHN, PICO to JOSEPH MARTIN and MARIA C. DaSOUSA. I understand that Martin may be Americanized from Martins, but Martin was on death certificate. Isabel immigrated to Taunton, MA in 1897, married Manuel Silva there in 1898. She died in Taunton 3/5/83 AGE 105.
MANUEL SOUZA CABRAL - BORN ABOUT 1875 to MANUEL S. CABRAL and MARY IZABEL in Santa Maria, Azores. HE CAME TO TAUNTON, MA ABOUT 1896 AT THE AGE OF 21. MARRIED TERESA FRANCIS. Died in Taunton 2/28/30 AGE 55. Details of death from death certificate: Cardiac Decompensation, Grippe, Chronic Myocarditis with Mitral Regurgitation. I understand that this guy was quite the playboy, even going back to the Azores to bring back a woman to live with him. (I guess no American women would do? LOL) His wife, promptly kicked her out. But she never divorced him. So it would be quite an interesting find to discover if he fathered any other children and with whom!
TERESA FRANCIS (Teresa Silvia is recorded as Manuel Cabralâ?Ts wife on his death certificate). BORN IN FAYAL, AZORES about 1879. Daughter of ANTONE S. ROSE and FRANCISCA DeJESUS. Died in Taunton, MA 10/19/60 AGE 81. Children: 1 son, John S. and 4 daughters, Rose, Lena, Theresa, and Anna. All deceased.
As I said, I am looking for the PARENTS of each of these. Thank you for any help you can give. Bob

James R. Silva, 989 Piedmont Dr., Sacto, Ca. 95822, USA
Tel.: (916) 444-0112
Date submitted: Mon, 15 Oct 2001
Comments: Father Manuel M. Silva, born Santo Amaro, Pico, 8-31-1905, died October 1978, married Margaret M. Brown (Machado) Sacto. Parents from Ribeiras. Children Marlene (Knott), Gerald and James. My Dad came to this Country at age 17 or 18, alone and unable to speak any English. He worked on the docks in SF for awhile as well as for his uncle, John M. Silva, on a Pocket Area farm in Sacramento. He later was employed as a carpenter for the S.P. R.R. After more than 35 yrs. with the S.P. he retired. He lived most of his life in the Land Park Area of Sacramento. He never returned to his home in the Azores where he left his parents, three sisters and a brother. His brother Roque, immigrated to the US around 1960 and lives in San Jose. My family and I visited his Village in 1985 and I saw my aunts for the first time. They were in there eighties and very happy to see us as we were to see them.
If you would like more information, I would be happy to supply. Please include me on any mailing list that deals with the history of Azoreans in this area.

Clair E. Miller, 1991 Quartz Creek Lane, Placerville, Calif. 95667, USA
Email: millers@directcon.net
Date submitted: Wed, 2 Oct 2002
Surnames: Martins, Santos, Da Rosa
Comments: My grandfather, Manuel Vieira Martins was born in Lajas, on Pico, on Oct. 5, 1859. He came to the US on the Bark Sarah from Fayal, arriving at New Bedford on April 23, 1883. He made his way to Half Moon Bay where he lived for about 5 years, moved to Petaluma where he died on March 7, 1909. My Grandmother, Lauriana Santos, was born on March 7, 1885 also in Lajas Da Pico. My Grandfather sent for her as a mail order bride. She arrived sometime about 1900. My Father was born in Petaluma on February 24, 1907. My Grandmother had two sisters, Maria and Emilia Santos who also came to california. I have not been able to find the specific date or place of arrival of my grandmother or the date and place of her marriage to my grandfather. I also believe that her mother, also Laurianna Santos may have also come to California.

Calheta de Nesquim

Genealogists researching in the parish of São Sebastião:

Doug da Rocha Holmes, Surprise, Arizona 85388, USA
Mobile nº: 1-623-398-0452
Website: https://dholmes.com/
Date submitted: 1996 (Updated: 21 February 2009)
Surnames of mine: Pereira Ramalho, Souza de Azevedo, Teixeira.
Surnames of my in-laws: Almeida, Alvernas, Antunes, Dias, Fonte, Freitas, Furtado, Gonçalves de Freitas, Gonçalves Machado, Gonçalves Maciel, Gonçalves Valim, Gonçalves de Simas, Homem de Freitas, Jorge, Machado da Silveira, Silveira, Silveira Quaresma, Quarias, Simas, Souza, Valim Frade, Vieira, Vieira de Azevedo.
Comments: Extensive research done to early 1700s.

Anthony Warren Leal, P.O.Box 80005, Bakersfield, CA, USA, 93380-0005
Email: waterrat@cris.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Fernandes Machado Capinha Leal, Fernandes, Machado, Capinha, Leal.
Comments: My grandmother's first name is Georgina and my grandfather's is Erminio (Herminio). My father's full name is: Erminio Fernandes Machado Capinha Leal III and he goes by the name "Mark".

Kathleen Enes, 16661 E. River Rd, Ripon, CA 95366-9787, USA
Email: Kat9544@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Nunes

Lajes do Pico

Genealogists researching in the parish of Santíssima Trindade:

This parish also includes those from the lugares of Almagreira, Silveira & Terras.

Bill Silver, 2142 Mercury Road, Livermore, CA 94550
Email: sksp50a@prodigy.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Location: Lugar of Terras
Surnames: Cardoso, Felipe, Francisco, Garcia, Machado, de São Pedro, Silveira, Simas, Pereira, Rodrigues.
Comments: My main line is Cardoso and is the one I have traced back the farthest, that is to 1768. I have quite a number of Simas relatives in California.

Susan Vargas Murphy, c/o David Murphy, P. O. Box 13190, Sacramento, CA 95813
Email: uberlingen@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Castanho, Goularte, Pereira, Pinheiro.
Comments: Research done before 1760.

Gayle Machado, (no address submitted)
Email: GayleMM@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Ferreira, Garcia, Lopes Fonseca, Machado, Machado Ferreira, Pereira, Rodrigues, Da Rosa.

Kathleen Enes, 16661 E. River Rd, Ripon, CA 95366-9787, USA
Email: Kat9544@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames from the lugar of Silveira: Goularte/Gularte, Rodrigues.

Inez Kathryn Peichoto Calado, 851 Cornucopia Rd., (no city or zip-code submitted), California, USA
Tel.: (209)592-6806
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Lugar: Silveira, (Almagreira)
Surnames: Peixoto, Leal, Vieira, Macedo, Pereira.

Tom Machado, 3508 Mt. Ariane Dr., San Diego, CA 92111, USA
Email: Tmachado@ucsd.edu
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Brum, Machado, Valim.
Comments: My Grandfather's name was Avelino Machado, born on May 22nd, 1901 in Lajes do Pico. My Grandmother was changed to Brown  from Brum and was from Rhode Island.

Valerie, (no address submitted)
Email: ScubaVal@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 13 Jun 1999
Surnames: da Rosa Martins, Leal Pereira, Macedo, Silveira do Amaral, Vieira Paredes, Rodrigues, Machado da Silveira

Shirley Fabel, 1405 Rancho Drive, Fallon, Nevada, 89406, USA
Email: srfabel@cccomm.net
Date submitted: Sat, 7 Feb 2004
Lugar: Silveira do Pico.
Surnames: deBrum, Domingos, Dutra, Martins, deMello, Rodriquez, daSilveira, Sousa, Xavier
Comments: Marie Delvina Domingos was born in Criação Velha, Pico.

Marie Pleasant, 5702 Scripps St., San Diego, CA 92122, USA
Tel.: (619) 453-2107
Email: Seekgene@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Machado Soares, Macedo.
Comments: I am researching the names Machado Soares from Lajes do Pico. My grandfather was José Machado Soares born January 16, 1881 on Pico. I do not know if this is the village that he was born in but I do know that he inherited some land right in this village from his father, or step-father. The name of the person that he inherited the land or buildings from was Francisco Machado Soares. My grandfathers mother was Marianna. Her maiden name may have been Rosa or Macedo. She did have at least one brother known as Francisco Macedo or known in the States, as Frank Macedo. He lived on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Whenever my grandfather returned to the Azores he used his real name, José Machado Soares. In the States, he changed his name to Joseph M. Sawyer, and finally to Joseph Marshall. He also travelled back and forth across the States from Massachusetts to California numerous times and had some relatives up in the San Jose area around Gilroy. I have been searching for him for quite awhile, but he is very elusive!

Paulo Estivalet Flores Pinto, Honsrio S. Dias 1695/202, (051) 3377656
Email: rico@hotnet.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Lajes, Pico (Freg. da Santissima Trindade, Pico Island, Bispado de Angra Ilha )
Surnames: Cardoso
Comments: Manoel Cardoso came to Brazil about 1750 and 1756. His father was Francisco Ferreira Evangelho, and his mother Maria Catarina Vieira. Antecessors and other information.

Diana Soares Bergner 17312 Ibex Ave., Cerritos, Cal 90703, USA
Email: minkietash@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Lages, Pico
Surnames: Francisco, Francisco Soares, De Brum, Silveira de Brum, Feriera Vierra, Soares
Comments: I found my great, great-grandfather was born about 1871 in Lajes, Pico, his full name as listed on his son's marriage cert is Manuel Francisco de Souza, wife Rita Candida. The groom's name is listed as Manuel Soares.

Yolenda de Brum-Muller, (no address submitted)
Email: Tonicia@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 01 Sep 1998
Surname: de Brum
Comments: My greatgrandfather Jose Anton de Brum was from Pico, Villa das Lagas, Rebeiro do Meio, Azores and his parents are Anthony and Catherine de Brum, and he came to the Marshall Islands in the year, 1864, this is all I can find, this is what he wrote down in his will, and I hope you can help me find my relatives in island and all over the world, mainly U.S. because I usually traveled to that part.

Frank Marques, 400 Elmwood ct, Tulock, Ca 95380, USA
Email: ftblndux@aol
Date submitted: Sun, 27 Jun 1999
Village: Lages and ribada do mio (Middle River)
Comments: My grandfather left Pico in the mid 1880s on a whaling ship with his two brothers. My grandfathers name was Anthony. He returned to Pico in the early 1900s and got married. He had two sons. Manuel, and John. John was a past president of UPC.

Maria Grace (Cabral) Okwara, 125 Bentley St East Providence, RI 02914, USA
Email: MariaOKw@aol.com
Date submitted: Sat, 13 May 2000
Comments: Looking for information on the families from Madalena and Criacao Velha, Pico: Andrade, Rodrigues, Marques,Garcia. From: S.Roque (Santo Antonio, Cais do Pico): da Silva, Tomas, Cabral, Moniz and Lajes: Machado
Thank you, Sincerely, Maria Okwara

Beverly Craveiro, 11693 San Vicente Boulevard #289, Los Angeles, California 90049, USA
Email: Aahbacc@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 13 Jul 2000
Comments: I am looking for information on family members in LAJES DO PICO. My Grandfather was John M. Craveiro, his brothers here in California were Manuel, Joe, Leonard, and Jaoquin. I was told that one brother died in the Azores .... either Francis (sp?) or August and I do believe he had one sister that died very young. It was believed that one bother lived for a time back East..... then returned to the islands. We have been told that CRAVEIRO was a nickname.... and the M. was for Machado. If you have any information please write to me...... we could be related!

Fernanda Macedo, (no address submitted) N-O-T-L
Email: fernanda.macedo@sympatico.ca
Date submitted: Sat, 09 Sep 2000
Village: almagreira, lajes do pico
Surnames: SeSimas, Rodrigues, Macedo, DeMacedo Comments: Maternal grandparents, Francisco Vieira Rodrigues (Guairtada), and Maria Jose Simas, Paternal grandparents, Manuel Antonio DeMacedo Sr. (Correia) and Maria Sao Jose DeMacedo, my parents are Manuel Antonio Macedo Jr. and Maria Fernanda DeSimas Rodrigues.

Elaine Carvao-Alper, 408-307-2641
Email: elaine.alper@gmail.com
Date submitted: 24 Feb 2014
Village: Silveira, in Lajes do Pico
Surnames:  Bagaco, Bagaso, Camacho, De Jesus


Genealogists researching in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Piedade:

Doug da Rocha Holmes, Surprise, Arizona 85388, USA
Mobile nº: 1-623-398-0452
Website: https://dholmes.com/
Date submitted: 1996 (Updated: 21 February 2009)
My own Surnames: Álvares, Ávila, Ávila Leal, Azevedo, Azevedo de Freitas, Azevedo Luís, Cardoza, Ferreira, Ferreira de Azevedo, Gomes Leal, Gonçalves d'Areia, Gonçalves Valim, Leal Ferreira, Leal da Roza, Luís de Mello, Pereira, Souza de Azevedo, Souza Correia.
Surnames of my sister-in-law: Contente, Fernandes, Silveira, Silveira Coelho, Silveira Contente, Vieira Alemão, Vieira de Fraga.
Comments: Extensive research done to early 1700s. Many records already computerized of this parish, especially the marriages.

Susan Vargas Murphy, c/o David Murphy, P. O. Box 13190, Sacramento, CA 95813, USA
Email: uberlingen@aol.com
Surnames: Cardoza, Ferreira
Date submitted: before 1998
Comments: These people are known from their son who married on Faial and lived before the records begin in Piedade.

Judy Robertson, 4 Highview Court, Denton, 76205, USA
Email: judemo@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Cunha
Comments: Brothers Manuel Maria da Cunha (came to U.S.A.) and João Avila da Cunha (stayed in Piedade)

Adrienne Serpa Alston, 228 East Pleasant Ave., Tulare, CA 93274, USA
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Ávila, Fernandes Leal, Gomes, Gomes Leal, Pereira Soares, Simas, Soares.

Armando de (Azevedo e) Castro Goulartt Branco (or Armando Goulartt), Rua Agro Ferreira, 25-A, 2825 Costa da Caparica, Portugal
Tel.: +351-1-290-3393, Fax: +351-1-291-0867
Email: goulartt@mail.telepac.pt
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Azevedo, Terra.
Comments: My 5th grandfather, Captain Francisco de Azevedo was born in Nª. Srª. da Piedade parish between 1665 and 1680. Francisco de Azevedo married my 5th grandmother D. Maria da Terra also born in Nª. Srª. da Piedade parish.

Kathleen Enes, 16661 E. River Rd, Ripon, CA 95366-9787, USA
Email: Kat9544@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Cardozo/Cardoso, Fontes, Leal, Silveira, Vieira
Comments: Send me a pedigree chart and I will check my database for your ancestors.

Rubens R. Câmara, Rua Bambui, no. 808/704, Anchieta, Belo Horizonte, MG, CEP 30.310-320, Brasil
Tel: (55) 031-4841595
Email: rrcamara@task.com.br
Website: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/1074
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Homem da Silveira, Gonçalves Areias.
Comments: Ancestors settled in Brasil. Have done extensive research. See my website for details.

Marta Maria Amato, Rua das Palmeiras, 230 A: pto. 112 - CEP 01226-010 São Paulo - SP, Brasil
Tel: 55 11 67-3980
Email: martamato@usway.com.br
Website: http://carajas.homeshopping.com.br/~amatomar/
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Gonçalves Valim
Comments: Related to Doug da Rocha Holmes (above) with this surname. Family went to Brasil in 1700s.

Arline Silveira, 480 South 9th Street, Grover Beach, California, 93433, USA
Email: sarabelm@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Machado, Sousa
Comments: Sousa from 1750-1850, Machado in the 1700s.

Dianne Hoffman, 14142 Baker St., Westminster, California, 92683-4827, USA
Email: diannehoff@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Machado Teixeira
Comments: Grandfather Manuel Machado Teixeira immigrated in 1877. His parents were João Machado Teixeira and Maria Perpetua.

Rebecca Rowe, (no address submitted)
Email: 110326.3514@compuserve.com or rrowe856@juno.com
Date submitted: Wed, 17 Mar 1999
Comments: Joao was born in Piedade do Pico in 1830. His family had baking ovens in Piedade and when Joao was old enough he shipped out as a cook/baker on a whaling ship out of Horta, Faial. His name was changed by the ships captain to John Dabner. After several years at sea he joined the gold rush to California. Not finding much gold he ended up working on the old Peralta rancho in San Leandro. He married Maria de Jesus Machado from Corvo and bought a ranch of his own in the "Chicken Lane" area of San Leandro. He eventually settled in Petaluma and lived on his son's (William Dabner) ranch. Maria Machado, born 1828, went to New Bedford in 1840's. Married John Dabner (Joao d'Avila) and settled in San Leandro, Ca. In 1860's. Changed name to Mary Dabner.

Marcos Jose Neto Andrade, Av. Guarapari-11, Val Paraiso-Serra-ES, Brasil CEP 29460176
Email: asaudit@zaz.com.br
Date submitted: Sat, 11 Mar 2000
Comments: Desejo encontrar informações, registros, a respeito de meu antepassado Manoel de Azevedo Mattos, natural da Ilha do Pico, N.Sa da Piedade, nascido, aproximadamente, no ano de 1700, filho de Lourenço de Mattos e Maria Leal.

Attention PIEDADE & RIBEIRINHA researchers

My extraction project is already complete for all marriages in the parish of Piedade (which includes those of Ribeirinha) from 1742 to 1876. If you have any ancestors here and want to make fast progress, click here for more information: 
Doug da Rocha Holmes' Professional Research Services


Genealogists researching in the parish of Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz:

Jeff Leal Madruga, 4312 Miami Court, San Diego, California, 92117, USA
Email: JLMadDog@incom.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Brum, Leal, Madruga, Silveira, Simas.
Comments: Has a complete Marriage database for the years of 1775-1875 of Ribeiras, Pico.

Susan Vargas Murphy, c/o David Murphy, P. O. Box 13190, Sacramento, CA 95813, USA
Email: uberlingen@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Silveira.
Comments: Research done before 1747.

Doug da Rocha Holmes, Surprise, Arizona 85388, USA
Mobile nº: 1-623-398-0452
Website: https://dholmes.com/
Date submitted: 1996 (Updated: 21 February 2009)
Surnames: Azevedo, Cabral, Costa, Costa de São João, Silveira Vilalobos.
Comments: Extensive research done from 1681 to 1876. My ancestors Domingos Vieira Serpa & Maria Silveira Vilalobos married here in 1699 and moved to Santa Luzia, Pico. Also Pedro Cabral & Anna da Conceição married here in 1708 and moved to Ribeira Seca, S.Jorge then to S.Bento, Terceira. Interested in learning of any descendants of Antonio Cabral & Marianna da Costa, estimated to be born about 1650 each. Also my ancestors: Alferes Manoel da Costa de São João & Izabel de Azevedo had many descendants so I'm interested in learning of anyone related to them. Also have done extensive research on anyone here named SIMAS.

Arline Silveira, 480 South 9th Street, Grover Beach, California, 93433, USA
Email: sarabelm@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Azevedo, Carauta, Forjaz, Lacerda.
Comments: José C. Azevedo, born 1867. Maria Azevedo, born 1873. Manoel C. Azevedo, born 1835. Carauta in 1800s. Forjaz from 1700-1850. Lacerda from 1700-1850.

Eugenia Paine Rapasky, 5042 Jeri Place, Concord, CA 94521-3043, USA
Tel: (510) 825-9623
Email: eugenia_ep@yahoo.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Rodrigues.

Steve Silvia, P.O. Box 190132, San Francisco, California, 94119-0132, USA
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Dutra, Homem, Machado, Medina, Pereira, Pimentel, Ramalho, Rosa, Silveira, Soares, etc.
Comments: Extensive research from 1700-1860. I will provide pedigree sheets for information I have on the following surnames to anyone who will send a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope to me. If anyone makes a request, I will send them a post card telling them when they can expect the material.

Leslee (Silva) Brown, 405 Henderson, Bishop, Texas 78343, USA
Email: Twinkle826@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Monteiro, Pereira, Silva, Thomas
Comments: My grandfather was Manuel Joaquim da Silva. He immigrated to USA in 1918 from Ribiras, Pico. He settled in the Point Loma area of San Diego, CA. His parents were Manuel Joaquim da Silva and Maria Isabella Montero. My grandfather married Alice Perry from Hanford CA. Her mother was Mary King Perry daughter of Mary Thomas King of Hanford. I'm researching the names: Da Silva, da Silva, Montero, Joaquin/King, Pereira/Perry, Thomas.

Joseph P.(Arvilla) Gagliano, 5403 Harvest Moon Lane, Columbia, MD. 21044, USA
Tel.: (410) 283-3612
Email: JGagliano@rwd.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Ávila, de Brum, Soares, Leal.
Comments: Great-grandparents: José B. Ávila, Maria de Brum; Mathew Soares, Maria J. Leal. Grandparents: José B. Arvilla, 1888-1936, Mary N. Soares, 1889-1977. All from Ribeiras, Pico. Grandparents lived and died in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Tim Getchell, 21142 Canada Rd. 7A Lake Forest, CA 92630, USA
Email: tim.getchell@ceridian.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Santa Barbara das Ribieras, Concelho Lajes do Pico
Surnames: D'Oliveira, Soares, Vieira
Comments: My g-grandfather was Francisco Soares D'Oliveira, born on Feb. 12, 1895. He died in San Francisco, CA, on Sept. 12, 1956. He married Lillian Ada Covington around 1920 in San Francisco, and had one daughter named Mildred. He changed his surname to "Morris" for Business purposes. Francisco's father was Jose Soares D'Oliveira from Santo Armaro, and his mother name was Isabel da _?_ _?_ Soares. Francisco's paternal grandparents may be Antonio Soares D'Oliveira and Rosalinda Jacinita (?), and his maternal grandfather may be Francisco Vieira, from Rosa Matos or Amatos??

Eric Edgar, 7271 Valley Trails Dr., Pleasanton CA 94588
Tel.: (925) 485-1664
Email: eaego@comcast.net
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004
Surname: Soares
Comments: I am looking for ancestors of Mary Josep Soares b. 30 July 1870 Pico possibly in Ribeiras. Her mother was Isabelle and father may be Joao Silveira Soares. She married in the US and lived in Sebastapol California till her death in 1922. Her mother Isabelle joined her in Sebastapol around 1905. There is some evidence that Joseph Soares b. 1868 shown on the 1920 census for Riverside County is a sibling.

Sheryl Alvernaz, Caixa No. 1354, Faja dos Vimes, Sao Jorge, Azores 9850-213
Tel: 295-416-097 and cell 963 303 915
Email: salvernaz@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Thursday, 2 Aug 2012
Surnames: Brum Alvernaz
Comments: Husband, Antonio Gonzaga Alvernaz baptised in the Santa Barbara das Ribeiras Catholic Church after June 30th 1951. Husbands Father: Jose de Brum Alvernaz married Maria da Luz (she was from Flamengos, Faial) they married on Pico presumably Santa Barbara das Ribeiras. Husbands Grandfather:  Manuel de Brum Alvernaz - Children were Manuel, Jose, Maria, Lorentina.    Note:  Maria wore a wedding ring (married to the church) never married otherwise.


Genealogists researching in the parish of Santo Antão:

(The records of Ribeirinha are found amongst those of Piedade, until it became a parish of its own sometime after 1876, the most recent year on LDS microfilm)

Kevin Rankin, 5422 Anchor Bay Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA
Email: rankin@dmea.osd.mil
Date submitted: before 1998
Surname: Azevedo, Ferreira, Leal Azevedo, Vieira Azevedo.
Comments: Family settled in the Sacramento area.

Dolores Silva Greenslate, 788 Royal Garden Ave., Sacramento, CA 95831, USA
Tel: (916)421-3972
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Location: Ribeirinha
Surnames: Azevedo Leal, Machado Pereira, Pereira Rodrigues, Silva.
Comments: Family settled in Sacramento area.

Betty Lee, 3785 Catecroft Lane, Cool, California 95614, USA
Tel: (916)887-1690
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Location: Ribeirinha
Surnames: Ávila, Cedros, Dionisio, Dionísio de Ávila, Fernandes Leal, Gregorio, Leal, Joaquim, Pimentel, Siscoa, Terra.

Marlene Gregorio, 238 River Acres, Sacramento, CA 95831, USA
Tel.: (916)391-3655
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Location: Ribeirinha
Surnames: Azevedo, Vieira Fernandes.
Comments: My husband's mother is Lucille Madelina Azevedo, born 5 April 1913 in Sacramento, daughter of Manuel Azevedo and Rosa Vieira Fernandes, both natives of Ribeirinha, Pico.

Barbara J. Spiersch, 1445 Earl Drive, Reno, Nevada, 89503, USA
Tel.: (702)747-3462
Email: (none)
Date submitted: before 1998
Location: Ribeirinha
Surnames: Ávila Garcia, Correia d'Ávila, Soares.
Comments: Ancestors here are João (John) d'Avila Garcia, Antão d'Avila Garcia, Maria Joaquina Soares, and Manuel Correia d'Avila. (Submitter supplied no additional information.)

Dee Mattz, (no address submitted)
Email: d_mattz@charter.net
Date updated: Sat 7 May 2005
Location: Ribeirinha
Surname: Cedros, Siskiyou County, CA
Comments: Manuel Silveira dos Cedros (b. abt.1860 Pico) buried in Chico, Ca, January 8, 1905. Brother - John S. Sedros (1865-1950) Lived in Happy Camp, Ca. Sister - Maria De Jesus Cedros Married Manuel Quaresma Pimentel. Sister - Rosa (Married Periera) Lived in Chico. Parents - (Married 1855) Manuel Silveira Dos Cedros and Bernarda Mariana Des Jesus. Grandparents - Jose Silveira; Ritta Jacinthya, and Joao Leal Mondes; Maria De Jesus. Traced Silveira dos Cedros back to early 1800s.

Pat Pfremmer, Bonny Doon, California, USA
Tel.: (408) 457-2525
Email: sccll@mail.cruzio.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Location: Ribeirinha
Surnames: Leal Fraga, Valim.
Comments: Hello, I am trying to help a friend unravel her Pico Island ancestry. Her father, John Valin, was born in Ribeirinha, Pico. He immigrated to northern California as a young man along with his mother. I have just returned from Pico, and after some research have many more questions. I located the "Valim" family there, so I thought perhaps her Father's name was misspelled with an "n". Her Grandmother's name was Josepha or Josephina Valin, and I believe she was a Leal, because Josepha's brother was Manuel Leal Fraga. I certainly appreciate any hints or help. To call:from 1 to 5, Wed. thru Friday. The best way to communicate with me is via email. Thank you.

São João

Genealogists researching in the parish of São João Baptista:

Gayle Machado (no address submitted)
Email: GayleMM@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Nascimento, Vieira Fagundes

Susan Vargas Murphy, c/o David Murphy, P. O. Box 13190, Sacramento, CA 95813, USA
Email: uberlingen@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Ferreira, Frade, Roiz.
Comments: Research done before 1691.

Karen Rogers, 7623 Shoreline Dr., Stockton, CA 95219, USA
Email: jorog@webtv.net (JoEllen Rogers)
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Simas, Rodrigues, Bettencort, Dutra
Comments: Trying to find anyone who might be related. My grandmother is Evelyn Simas who resides in Tracy. Her parents were John Simas who married Maria Dutra. They settled in Tracy CA.

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