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Below you can see the map of the island of Flores, Azores archipelago and the concelhos that comprise it.
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Genealogists who know only that their ancestor came from Somewhere on Flores: (No location is known)
It would be best to include comments about these ancestors so that others might be able to help determine the original parish.)

Mike Vandiver (no address submitted)
Email: mike@jps.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surname: Travers (must originally be TAVARES)
Comments: Mary Travers born 1877-1887? Immigrated to Bristol, RI 1886-1915? Married to Candido Freitas from São Jorge. Had a son Joseph Travers, born 08/09/1907 in Bristol, RI.

Wilbur H. Haines, P. O. Box 349, Gualala, CA 95445-0349
Email: whaines@mcn.org
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Pimentel, Noia.
Comments: Three Pimentel siblings, probably with their parents, arrive Boston, MA ca 1849. Francis, b. 1834, Joseph, b. 1836 and sister Maria. Joseph m. Rose Freitas, Boston, 1860. Maria has first daughter 1854, Boston, father could be Silveira. Next show in Angels Camp, CA 1861 where Maria has second daughter Nov 1861, father NOIA. Francis naturalized 1862, Calaveras Co, CA. Finally settle Hayward, Alameda Co., CA. All buried St. Joseph's Hayward. Seeking identity of parents and descendents.

John J. Vasconcelos, So. Pasadena, CA 91030
Tel.: (213)255-1210 or (818)577-4821
Email: JJVascon@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Island: Flores
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Álvares, Barcelos, Furtado de Mendonça, Pimentel Velho.

Darrel Gray, 33601 Via De Agua, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Email: deg2@ix.netcom.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Enos (Ignacio), Ramos.

Bruce De Selle, 3125 Mission Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608
Tel.: (916)483-2158
Email: BruceDeS@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Gabriel, Ramos.

John Christopher (Jay) Rogers, address: 1575 Dixie Way, Melbourne, FL 32935
Email: jrogers@iu.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Villages: Unknown
Surnames: Rodrigues, Luis, Raposa, Rocha
Comments: My paternal great-grandfather was Antone Francisco Rodrigues (Anthony Francis Rogers) who came from Flores to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1882 and then to Little Compton, Rhode Island in 1890. He worked on the Levi Sisson farm and in 1893 married Maria Cota Luis (Lewis). Maria had left Doze Ribeiras, Terceira, with her brother, Francisco Cota Luis, to come to Little Compton in 1891. Antony Rogers bought the oldest homestead in Little Compton on Maple Avenue in 1891 (the C.R. Wilbor farm and homestead built in 1690 by one of the children of the Plymouth Colony settlers). The Rogers had five children, Mary, Lewis, Amelia, Michael and Anthony. The youngest, Anthony was my grandfather who founded with his brother Michael, the Compton Construction Company and built many of the houses in Little Compton. Michael was also the founder of the Fo'c's'le Restaurant at Sakonnet Point. Lewis Rogers inherited the Wilbur homestead and served as the Fire Chief. My maternal great-grandfather's surname was: Raposa also from Flores. I am also somehow related to Jao B. Rocha of Little Compton (John Rogers).

Ann E. Wilde, PO Box 185, Shasta, CA 96087
Tel.: (916)241-1110
Email: ann_wilde@prodigy.com or annw5@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surname: Pimentel.
Comments: Maria Pimental was from the island of Flores (acccording to death certificate and Marriage--also first girl was named Flora). Brother was also in U.S.A. His name was Joseph Pimental. Name of father and mother on marriage was Francisco Pimental and Maria Pimental.

Ken Carvalho, 14 Leonard Court, Alameda, CA 94502-7941
Tel.: (510)522-5891, Fax.: (510) 522-5951
Email: Carvalho@CompuServe.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: da Cruz, Freitas, Nunes, Valladão Rodrigues.
Comments: I am looking for both sets of parents for Belchior Vallados Rodrigues, born: EST 1828 and his wife Maria Joaquina (I do not know her maiden name.), born: EST 1832, they were Married: ABT 1846, they had the following children:

I am looking for both sets of parents for Manuel de Cruz, born: EST 1830 and his wife Mary Margaretta Freitas, born: EST 1832, they were Married: ABT 1849, they had the following children:

(Note: Once the original village has been discovered, this entry will be significantly edited down to the normal size. But since all these details are required for people to know these families, this long entry is allowed. - Doug da Rocha Holmes) (these might be Fajãzinha families)

Patricia Sousa Wood, 26 Topper Court, Lafayette, CA 94549
Tel.: (510) 283-8043
Email: Topperct@AOL.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Island: Flores
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Sousa, Mendonça, Almeida, Galvana
Comments: Most of the male Sousas carried the middle name of Renauldo. Most of the male Mendonças carried the middle name of Caetano. The village is not known but have been trying to trace in the town of Lomba where we heard that quit a few Renauldo Sousas were known to live. I don't believe any living relative is there now.

David da Silva Cornell, 2014 Kalorama Road NW, Washington D.C., U.S.A., 20009
Email: cornelld@hayboo.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Freitas, Lourenço.

Carl Christensen, P.O. Box 26674, San Francisco CA 94126
Email: carlin@compuserve.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Antonio Martins
Comments: Seeking info on a Antonio Martins who immigrated to the US from Flores. Date unknown. Was born aprox 1875 and at some point moved to Red Bluff Ca. Involved in Sheep Ranching. Married a Marianna Nunes. Had 4 children and died Fresno CA 7/1/11. aka Martin. Took out US Citizenship 1902. Thank you for your assistance.

Wes Boyce, 19 Valley Brook Dr, Fairport, NY 14450
Email: wboyce33@yahoo.com
Date submitted: before 1998 (updated 18 Mar 2009)
Island: Flores
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Angelo.

Gail Moran, 4943 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879 U.S.A.
Email: morang@ride.ri.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Possibly Santa Cruz or Lajes
Surnames: Almeida, Bicho, Costa, Jacintho.
Comments: I am researching my grandfather Alfredo JACINTHO COSTA who was born in Flores in April 1883. He emigrated to Providence, RI in 1892 with his mother, Rosa [JACINTHO] COSTA, born in May, 1861. I believe Mr. Costa was his stepfather. When Alfredo was naturalized he changed his name to Alfred C. Jason. His grandmother, Maria [ALMEDA] BICHO, born in 1834 also emigrated at the same time. He may have come from Santa Cruz or Lajes.

Gail Moran, 4943 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879 U.S.A.
Email: morang@ride.ri.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Gomes.
Comments: I am researching my great grandmother, Anna GOMES.She was born on Flores in April of 1850/51. She emigrated to New Bedford, MA in 1873, I believe aboard the Amizade. Her father was John F. Gomes and her mother Catherine. She also had a brother Manuel J. Gomes, born in 1862, who emigrated to New Bedford in 1878. He opened a variety store there on Brock Street.

Barbara Quackenbush, 625 J Ave. Coronado, Ca. 92118
Tel.: 619-437-8845
Email: bqbush@msn.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: unknown
Surname: Coehlo
Comments: My great grandmother, Anna Coehlo, was born in Flores Island in 1839. In 1869 she and two brothers and four sisters came to the United States. Her brothers were Antonio and Francis and her sisters were Maria, Paulsina, Philomena, and Margarite. On the ship coming over she met my gr grandfather Manuel Franklin ( I don't know his Portugese name) and they married when they reached California and homesteaded in Siskiyou County and lived all their married life their and raised six children. I would like any information about my gr grandmothers family. I would like to find out where they lived in Flores, also, if possible the name of the ship they sailed on. Thanks for any information.

Maggie Riceman, Atlanta, GA
Tel.: 770-517-8591
Email: mriceman@bellsouth.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 03 Jun 1998
Surnames: Reis, Cordeiro, Amaral
Comments: I am looking for John Reis CORDEIRO, (or John Cordeiro REIS), his name is given both ways in different documents, from the island of FLORES or FAIAL, b:1862 Azores, d: 1916 Oakland CA. There may be a connection to the island of CORVO. There is alot of conflicting data. He m: in or around Oakland, CA., Coleta do AMARAL, b: 1872 Azores, d: 1943 Oakland, CA. (she also gave her maiden name as JOSEPH). She was the daughter of a Senhor JOSEPH and his mistress, either Maria AMARAL or Maria BRAIA. John had 2 brothers, Joseph and Fernando/Fred. Joseph supposedly immigrated to Boston, Fred was also in CA. Coleta had 2 sisters, Mary and Louisa, both younger than she. John and Coleta had 5 children, Lenora, John, aka JACK, Marie, Carl and Cecelia. All born in CA. The family used and still uses the surname REIS in the U.S. As far as we know, there was no prior connection between these families before immigrating to CA.

Shelley Uram, Jackson, CA. 95642
Tel.: 209-223-0909
Email: scwolin@goldrush.com
Date submitted: Thu, 19 Nov 1998
Surnames: Avelar, Sequeira (or Siqueira?), Devorio
Island: Flores
Village: unknown
Comments: Louis J. SEQUERIA (b.1840) and Maria L. AVELAR (b.1844) came to Napa, California via Boston in 1870. They were married in Boston, MA. Also on the journey were Manual AVELAR (b.1847) and Mary A. Avelar (b.1863), Antonio SEQUERIA (b.1843) and Raza DEVORIO (b.1805). I would like to know the village they are from in Flores. Thank you.

Margaret Disciullo, (no address submitted)
Email: m.disciullo@worldnet.att.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Thu, 11 Feb 1999
Island: Flores
Comments: My great-grandmother's name was Amelia Margarita de Amaral and she was born on Flores in 1845. I do not know what village she came from on that island. She married Jose Pereira d'Avila from Horta, Faial (I don't know when or where) and gave birth to my grandmother Maria Periera in 1881 Boston, MA. I would like to hear from anyone who is also researching the surname de Amaral. I am seeking information on what village she may have come from. My cousins named Amaral came from Santa Cruz, Flores.

Ron Rowe, 856 Bluebird Canyon, Laguna Beach, Ca. 92651
Tel.: (949)494-9987
Email: rrowe856@juno.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
Surname: FOCHA
Comments: I have information and photos of members of the FOCHA family from Flores, village unknown. The family fled France during the revolution and changed their name from FOCH to FOCHA. Joseph Francis (Jose Francisco) Focha b.1844, and Franciso Jose FOCHA, b.1854. They settled in San Leandro, Ca. I would like to know what village they came from in Flores. There are Fochas in the Central California area, please contact me with any information you might have. Thanks.

James A. Caton(Caetano), 19 Vista Road, Wyomissing Hills, PA
Tel.: 610-376-4450
Email: JCATON755@aol.com
Date submitted: Wed, 28 Apr 1999
Comments: I am researching my maternal grandmother, Mary Joseph. She was born in Flores on NOV. 20,1863. I have no info when she emigrated to Massachusetts. Her marriage certificate (from NewBedford) indicates she married a George Dobson in New Bedford onJuly 3,1881. Her father's name was Francis Joseph and her mother's name was Margaret E. I'd appreciate any help.

Linda Ganz, PO Box 523, Benton City, WA. 99320
Email: lganz@integrityonline.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Fri, 30 Apr 1999
Surnames: Brazil, Pimentel
Islands: Flores, unknown
Comments: My great-grandparents came from the Azores. They came from different islands, one may be Flores. I was told they met in SanFrancisco and were married there. The were shepherds. My Great-Grandfathers name is John Pimentel and my Great-Grandmothers name is Lucy Brazil. I was told that her brothers came to america before her and she was sent for. Her father did not want her to go and would not let her mother say goodbye to her. She and my Great-Grandfather were divorced when my mother was a small child. I would guess early 1940's. Since then there was no contact with my Great-Grandfather. They had three children, Henry, Joe and Elsie. She died in Manteca, California.

Ron De Silva, 1320 Robbers Ravine, Colfax, Ca 95713
Email: rad4@pge.com
Date submitted: Thu, 8 Jul 1999
Village: Santa Cruz
Comments: In trying to trace back my Dads lineage, I have only gotten as far back as my Dads Grandparents: Jose V. Da Silva (born 1859) and his wife Philamena Dejesus Salvador (born 1863), both of Flores. I dont know eithers parents, but Dad believes that Jose V. Da Silva's dad was from Pico. I wonder if anyone else has run across a lead for me.
My Grandfather Antonio V De Silva (name change in 1907 from Da Silva) came to the US abt 1902 along with his brother Herculano. They were both young men who had a "falling out" with their dad (Jose V. Da Silva) after they joined the crew of a whaling vessel against their dad's wishes. After they both got to Mendocino and had a worked a few years in the Mendocinio lumber mill. My grandfather married Emelia Vierra of Flores. His brother Herculano married Laura Pimentel of Mendocino. My grandparents had 3 daughters and 2 sons. My dad, Anthony is the only surviving child. They both stayed in the Mendocino area, and continued working at the local lumber mill. My grandfather lost a leg in a lumbermill accident and moved down to Berkeley in the early 1930's to start a small farm, on which I was born in 1949. Both my grandparents lived with us until they passed away in 1958 and 1960. Herculano died in 1959. I have a lot of info on grandpa and grandma, including ship manifests and passenger lists etc, marriage certificates and lots of old portraits "tin-types" and photos from Flores that my dad can identify half of. My dads health is failing and I would sure like to get some more info for him on the family. Thanks for any help.

Fay Wright, (no address submitted)
Email: gelco@dycon.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Tue, 27 Jul 1999
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Borges or Henriques
Comments: Manoel Borges DeFritas Henriques, born Isle of Flores, Azores, 1827. He attended Oxford, 1847; married Emmaline Terentia Wetmore in Boston, 1871; died (self-inflicted gunshot to head) in Boston, 1873. He was Portuguese Consul and Vice Consul to Brazil; was author of "A Guide to Portuguese Conversation".

Jil Temme, (no address submitted)
Email: JIL@foothill.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 2 Feb 2000
Comments: looking for history on my father, born approx. 1934 or 1935 in Flores, village unknown. He came her to us bay area around 1957. Mother remarried name unknown. 1 sister name unknown. He lived in Hayward CA and so did his mother. Any info on this man would be so appreciated. I have never met him nore do I know if I have any brothers or sisters. My name is JIL TEMME and my mom's name was SANDRA STEVENSON. They were not married. Dated for a very short time. Thats about all I know! Any history of anykind would be so appreciated! Thank you.

Ann Gorman, 2834 Eastwood Dr., Iowa City, IA 52245
Tel.: 319-354-1309
Email: lrgorman@home.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 2 Aug 2000
Village: Somewhere on Faial
Surname: Sylvester
Comments: My g-g-grandfather, Antone Sylvester, from Faial jumped ship in New Bedford, MA ca. 1840. His father was Joseph Sylvester. In Portland, ME ca. 1854 Antone married Mary L. (surname unknown) from Flores (maybe Santa Maria). They had 5 children and many grandchildren. Mary was a mid-wife and nurse. When Mary died in 1907, she had a sister in the Azores or in Portugal. Antone worked as a mariner and died in 1910 in Portland.

Anette Casey, Australia
Email: bcasey@netspace.net.au
Date submitted: Thu, 3 Aug 2000
Comments: My great grandfather - Antonio Luis or Luiz - born about 1848 somewhere on the island of Flores. Father's name was Joseph and mother Ann - presume maybe Anna. His mother's maiden name is shown on his marriage certificate as Floraring. His profession is shown as sailor. Family stories relate that he came to Australia via USA (ship unknown) and Calcutta around 1868 on the Minerva. He married in Warrnambool Australia and had 8 children - Laurence, Augustus, Don Ferdinand, Antonio (my grandfather), Thomas, George, Charlotte, Annie and Alphonso. Any information or help as to where I could go from here would be appreciated. Thank you.

Christine Neighbour, Australia
Email: propertycom@bigpond.com
Date submitted: Fri, 10 Nov 2000
Comments: I am looking for relatives of my GGGgrandfather Emmanuel da Silveria who came from the Western Isles of Azores(possibly Flores). Born approx 1810 left for America 1849 arrived Mass., left for Australia Victoria arrived approx 1850. Jumped ship "White Swallow" at place Blairgowrie in Victoria near Melbourne. Married Irish woman Katherin Brogan had approx 12 children. Changed name to Silva but this could have been his name as I believe names were altered for one reason or another ie-religion. Went to goldfields in Victoria and planted vineyard in Moonlight Flat Vic. Australia. Please contact me if you have any comments or information which would be greatly appreciated.
Also I am seeking information about my GGG grandfather named Joseph de Silvia From the Western Isles Born 1830. Parents Joseph and Louisa Francesca. He immigrated to Australia via Boston and landed in Australia 1855 -jumped ship called "The White Swallow" married Catherine Brogan in 1870 had approx 13 children. Married 1870 Died 1896. I suspect he came from Flores.
Can you tell me how to search Marriage and Birth records on Flores and Corvo. I am comong to Azores in September 2001 and would like to know if there are any living relatives. I would be grateful for any responses. Regards

Sunni Rose, Salt Lake City, UT
Email: sunni@modaliti.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sun, 03 Dec 2000
Island and Village: Some on Pico, some on Graciosa, elsewhere?
Surnames: Maclena, Silviera, Ramos, Correia, De Mello (de Meio?)
Comments: Here is the information I have: Mary Maclena, b. approx. 1815, had daughter Francis Silviera. Francis Silviera married John C. Ramos, they had Mary Isabel Ramos in 1861 on Flores or Pico. Mary Isabel Ramos married Domingo Correia De Mello (who was born on Graciosa in 1851) in 1876 in Half Moon Bay, California. They had 10 children, one was my great-great grandmother Mary de Mello who was born in 1878 in Half Moon Bay. The family has continued to live in the Bay Area ever since. I would really appreciate meeting relatives or hearing information you may have on any of these families.

Joel Guerrero Pimentel, POBox 2687, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95063
Email: DR_JOEYLOBO@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Thu, 5 Apr 2001
Village: unknown
Island: Flores
Surnames: Pimentel
Comments: My greatgrandfather, John Pimentel, left Flores in about 1904 to go to California. He was about 20 at that time. He had several sisters and 2 or 3 brothers who also came over at that time. Sisters Anna Josephina lived in Santa Cruz, Ca. into their 90's. Amelia lived in Fresno,Ca. Frank in Los Banos,Ca., John in Gustine,Ca. John was a cowboy for Miller & Lux ranch. He was tall and fair w/ blue eyes and Lt. brown hair, said to have been of the Flemish-blooded Azoreans. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Stinson, 50 Hillview Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901
Email: stinson@marin.cc.ca.us
Date submitted: Wed, 19 Dec 2001
Village: unknown
Surnames: Goncalves, Diogo
Comments: Antonio Goncalves b. Jan 8, 1877, Flores, m. Anna Diogo b. June 18, 1877, Flores. Came to the US around 1902. Eventually moving to Carson City area of Nevada where two children were born. Moved to Oakland abt. 1920. Antonio died 1936, Anna in 1938. Both buried in Contra Costa County, CA. I have no other information.

Moana Te Ohau Tu, 116 Tukapa Street, Westown, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Tel.: 067533088
Email: moanatu@xtra.co.nz (invalid email)
Date submitted: Tue, 8 Jan 2002
Comments: My great great grand fathers name is Joesph Diaz or Dias. Born 1833-6 in Flores Azores. 1845-1850, he worked on a whaling ship to the Chatham Islands he arrived and remained there. I have access to the name of the Whaling ship and photographs. 1873- He married my great great grandmother, whom is of Maaori descent. There they had 14 children. 1897- He died and is buried at Te Roto, Wharekauri, Chatham Islands. He was later named 'Teo Poriki' and today known as 'Joesph (Joe) Dix.' Many of us decendants remain on the Chatham Islands and the North and South Island of New Zealand, under the names Dix, Manuel, Manuera and many more. I do not know the name of the parish or village he grew up in and would appreciate your help in seeking more information. Thank you.

Ken Raymond, 39 Timms Ave Croydon Victoria 3136 Australia
Email: kayjayraymond@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Thu, 31 Jan 2002
Surnames: Silva, Silvi, Silveria, Da Silva
Comments: Am searching for data on a Joseph Silva? who landed in Australia 1855 from the ship White Swallow. His father was Joseph De Silva? and mother Louisa Francisca believed to be poor farmers. Born 1830. I do not know which Island he came from but he came to Australia via Boston where he boarded the White Swallow as a seaman. He deserted ship with 11 other sailors for the gold fields of Victoria, one of them Emanuel Jose an orphan from the Isle of Flores. I have all family history documented from then on if anyone is interested.

Linda Wilson, C/- Hinds Postal Centre, Hinds, Ashburton, New Zealand
Email: lin.willie@xtra.co.nz
Date submitted: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
Village: unknown
Surname: Quirdi
Comments: My great-great grandfather Emanuel born 1858 possibly Forris (Flores) Portugal. Parents Frank and Mary (Murdy). Emanuel came to New Zealand 1872 possibly on a whaling ship (not certain) could not speak or write english so named was changed to how it sounded (Kirdy).

Shirley Ciancio, (no address submitted)
Email: c102743@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
Village: Flores, Azores Islands
Surname: Valadao, Salvadore
Comments: I am looking for any information on Francisco Valadao b abt 1856, d Feb 24, 1938, Oakland, CA; Maquelina Salvadore, b Aug 7 1859, d mar 31, 1924, Oakland, CA., They were married in 1879 in Mendocino County, CA. This is my daughter in laws family. Would appreciate any information for her. Thank you.

Manuel de Almeida Jr, Ashland MA
Email: manniedejr@verizon.net
Date updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2006
Comments: James MacKay went to Flores from Scotland in 1700's; was a doctor; he is buried in cemetary near airport. Also looking for info on Manuel Furtado de Almeida.

Kimberly Pascual, (no address submitted)
Email: ivoriesno@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sat, 15 Jun 2002
Surname: Pimentel
Island: Fajicanga, Flores
Comments: Any listing of the pimentel will be appreciated.

Juanita (cookie) Braz McBride, Apple Valley, CA.
Email: amma42@gte.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 4 Sep 2002
Surnames: Braz, Freitas, Fraga, Valedon, or Swazey (Swasie)
Comments: I was told my family came from the Island of Corvo and Flores, Azores. My great-great-grandfather on great-great grandmother's side was born in Flores, his name was Francis Freitas, born 1840 and died in 1934. He married Mary Swazey or (Swasie) born 1860 died 1911. Anything anyone may be able to help us with will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Cookie

Gwyn Paterson, (no address submitted)
Email: gdp7c@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sun, 22 Jun 2003
Researching: Antonio daVarga born 12/1/1824 Azores
Comments: In the next few months family are hoping to travel to the Azores for family history research. I am helping my brother in law find his grandfathers birthplace and other family in the Azores. Antonio daVarga was born 12/1/1824. His father was Matheu daVarga and his mother Maria Felicia(na). Place of birth Western Isles. Said to be "taken "on board an American whaler "The Noble" early 1840's bound for Antartica.Also taken was his cousin or friend Emanual daSilva. Arrived in New Zealand mid 1840's (whaling ship wrecked 1846off New Zealand coast). Changed name to Martin by deed poll in 1851 in New Zealand. Married in Auckland New Zealand 1849. Died in Auckland 27/7/1882. Many descendents in New Zealand. Some reference to "Farilhoes" in family writings, but think this could be either Faial or Isle of Flores. Can anyone please help?

Anita E. Mitchell, P.O.Box 594, Bateman's Bay=20, N.S.W.Australia
Tel.: 02 44718371
Email: Heradale@bigpond.com
Date submitted: Mon, 8 Dec 2003
Island: Flores
Village: Unknown
Surname: Avila
Comments: My Great Great Grandfather's Name was James Alexandre Avila who was born around 1835. James left Flores and in 1853 was in Laguna Blanca in South America. In 1858 James arrived in Sydney, Australia from the port of Caldera aboard the "Salvadora".

Claire A. Perry, Massachusetts, USA
Email: captruro@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 1 Apr 2004
Surname: JOSEPH
Island: Flores
Comment: Looking for a Palsenia (Joseph married name?)born 1843 who had a daughter named Mary born l862. The two of them (mother and daughter) came over to Massachusetts about 1874 (Mary was about 12 years old). Mary passed on the Machado-Joseph disease which has been traced to the Joseph line of Flores--type III which hits later in life about age 50. My husband's great-grandmother was Mary--she had it; passed it on to her son, Manuel. Manuel passed it on to his son, John (my husband's father) and my husband, Steve who is 67 has it also.

Virginia Lewis, 21 Onset Ave, Buzzards Bay MA 02532-4919
Email: saltmarshphoto@comcast.net
Date submitted: July 14, 2004
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Machado Luis, do Coracao de Jesus.
Comments: My great grandparents are Francisco Machado Luis (aka. Manuel Luis) and Isabel Luisa Do Coracao de Jesus and were married on St Jorge at St. Catharina Church around 1880 or 1881. I have found the ships record of their arrival on the Bark ‘Sarah. It lists Isabel as being born in Flores and Manuel as being born in Faial. They emigrated to Boston in 1881 with possibly their first born, Manuel Jr., then settled in Carver, Mass. There they had 4 more children, Antone L., John, Joseph Patrick, and Rose Minnie. Seeking information on decendants anywhere.

Marilyn Lee, PO Box 149, Ouriumbah, NSW, Australia 2258
Email: marilynl@acay.com.au
Date submitt: Tue, 28 Dec 2004
Comments: I am trying to trace Joseph Days/Dias born 1837 Western Islands (I think Flores). His father was Emanuel - no known name for mother - may be Isabella. Naturalised in NSW Australia in 1886. Any known associations please email me.

Marion Bonni, (no address submitted)
Email: Marionbonni@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 21 Aug 2005
Names researched: Azevedo, Ennis, Silva, and Martin
Comments: I am looking for the village on the island of Flores for relations to Antone Vincent Silva who came to the US in 1872. He had a sister named Julia and brothers Frank and Manuel I believe. They came to Tuttletown, CA (Tuolumne CO.) and he lived with his sister, who I know only as Mrs. Vincent. He married Mary Bettencourt Silva of Columbia, CA who came to Calif. in the 1870's. She was born in Sao Jorge village unknown. I also know that Antone had a sister in Turlock. I would like to know what village they both came from and what ship they came on, which I assume was to San Francisco. Any help would be appreciated. Relatives names are Azevedo, Ennis, Silva and Martin. Also Pedro. Thank you. Bonni

Shelly (Chulata) Mommens, Gresham, Ne.
Email: smommens@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Wed, 23 Nov 2005
Island: Unknown--believed to be Flores
Comments: Just getting started, having difficulty finding much outside of the 27 family members alive today. No one has much info to go on. Grandfather = Albert Abrue-Chulata, (b and d) San Leandro, Ca. Uncles = Walter, Mal (guessing Manuel), Jessie all used just Chulata - dropped the Abrue. HELP!!! I feel lost.

Anthony Silveira,730 Savannah Dr., Columbus, Ohio
Email: ADS71837@AOL.COM
Date submitted: Mon, 13 Mar 2006
Comments: Looking for Corvellos from Flores as well as Silveira's (Edward) from Flores. Does anyone have information on captain Antonio Corvello, the whaler? Is anyone related to these people, Francisco Rodrigues Corvelo, Maria Clara Corvelo (de Rosa), Caetano Rodrigues Corvelo, Maria Leonore de Conceicao, Sergio Francisco de Rosa, or Maria Clara de Jesus. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I am new at doing research on my Portuguese ancestry.

Roberta Nestor, (no location submitted)
Email: robbien@adelphia.net
Date submitted: Wed April 5, 2006
Surname: Calderia
Comments: Looking for information on a Joseph Freitas Calderia born 12 Apr 1873 Azores, Flores. Left Flores to the United States on the Barque Kennard and arrived in the United States 02 July 1890 at theBoston Port. All I have is that his mother's name was Mary and his father John. He lived in New London, CT. until his death in 1932. I have been trying to find out if he had siblings, since he left Portugal at such a young age. No other Calderia was listed on the ship. Any information would be appreciated.

Ashley, (no place submitted)
Email: littleroosk@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sat, 27 May 2006
Comments: Antonio de Freitas, born: 1879, Flores, Azores, Portugal, Leoregilda C. da Silva, born: 1881 Faial, Azores, Portugal. They were married May 21, 1900 in New Bedford, MA. They had 6 children and those childrens' surnames were changed to Frates. I am trying to find Antonio's and Leoregilda's parents and trace it back as far as possible. Any help is appreciated

Robert P. Frates, 9 Unicorn Ave., Stoneham, MA 02180
Tel.: 781-438-6253
Email: b705frates@aol.com
Date submitted: Mon, 29 May 2006
Surnames: Frates, de Freitas
Comments: My Grandfather (US Antone Frates) (Portugal Antoniao De Freitas), born 1879 in Flores, lived in New Bedford and Mattapoisett, Mass. Had 7 Children Antone, Alfred, Henry, Arthur, Walter, Charles and Florence. Married Loregilda C de Silva in New Bedford Mass. Antone died 1937 in New Bedford and Jenny (his wife's US name) died in 1952. both are buried in New Bedford, Mass. Any leads, thanks.

Betsy (Mackay) Stefanik, 22 McArthur St., No. Dartmouth, MA 02747-3208
Email: betsymom@webtv.net
Date submitted: Wed, 22 Nov 2006
Comments: I'm looking for information on Anna Salvadore, daughter of John P. and Mary Salvadore of Flores. Anna was born about 4/30/1854. She came to New Bedford, Mass. around 1876, unmarried, with a son John Henry Mackay born in 1876. John Henry's father was James Mackay. I need help with the missing pieces to this puzzle. Thanks.

Michelle Chote, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Email: almi20159@xtra.co.nz
Date submitted: Tue, 06 Feb 2007, updated 21 May 2010
Place: Flores
Surname: Rodrigues (Roderick in NZ)
Comments: My great great grandfather, JOSE RODRIGUES, born in Flores, c.1832, came to New Zealand around 1858, as a master mariner. In 1862, he married an Australian girl, MARGARET CAREY in Auckland at the catholic cathedral in the city. They had 12 children, 6 of whom lived to be of marrying and child-bearing age. In New Zealand in the late 1800's you could not buy land unless you were from "the Motherland" (England) and being an "immigrant" rather than a "colony settler" was not common and was looked down on. Jose changed his name to JOSEPH RODERICK, and was known as such until his death in 1911 at 80 years. His 7th child, MANUEL, was born 27 August 1876. He is the only son who was still alive at the time of Jose's death in 1911(mentioned on death cert as surviving child), but I cannot find documents for him after his baptism in 1876. I have a hunch he may have gone to the USA. Below are the names of the 12 children, in order of birth: Mary Anne, b. 1863, Margaret, b.1865, Joseph Edward, b.1867. John Roderique, b. 1870, Francis Katon, b. 1873, Selina Agnes, b. 1874 (my great grandmother), Manuel, b. 1876, Ada Winifred, b. 1878, Ivy Florence, b. 1880, Annie, b. 1881, Laurence Katon, b. 1882, and Josephine Ethel, b. 1884. I am not sure how long the comments can be and I understand if it needs to be edited. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to keep research ticking over as easily as possible! Kind regards, Michelle

Updated Comments: Since 2007 I have learned a lot. I have found Emmanuel RODERICK (RODRIGUES) in New Zealand. Also in my family I have found connections to Antonio SYLVIA (SILVA) in NZ...third son of Emmanuel SILVA, farmer, and Rosa VARAGAS, (Faial, Azores). Other names in NZ on documents I have...MARTIN, SOUTAR and various spellings of SILVA....SILVIA, SYLVA, SYLVIA, SILVEIRA, SILVERIA and SILVER. Still searching for exactly WHERE on Flores for Jose RODRIGUES. Father, Joao and mother Maria anna. Jose born c1831.

Marilyn, Australia
Email: dennis0828@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Wed, 18 Jul 2007
Durnames: Joseph Fraites/Frantite Dias/Diaz
Comments: My great great grandfather b.1837 'Western Isles". Father Emanual - Mother possibly Isabelle. Immigrated to Australia in 1854. Rumoured to be Flores but no proof. Any information would be great.

Peggy Claudino, California
Email: pk109kp@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Mon, 03 Sep 2007
Island: Flores
Surname: DaSilva or Claudino
Comments: Looking for ancesters Marianna DaSilva born in 1872. Married Manuel F. Claudino of Ozair Portugal. Looking for info on Marianna. Also, does anyone know where Ozair Portugal is? I can't find Ozair on map.

Amy Corvello, Providence Forge, VA, USA
Email: amymcginley@msn.com
Date submitted: Tue, 30 Oct 2007
Island: Flores
Surname: Corvello and Silveira
Comments: Looking for any information on the Corvello/Silveira family names. Paternal grandfather (Roderick Fred Corvello)came to US on a whaling ship, Pedro Varella. His Uncle, Antone Corvello was the Captain of the whaling ship. He married Mary Silveira (birthplace unknown)and settled in New Bedford Massachusettes.

Kathy Smith, Massachusetts, USA
Email: kathysmi@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Fri, 16 Jan 2009
Island: Flores
Surnames: Gregorio/Gregario, de Jesus Salvador
Comments: My surnames for this vicinity are listed above. Joao F. Gregario immigrated to Boston, MA with his wife Maria de Jesus Salvadore--he was born around 1845 in Flores. She was born around 1852 in Santa Crus, Flores. Would love to come in contact with more relatives on these family lines, and learn more about their history.

David Fratus, Hiram, Ohio
Email: fratusdj@roadrunner.com
Date submitted: 3 Oct 2009
Location: Azores: Flores or Sao Miguel
Comments: Robert Fratus , b. 1821, was orphaned and placed on a whaler as a cabin boy at about age 12. Sailed with the fleet until the late 1840s. Settled in Fall River, MA or Providence RI then moved to Iowa where he became a prosperous farmer and died in 1899. He married the daughter of the family with whom he immigrated to Iowa and had six children. Only two have descendants alive today. He was supposed to have a brother who also was put on a ship but who ended up in Brazil. No contact between them after the Azores. Would like to know if anyone has any information about his origins or clues as to where to look.

Cheryl Lawrence, no address submitted
Email: Cheryl626@hotmail.com
Telephone: 508-951-2657
Date submitted: 18 Aug 2011
Location: Flores (village unknown)
Surnames: Sylvia, Silva, Avellar
Comments: I'm looking for information on family members who were born in Flores during the late 1800's. Marianna Victoria Avellar married Francisco (Frank) Silva (Sylvia). They came to New Bedford in 1901 with their children - Mary, Jose, Mariana, Emily, Eva, Franny, & Frank. Most of the children were born in Flores before they immigrated. Thank You!

Louise Kmosko, PO Box 72 Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
Email: shoreberd@comcast.net
Date submitted: May 11, 2012
Surname: Foster
Islands: Flores and Faial
Comments: Searching  for family information about Joseph Foster, born 1807 on Flores, Clara born 1835 on Faial, and Frank Foster, born 1835 on Flores.  Joseph and Frank were mariners and were listed as living in Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the 1870 US census.  Joseph and Clara are my great, great grandparents.  Very little is known about my family's Portuguese heritage and it appears that even my grandmother had no idea that her grandparents were born in the Azores.  Looking to discover who their parents were and whether Foster was actually their name in Flores.

Paul Wilson, Auckland, New Zealand
Email WHYLSON@xtra.co.nz
Date submitted: 22 Sep 2012
Location: Flores (village unknown)
Surnames: Noia, Noyer, Noya
Comments: Looking for genealogy information for Jose Antonio Noyer or Noya or Noia. He came to New Zealand around the 1850s, became a naturalized citizen in January 1860, his employment was as Waterman. Married Martha Ryan in June 1864, in their wedding notice in the newspaper says that he came from Flores, Western Islands. A newspaper article in The New Zealand Herald 11 May 1874 says Mr J Noyer performed a gallant act rescued a boy from drowning, in a death notice in the Auckland Star newspaper 21 October 1903, says he had a son Joseph Noyer aged 28 yrs who was drowned in the Waikato river. On a search I did a few years ago on The Latter Day Saints web, two name results came up, Manual Rodrigues Noya, birth about 1750 Santa Cruz, Flores, Horta Azores, death about 1799, spouse Anna Maria of Santa Cruz Flores, Horta, Flores, marriage about 1778. I can not be sure of any connection. I am looking for this information with for myself and  my 85 yr old mother who is the only child of Albert Cornwall Noyer and Olive Elizabeth (nee Crann)  Albert being born in 1898 being the grandson or great grand son of Jose Noyer. I am the only grand son of Albert Cornwall Noyer.

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