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Below you can see the map of the island of Faial, Azores archipelago. Faial has only one concelho Horta. You can click anywhere on the island to go to the concelho of Horta page or, if you prefer, use the link below.





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Genealogists who know only that their ancestor came from Somewhere on Faial: (No location is known)
It would be best to include comments about these ancestors so that others might be able to help determine the original parish.)

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Rubens R. Câmara, Rua Bambui, no. 808/704, Anchieta, Belo Horizonte, MG, CEP 30.310-320, Brasil
Tel.: (55) 031-4841595
Email: rrcamara@task.com.br
Website: www.geocities.com/heartland/1074
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Garcia Pereira, Antônio.
Comments: Ancestors settled in Brasil. Have done extensive research. See my website for details.

Richard A. Brown, 1454 Thunderbird Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Email: ricbrown.epri.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Faria, Silveira, Silva.
Comments: Unknown when and how entered the country; some time between 1865 and 1875 depending on what census you believe. Eventually settled in San Leandro. Just starting to do research.

Luiz Dornelles, Rua Carumbé, 120 / 705, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, CEP 91.420-040
Email: los@nutecnet.com.br
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Dornelles
Comments: This surname is derived from "Ornelas" and "de Ornelas", ancient family from Portugal, in the land "Entre homem e Cávado", now known as "Freguesia de São Salvador", in the "Conselho de Amares", "distrito de Braga".

Jerry Rose, P. O. Box 1 Mount Shasta, Ca 96067-0001
Email: jrose@snowcrest.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Antone Dutra Rose, Do Ceo, Phillips, Brieto, Dolin, Viegas, DeSouza.
Comments: My father, Manley J. Rose, was born and raised in the San Joaquin County (California) area in a town called Hughson. In an old record book that he kept, he listed his father`s birthplace as "Fayal, Azores". I am looking for information on Antone Dutra Rose Jr born February 20, 1881 or Antone Dutra Rose Sr born in 1848.

Linda Luiz Rodrigues, 15770 Paseo Largavista, San Lorenzo, Ca 94580
Email: preservation@juno.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surnames: Silveira Gomes, da Silva Lebo, Gomes Lebo, Vargas.
Comments: Frank Silveira Gomes and Maria Leanora deSilva Lebo from Faial. Maria came to Boston in 1891 and worked in garment factories. Frank settled in Santa Clara and contacted Maria in Boston (who he had known from Faial) asking her to come to California. She came with her younger brother and married Frank in Campbell. They had nine children and purchased a ranch in Milpitas harvesting prunes and apricots. My grandmother, one of their children, married Dallas Pharris who's father Albert C. Pharris and Mae McCord's family originated in Ireland. Albert's father owned a huge construction company in Boston, known as Pharris Construction Company. Albert had an arguement with his dad, enlisted in the Spanish American War and never saw his father again. Years later, my mother Wilma Gomes Pharris spoke of a wealthy lady inquiring about Dallas. Mae McCord's parents were Dallas McCord and Emmaline Chapman who were wealthy ranchers until hoof and mouth disease destroyed them financially. There daughter, Mae McCord, my great-grandmother was placed in Agnew State Hospital because she could not cope with riches to rags. She died in 1959.

Marta Maria Amato, Rua das Palmeiras, 230 A: pto. 112 - CEP 01226-010 São Paulo - SP, Brasil
Tel.: 55 11 67-3980 / or / 55 11 824-9398
Email: martamato@usway.com.br or Amatomar@br.homeshopping.com.br
Website: http://carajas.homeshopping.com.br/~amatomar/
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surname: Gouvea.

David da Silva Cornell, 2014 Kalorama Road NW, Washington, DC 20009
Email: cornelld@hayboo.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surnames: da Terra

Arline Silveira, 480 South 9th Street, Grover Beach, California, 93433.
Email: sarabelm@aol.com
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Caldeira.
Comments: Francisco Caldeira and wife Apolonia.


Beverly Bayley-Smith, 38 Ocean Avenue, Scarborough, Maine, U.S.A., 04074
Email: bbsmith@payson.usmacs.maine.ed
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown.
Surname: Lucas.
Comments: Family lore says Anthoine Lucas stowed away on a whaler to New Bedford, MA, USA as a teenager. Born c. 1854, m.(1) Catherine McKillop. Worked on merchant ships, as a whale man, and in the Life Saving Service in Barnstable County, MA, USA.

Antonio de Pádua Nascimento Garcia, Rua General Câmara 186, Santa Bárbara D´Oeste, SP, Brazil, CEP 13450-000
Email: profantoniodepadua@vivax.com.br
Date updated: Sun, 26 Dec 2004
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Junqueira, Garcia, Nogueira.

Barbara Vanderveen, Galt, CA, USA
Email: vanderveenb@softcom.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Island: Faial
Surname: Maciel
Comments: Manuel Maciel, born around 1885. Had 12 siblings. 3 siblings lived in Yuba City/Gridley area, Joe, Tony and Cecil. Cecil was born in 1915. Manuel Maciel had 3 children: John Maciel (1915), Mary Maciel Ponciano (1917?), Manuel Maciel, Jr. (1923). John Maciel had 2 children: John Maciel, Jr. and Barbara Maciel Vanderveen. Manuel Maciel Jr. had one daughter Sharon.

Susan Hollingsworth (no address submitted)
Email: rickslaw@gte.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Village: Unknown
Surname: Moitoza
Comments: Moitoza, Manuel Silvia b. aprox 1895. Faial, Azores. Not much is known, he was my grandfather, died aprox 1936, Newport, RI, USA. Married Mary Chaves b. 26 Dec 1901, Santa Maria, Azores (perhaps Vila do Porto). Any information greatly appreciated.

Robin Trinidade, 170 Wright Ave. #17 Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA
Tel.: 408-782-7066
Email: robin726@gte.net
Date submitted: before 1998
Surnames: Costa (from Faial) Lawrence.(island unknown).

Maggie Riceman, Atlanta, GA
Tel.: 770-517-8591
Email: mriceman@bellsouth.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 03 Jun 1998
Surnames: Reis, Cordeiro, Amaral
Comments: I am looking for John Reis CORDEIRO, (or John Cordeiro REIS), his name is given both ways in different documents, from the island of FLORES or FAIAL, b:1862 Azores, d: 1916 Oakland CA. There may be a connection to the island of CORVO. There is alot of conflicting data. He m: in or around Oakland, CA., Coleta do AMARAL, b: 1872 Azores, d: 1943 Oakland, CA. (she also gave her maiden name as JOSEPH). She was the daughter of a Senhor JOSEPH and his mistress, either Maria AMARAL or Maria BRAIA. John had 2 brothers, Joseph and Fernando/Fred. Joseph supposedly immigrated to Boston, Fred was also in CA. Coleta had 2 sisters, Mary and Louisa, both younger than she. John and Coleta had 5 children, Lenora, John, aka JACK, Marie, Carl and Cecelia. All born in CA. The family used and still uses the surname REIS in the U.S. As far as we know, there was no prior connection between these families before immigrating to CA.

Russ Perry, 810 Oak Ridge Road, Papillion, NE 68046
Tel.: 402-593-8148
Email: russperry@home.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 10 May 1999
Comments: My grandfather, Albert Joseph Perry, was born in Provincetown, Massachusetts on July 11, 1891. His birth record lists his parents as Joseph F. Perry of Faial and Louisa S. Silva (married March 8, 1886). Louisa was born in Provincetown. My grandfather's cousin has given Louisa'a birth date as June 13, 1864. His cousin also told me that Louisa was married to Joseph's older brother and when her first husband died she married Joseph. My grandfather told me, before he died in 1986, that his grandfather was employed at the American Consulate in Horta and when each of his sons reached the age of 12, he got them US Visas and sent them to the United States. My grandmother, Elizabeth Silva (Perry) was also born in Provincetown on February 2, 1898. Her parents are listed in the official record as Antoine Silva of Santa Maria and Maria Veira of Pico. Other relatives have told me that the names Craves, Cardozo, and Brun are associated with my family, but they gave me no further information. I have been told that Antoine had his own fishing boat in Provincetown. My father and his brothers and sister grew up in a family that tried their best to be Americans. They succeeded quite well. I was chosen by the United States Department of Defense to be an Air Attache at the Embassy in Lisbon. I had the blessing of being able to learn the language, history, culture, and people of Portugal. Now I'm interested in connecting with my relatives in the Islands and learning more. Sincerely, Russ Perry.

Sam Koester, 5635 Oak Creek Place, Granite Bay, Ca 95746
Email: sammyk@rcsis.com
Date updated: Mon, 19 Apr 2004
Surname: Fraga (Island unknown, possibly Faial)
Comments: My grandfather Anthony Fraga was born on the east coast in 1876. Most probably Rhode Island. I have been unable to locate birth record. His parents were Jose Manuel Fraga and Anna Emilia Fraga. I do not know which island they were from. My grandmother was from Faial and though they married in Rhode Island, I know many times these families knew each other in "the old country" so perhaps my grandfather also came from Faial. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you, SammyK

Kathy Hart, 549 E. 200 S., Nephi, Utah, 84648
Tel.: (435) 623-5840
Email: kshart@sisna.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 28 Jun 1999
Surname: Searle, Wilby, Chaster, Costa, Guimares, Rawes
Comments: My gr. gr. grandfather, Henry Edward WILBY was b. 4 May 1823 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Eng., and died 9 Feb 1888 in Oporto, Portugal. He was a captain of a ship that shipped wine from Portugal to S. F., CA. He married Eliza Antoinette SEARLE 29 Jun 1853 in S.F., CA. Have copy of old journals using above names and lots of Faial and Oporto history. Would like to know more about his family and/or his wife, Eliza's. Eliza was b. in Faial, Azores 16 Mar 1832. Don't know her parents. Possibly Anthony SEARLE. Any info appreciated.


Manuel Bettencourt, 1825 Summit Dr., Black Forest, CO 80921-2111
Email: ManuelBett@cs.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 4 Aug 1999
Comments: Manuel Jose Bettencourt was born Dec 15, 1871 on Faial. His father was also Manuel Jose Bettencourt. His mother's name was Rosalia. He immigrated to Savannah, Georgia. His sister, Marie, join him there. He married Lillian Wolters. He owned a grocery store in Savannah and, later, was a city food inspector. Their children were Manuel Joseph, Jerome, and Rosalia. Manuel Joseph Bettencourt went to school at the Univ. of Southern Calif for two years and later owned a neon sign business in Savannah. He was also a Deputy Sheriff of Chatham County, GA. He married Helen Hawkins. Their children were Rochelle Marie (adopted from Helen's previous marriage), Lynda Marie, Nancy Rosalia, Manuel Joseph, and Byron Lewis. If anyone knows any family history from Faial, please contact me.

Rev. Martha August-Euell, HC # 1 Moon Gulch Box 107, Kellogg, ID 83837
Email: evergreen@nidlink.com
Date submitted: Wed, 4 Aug 1999
Surname: August
Comments: Looking for information on August family. Father born on Faial around 1910. His mother was Rozalina Moitoza, his father Joseph Andrade August. He was named after his father and came to this country thru New Bedford when he was approx. 13 months old traveling with his mother, father and older sister Mary who was born in the USA. August family settled in Bristol RI. My great grandmother also lived in Bristol RI. Appreciate any help.

Michelle Motta Lustig, 19807 S. Cheney Plaza Rd., Cheney, Wa. 99004
Email: genem@olympus.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 18 Aug 1999
Comments: Joa da Rosa Motta came from Faial in the 1880's or 1890's. He settled in Taunton, Mass. and married Mickelina Gomes in the late 1890's. Am ] interested in naturalization or immigration information. Want to find out what parish he came from on Faial.

Lois M. Eckstrom, 2300 Louise Ave. Arcadia, CA. 91006
Tel.: 626-445-8225
Email: loise@mail.cheetah.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Surname: Gomes
Comments: I'm searching for my husband's grandfather who was named Cristorio Gomes or Gustado Gomes (depending on which document we look at). He emigrated from the island of Fujal in the Azores via ship, landing in Boston. He came via railroad to Oakland, CA., bought l5 acres of land in Irvington and farmed it until he died in l929. He is buried along with his wife Rosa F. Rosa in the cemetery of St. Joseph's parish church along with their son, Joseph Gomes who died following WW1. His wife, Rosa F. Rosa was born on the island of St. George in the Azores and emigrated via ship around the straits of Magellen, landing in San Francisco. Their marriage date is not known. She died in l939 and is buried in the same cemetery. Their other son, Manuel was in the army in WW1. He married a Helen Ramsell (Irish origin) and they had six children: Christopher, Kenneth, Lorraine, Rita (last address was Tulsa, Oklahoma), Alvin (died at age l2 from meningitis) and Louise (last address was Marysville, CA. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might be related to this family. We do not know the dates of Cristorio Gomes immigration or Rosa F. Rosa's. My husband is 75 and is the only available source of family data at this point. Their birth years we should be able to come up with as we've mailed a request to the parish in which they are buried to send us all of the records regarding baptisms, confirmations, et. al. as soon as they locate them. They have kept records predating Cristorio's and Rosa's deaths by l00 years (+/-).

Patricia E. Davis Harris, 142 Creefs Ridge Road, Manteo, NC, 27954-9654, U.S.A.
Email: cmh@pinn.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sun, 12 Sep 1999
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Faria (de Faries), Fernandez, Silvia, Oliveria
Comments: My Grandmother, Mary Amelia Fernandez, and Grandfather, Joaquin M. de Faries, came to the U.S., possibly in Providence, Rhode Island, where they became U.S. citizens. They had four children: Jake, Mary, David, and Evelyn Aurelia. When Evelyn was about 4-7 years old, Grandmother died of Consumption as TB was called then.
Jake Faria, the oldest child, married Dehlia and was killed in front of his home from a "hit and run" accident. Snow was on the ground. Mary Glory Faria, no. 2 child of Joaquin Faria, married John Oliveria and had one child, John Oliveria, Jr. John Oliveria, Sr., and his wife, Mary, were the godparents for Evelyn's girls, Patricia and Dianne. Later, John Oliveria had a stroke while caring for his wife who, later died with Alzheimer's Disease. John, Sr. had a brother, Domingo, who moved to the San Diego, CA, area.
David Faria, No. 3 child, of Joaquin de Faries, married Grace Hartman and had 4 children: David, Jr., Daveen who died at about age 7 from a complication of open heart surgery. The family was living in Clifton, N.J. Their No. 3 child is Grace and No. 4 child is Christopher. Mother, Grace died from breast cancer. David Faria, Sr. is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.
Evelyn Aurelia, (D.O.B. 04-24-17) no. 4 child of Joaquin de Faries, married Horace Cromwell Davis (D.O.B. 05-30-17 to 09-16-85). They had one miscarriage and 3 living girls: Patricia Evelyn (08-31-39); Dianne Isabelle (06-06-41); and Gwendolyn Cromwell (09-18-47). The family started in Passaic, N.J, where Patricia and Dianne were born and then, moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where Gwendolyn was born. Gwen's godmother and first cousin to Evelyn Aurelia is Gwendolyn Fernandez. Her first husband was Antonio Ribeiro who died. Antonio had some family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Gwendolyn Ribeiro then married Joseph Miguel. There were no children to either marriage. However, Gwendolyn has a younger sister, Mary, who married James Silvia and had one child, Robert Silvia. Gwendolyn Fernandez family, originally, came from Faial, Azores. Where in Faial these families lived is unknown. Appreciate any information on these families that can be given.

Otilia F. Santos, 16356 N. Thompson Peak, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Email: OFSantos_47@hotmail.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sat, 9 Oct 1999
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Faria, Santos, Silva, Perry Comments: My grandfather was, Manuel Faria Santos, his parents Jose A. Dos Santos and Mathilde Faria; other children were Joseph, Maximiano, and John. His wife: Emilia Adelaide Silva, her parents; Antonio Mitchel Silva and Maria Magdalen(a), from Faial, Azores, children were: Emilia Adelaide Silva (other spouses: first, Jose Antonio Pereira (Perry), second, Jose Francisco Cruz, then my grandfather Manuel Faria Santos), Rose, Carrie (that's all I know, there were 12). Emilia Adelaide Silva and Pereira were married in Half Moon Bay, CA 1888) had: Mamie Pereira (Perry)b. Oakland, CA, William Pereira (Perry), b. Oakland, CA, Margaret Pereira (Perry)b. Oakland, CA, and Antone Pereira (Perry), b. Oakland, CA. Moved to New Bedford, MA.

Faustene Heilman, Cupertino, CA
Email: heilman@ix.netcom.com
Date submitted: Sun, 31 Oct 1999
Island and Village: Unknown (possibly Faial, Sao Jorge)
Surnames: Enos, Silvers, Silva
Comments: I'm researching Emily Josephine Silva, born 1875 in Hayward, Alameda Co., CA. On her death certificate, it lists John Silva, born Azores, as her father; her mother, name not known, born Azores. Info was supplied by her daughter, Caroline Enos Rollin. Emily married Manuel Enos, first, and they had five children, Caroline, Fred, Lillian, Edward, Deolinda. Later in life, Emily married Manuel's brother, Frank Enos Silvers. Frank's death certificate lists father as Manuel Silvers, born Azores, and mother as Isabella Silva, b. Azores.

Tammy Nevis, 302-9945-93 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada
Email: laskey@rogers.com
Date submitted: Thu, 18 Nov 1999
Comments: I know my fathers family originated in the Azores Islands so far are Faial, Sao Jorge and Sao Miguel looking for Nevis(Neves), Marshall(Machado) and Curry(Correia or Cura). Family settled in California.
My father's name is Carl Nevis, his father Joseph W. Nevis, grandfather John Curry Nevis married Isabelle Williams(Portugal descendent) great-grandfather Manuel Pimential Nevis married Rose Curry both immigrated from Portugal. I find it interesting that John has as middle name his mothers maiden name could be a custom. Possibly Pimential is name of Manuel's mother. I have located some information concerning the Williams side.


Juanita Lewis, 1/36 Gillingham Road, Kamo, Whangarei, New Zealand
Email: woody@igrin.co.nz
Date submitted: 08 Jan 2000
Village: Unknown
Surname: Jose Luis Santene De Souza
Comments: Born about 1849 at Faial. A cook then whaler on the ship California that visited New Zealand in 1855 and 1873. Interested in any stories, and history of his life in the Azores. Also interested in any contact with relations.

Rob Moitoza, Napa, California
Email: robmoitoza@gmail.com
Date submitted: Wed, July 13, 2005 (updated Nov 2013)
2005 Comments: I live in Seattle, Washington. I am 59 years old and I record and perform popular music. My father was Frank Moitoza, Jr. and we grew up in the town of Mill Valley in the San Francisco bay area. My grandfather's name was Frank Moitoza, Sr. from Tiburon, California, and his wife was Minnie Rogers. I have traced my roots all the way back to my great great grandparents, Maria Francisco and an unknown man (paternal) and Manoel Silveira Marinho and Eugenia Roza (maternal). They lived in Ribeira Funda, Faial. Their children (respectively) were Manoel Garcia Moitoza and Ignacio Eugenia, married in 1874 in Cedros, Faial. Their son was Manuel Garcia Moitoza, 1842-1896 and his wife was Virginia Costa 1843-1925. Manuel immigrated to San Pablo, California at the end of the 1860's, returned to Fayal and brought his wife back to San Pablo in the 1870's. Manuel was killed in an explosion at the Hercules Powder Company in California under circumstances that I have been unable to discover. I have a complete "tree" from this family if anyone is interested. I would also be extremely interested in finding out whether I still have relatives living on the island of Faial, and whether I can trace the ancestry even further back. I can be contacted by email. Best wishes to all!

Renee Gifford, 2374 Alberta Ct., Santa Clara, CA 95050
Email: RArcuri832@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 5 Mar 2000
Surnames: Nunes, Duarte, Thomasia
Comments: My great grandfather was Joseph Nunes Duarte from Faial. His father's name was Francisci Nunes and his mother was Maria Thomasia. He had a borther Manuel Nunes Duarte, and a sister Philomena Nunes Duarte. They all settled in Santa Clara Co, CA. For some reason the all went by the name of Nunes Duarte. There were two other families that might be related who lived in the same county that went by Nunes Duarte. Their father's from Faial may have been brothers of Francisci (Frank), they were Joseph Nunes Duarte and Manuel Nunes Duarte. I would love to share information with anyone with ties to this family.

Adele Avilla, West Sacramento, CA
Email: delibeli@aol.com
Date updated: Fri, 25 Apr 2008
Village: Unknown
Surname: Avilla
Comments: My Grandfather on my paternal side, Manuel Silvera Avilla, was born 6/7/1887, in Faial and died 7/20/1942 in Oakland, CA. His father's name was Joe Avilla; his mother's name was Mary Soares. I don't know when he came to the U.S., but it may have been around 1901. He had three brothers: Joe, Anthony, Frank and Joaquin, who may have also come to the U.S. when he did. They may have settled in the Pleasonton area. He married Lenora Neves on 10/21/1907 in Centerville, CA, which, I believe, is now Fremont, CA. I believe my Grandmother was born 5/24/1892 in Newark, CA and died 1/5/1962 in San Jose, CA. They had two daughters, which both died, before my father was born, on 4/29/1912 in Pleasonton, CA. They also had another daughter, Marie, who was born 12/18/1926, and another son, Laverne. The daughters who died were Hazel (died 7/15/1911 at the age of about two years) and Edna (unknown death date, but was believed to have been between one and two years old when she died). I don't know where my Grandmother's parents and grandparents came from, but her mother's name was Leonora Silva and her father's name was Jose Ignacio Neves. My Grandmother had one brother and one sister. Apparently, when my Grandmother married my Grandfather, she lost her citizenship and had to file each year to renew her citizenship even though she was born in CA. I'm told this by my Aunt and don't know if it's really true or not. I'm just beginning to try to gather accurate information about my grandparents on my father's side.

Ron & Barbara Hansen, (no address submitted)
Email: say@cyberhighway.net
Date submitted: Fri, 16 Jun 2000
Surnames: DaCunha (Cunha, Wedge)
Comments: My grandfather Manual (Frank Cunha (Dacunha) and his bride Mary Elizabeth Neto came from Faial in the late 1800's. Immediately changed his name to WEDGE and settled in Redding, CA - Had four children John, Alice (Perry), Manual, and Ernest. Moved to Auburn then Sacramento where he died in mid-1930's. Worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad as did his son, John Wedge, (my father). Dad worked for the railroad for 50 years. After Manual's death Mary married Francisco Goncalves at St. Elizabeth's Church in Sacramento on 3/9/39.

Pam George, Fresno, Ca.
Email: pgahsprite@msn.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 26 Jul 2000
Village: not known
Surnames: Bettencourt / George
Comments: Manuel E. George b. 1846 came to Monterey, Ca. on a whaling ship. He and Rita de Lacenda Bettencourt married there in 1878. Both were from Faial. His father was Manuel V. George, mother Florinda. Their children were Manuel E., Joseph, & Constancia, she married Antonio S. de Almo in 1882.

Ann Gorman, 2834 Eastwood Dr., Iowa City, IA 52245
Tel.: 319-354-1309
Email: lrgorman@home.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Wed, 2 Aug 2000
Village: Somewhere on Faial
Surname: Sylvester
Comments: My g-g-grandfather, Antone Sylvester, from Faial jumped ship in New Bedford, MA ca. 1840. His father was Joseph Sylvester. In Portland, ME ca. 1854 Antone married Mary L. (surname unknown) from Flores (maybe Santa Maria). They had 5 children and many grandchildren. Mary was a mid-wife and nurse. When Mary died in 1907, she had a sister in the Azores or in Portugal. Antone worked as a mariner and died in 1910 in Portland.

Eleanor Ward, 617 Pine Spring Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Tel.: 805-569-5810
Email: KB6CEY1@Juno.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Thu, 3 Aug 2000
Surname: Silvey
Comments: Our great grandfather George Silvey came from Faial, Azores at age eight to New Bedford, MA. He was born in 1827 and made a citizen in 1876 at Duke's County Superior Ct. in Edgartown, MA. He was mate on several whaling ships but became ice blinded on one voyage and became lighthouse keeper of East Chop Light on Martha's Vineyard. We know he was in the north pacific as well as the north atlantic. It has been noted that his name may have been Silviera/Silva but all forms found so far are George Silvey. His son Edward Silvey is listed as a Yacht Captain in Oak Bluffs records.

Lisa, California
Email: cpc830mpc@cs.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Thu, 3 Aug 2000
Surnames: Sarmento, Bolcao, Borba, Freitas
Comments: I'm Portuguese American, and I'm having some difficulties locating family link's. I kinda need some help, Please. My aunt also is interested in doing our family tree. Any help would be apprieciated. Thank You.

Neil Joseph Teixeira, P.O. Box 20812 Oakland, California 94620
Tel.: 510 658-9938
Email: n.teixeira@worldnet.att.net
Date submitted: Sun, 27 Aug 2000
Comments: My Grandfather-Manuel Bernard Teixeira was born 25-Jan-1902 in Ponta Delgada in the Church of Sao Jose. His Father was: Jose Teixeira (born 18 Oct 1880) of Agua Retorta in Povoacao on Sao Miguel. And his Mother was: Maria Santos (born 19 Feb 1882) of Angustias, on the island of Faial. I have traced this Teixeira/Nogueira line back to about 1600 in the town of Nordeste and the Church of Sao Jorge on Sao Miguel. My Grandfather-Manuel Bernard Teixeira and his two sisters:Mary & Evangeline. And his two brothers: Joseph & John....and their parents-Jose Teixeira & Maria Santos immigrated to Oakland, California in 1906. My Grandfather-Manuel Bernard Teixeira married Emily Rezente (born 25 Mar 1900 Honolulu,Hi) in San Jose, California in 1923. Emily Rezente,s Father was Jose Joaquim Resendes (born 17 Dec 1866) in Ponta Delgada in the Church of Sao Jose, on Sao Miguel. He married her Mother... Maria Da Gloria Carreira/Correia (born 10 Sep 1878 Sao Jose, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel) on 20 Aug 1893 in the Church of Saint Raphael in Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii. They had 6 children in Hawaii... then they moved to Oakland, Califorina around 1908... and had three more children in Oakland, California. I have traced Jose Joaquim Resendes/Rezente and Maria Da Gloria Carreira/Correia family lines back to... as far as the available records, go to. Their genealogy tree leads to several differant areas on Sao Miguel: Vila do Porta, Agua do Pau, Sao Sebastian, Ginetes, Villa Franca Do Campo and Santa Barbara on the island of Santa Maria. If any of this, looks famliar to you. And you think it can help you or help me. Please e-mail me.


Luis Alberto Faria Correa Sant'Anna, (no address submitted)
Email: talent@nh.conex.com.br (invalid email)
Date submitted: Thu, 21 Sep 2000
Surname: Faria Correia
Comments: desejo conhecer se exitem pessoas na ilha de faial com o sobrenome faria correa. consta que o primeiro representante deste sobrenome jose antonio faria correa chegou em 1770 ao rio grande do sul, brasil.

Mrs. Nees, PO Box 717, Burley, WA 98322
Email: Danishpb@aol.com
Date submitted: Wed, 8 Nov 2000
Comments: Maria Aurora Pereira, born about 1884 or so on Fayal (Faial). She was 17 years old when she emmgrated to New Bedford Massachusetts in 1901 on the Ship SS Dona Maria. The ship left Faial on 31 March 1901. She is mother to my Grandfather. My mother is named after her. Her sister might of been Maria d`Ascenciao Pereira. I do not know which town she was from, but would love to hear from anyone that might know anything no matter how small. Thank you for your help.

Teresa Parara, AR USA
Email: rzorback@ipa.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Mon, 13 Nov 2000
Surname: PARARA Cedro, Flores and Cedro, Faial
Comments: Looking for information on Antonio Parara and Narcisa Cordero in Monterey, CA. Hearsay tells the family came from Cedro, which island isn't known. Immigrated to Hawaii and then on to Monterey, CA. Spelling of the family name may also be Prera, Pereira. One piece of information that may be helpful is the marriage record of Antonio Silva Prera, 30 years old, son of Antonio Prera Silva and Silva of Portugal and Narcisa Cordero, 25 years old, daughter of Matias Cordero and Ygnacia Sunzia. In the margin of the marriage record it says Antonio Silva Prera with Narcisa Cordero.

Jay J. Johnson (Castro), P.O. Box 421002, Del Rio, TX 78842
Tel.: (830) 768-1100
Email: Jay@villadelrio.com
Web: http://www.villadelrio.com
Date submitted: Thu, 28 Dec 2000
Surnames: Castro, Cardosa(Cardoza)
Comments: Tomas Castro came, at age 14, stowed-away aboard a ship from Fial Is. in the early 1900s, jumped ship in Boston and swam ashore. Ended up in the Bay area. Married an Anna Cardosa(Cardoza) of Pico Is. They had 13 children, many grand children. I'm looking for any families on the two islands, Pico and Fial. I want to visit. Please help.

Stormy Simpson, 1607 W. County Rd. 134, Midland, TX 79706
Email: gaile70@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sat, 2 Jun 2001
Comments: I have been searching for my family for as long as i can remember. my greatgrand father is thomas serpa, dob: oct. 12, 1902, died july 1966. Greatgrand mother is mary (silva) serpa died 1960's. They were both buried in farmingdale, ny. I am having a hard time getting death records for them both. My aunts and uncle were Edna, Caroline, Palmora, Manuel (recently deceased lived in Mass.) If you can help me, please write me. thank you

Chris Souza, 476 asti ct. Turlock, Ca. 95380, USA
Email: cms5@pacbell.net (invalid email)
Date submitted: Thu, 12 Jul 2001
Surname: Souza
Comments: Jonathan Regalo has left a post on this webite looking for Souza's. Jonathan's Mother, Marie Regalo was the sister of Manual Bettencourt. Manual Bettencourt married Rose Theresa Bettencourt and had 4 children, Helen Rose, Alex, Joseph and Julia. Manual Bettencourt is from Faial. Helen Rose Bettencouts married Joseph Pecheco Souza. Joseph Pecheco Souza (born in 1899)had one brother named Frank Souza (born in 1895), both where born in Milpitas California. Their Mother and Fathers names where Frank Pecheco Souza and Anna Souza both born in Norte Grande, Sao Jorge. Joseph Pecheco Souza is my grandfather. He married Helen Rose Bettencourt, the daughter of Manual Silveria Betencourt and Rose Theresa Bettencourt. Joseph Pecheco Souza and Helen Rose Souza had one son named Joseph Robert Souza. Joseph Robert Souza Married Phyllis Ann Walsh and had three sons. Jeffery David Souza, Steven Anthony Souza and Christopher Mark Souza. I am the youngest, Christopher Mark Souza. I am looking for any family members still living in the azores.

Mrs. John Blanchon, (no address submitted)
Email: JOHN_BLANCHON@msn.com
Date submitted: Sat, 11 Aug 2001
Surname: Serpa (Fayal, Azores)
Comments: My grandmother was Frances Serpa. She lived in Serpa, Fayal, Azores Before coming to USA. She was born Feb.8,1868. She married John King. They came to Edgartown, Ma with 2 children, had 2 more. John drowned at sea. Frances then married Antone DeFrates (born on Madeira Island.) They had 4 children. When she was pregnant with my father, Antone drowned at sea. She was left alone with 8 children to raise. Both husbands were fishermen and drowned off the shores of Martha's Vineyard. She had 2 brothers who moved to Rio de Janiero, Brazil about the same time that she moved to the states. Frances also was related to a Vargas family in Providence, RI. Any relatives, please contact me. Lorraine.

Laura Marie Sylvia, 603 NW 90th Seattle, WA 98117
Email: sylvanwoodnymph@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 19 Aug 2001
Island: Faial
Surname: Gaspar
Comments: Looking for information on Joseph Gaspar born around the turn of the century (1895-1900). Siblings unknown. Purportedly he was raised on a farm on the island of Faial, the village is unknown to me. He married a woman named Mary (has sisters last name unknown) they had one child, Herminia Gaspar who was born around 1922. I don't know if she was born on the island or in New Bedford, Mass. which is where they eventually moved to when he left the island. According to family lore he was a well known "faith healer". Mary was a devout Catholic. His religion is unknown, however his practices are remembered and would indicate he was a "folk healer" of some kind. They all died in New Bedford, Ma.

Liz Lemieux, 2017 Oakridge Lane, Pittsburg, CA. 94565
Email: llemu@aol.com
Date submitted: Fri, 28 Dec 2001
Comments: Searching for Joao Paschoal married to Catarina Pinheiro, had daughter Rosa who married Manuel Garcia son of Manuel Garcia and Barbara Alvarnaz. Manuel and Rosa had daughter Alexandrina Ignacia Garcia. Don't know where on the island of faial. Alexandrina was born approx 1884. She married a Frank Martin from Pico.


Marcelo Anastasio Amaral Pineda, Chile
Email: amaral@vtr.net (invalid email), or mamaral@123mail.cl
Date submitted: Fri, 25 Jan 2002
Comments: I am looking for AMARAL - PEREIRA family information, since 1750 in Faial, Azores, the first person arrived to Chile was Mr. Anastasio do Amaral Pereira, marriaged in Chile in 1757. His father was Mr. Domingo do Amaral and his mother was Maria Pereira. If someone have information please contact me. Thank you.

Nancy Anderson, (no address submitted)
Email: NSA2318@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 5 Feb 2002
Comments: My grandfather was a Manuel Cunha from Santo Antonio, Pico. He was born in 1887. He changed his name to Manuel Perry in the US. His fathers name was Jose Pereira Da Cunha, and his mother was Maria Perpetus, he had siblings named Jose(Joseph), Pedro, Maria, Josephine (Married a Silvera, Lived in Lodi, Ca), Celstina Cunha (went to Canada) Da Gloria, Armandina, Some family says the names Cohelo and Pereira was also the name of one of his parents.
I am also looking for information on my Grandmothers family. She was born Beatrice Ribeiro, in 1915, In Faial. Her Mother was Margareta De Gloria Leal, her Father Antonio Francisco Ribeiro. Her Mother's sister was Emila Maria Leal Furtado, Her son was a Catholic Priest Agustas Furtado. My grandmother's village was Castelo Brancho (I was told it means White Castle) in case the spelling is wrong. My Grandparents lived in Maxwell, Willows, Dixon and then settled into Gridley Calif. But still seemed to have connections in the Woodland/Yolo area. I would love to find any information on this family. All of the old folks have passed on. I do have a very old address book with names and addresses from the Azores but, I am not sure how to check on the names there. Thank you.

Robert Joseph Perry Sanford, (no address submitted)
Email: BJSSFCA@aol.com
Date submitted: Sat, 17 Aug 2002
Comments: I know that my Great Grandfather, Joseph (or Jose) Louis Pereira, sold or gave some property to a church on Faial. I think that property is now under water. He was born on Faial in 1868. He married Mary Della of Portugal who was also born in 1868. I am not sure if she was born on Faial or Portugal. He is listed on the 1920 US Federal Census as living in Bristol, RI. I am not sure if his name was changed to Perry, but his son (my grandfather) was Joseph Louis Perry (10 Jun 1902 - 9 Jun 1984) and his daughter Philomena Perry from South Carver, Mass. Thank You

Ida (Aida) Freitas, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Email: martinsfam@golden.net
Date submitted: Fri, 14 Jun 2002
Island: Faial
Surnames: Pereira

Scott Francis, San Diego, Ca. USA
Email: calfran@earthlink.net
Date submitted: Fri, 1 Nov 2002
Surname: Silveira, da Rosa, Pereira, Almeida
Comments: trying to find geneologies for my grandparents: Joeph Francis Silveira and Mary Ellen Rose married in San Jose, Ca. in 1915. Her parents were Jose Luz da Rosa (Ribeirinha, Faial) and Mary Amelia Silveira. His parents were Joseph Francis Silveira and ??? Almeida. They were from Calheta, Pico (?). Any information/help would be appreciated.

Donna M. Shoults, 12308 NE 68TH PL, Kirkland, WA. 98033, USA
Tel: 425-828-7516
Email: ADONNA3@c.s.com (invalid email)
Date submitted: Sun, 4 May 2003
Surnames: Bettencourt (Sao Jorge), Maciel (Sao Joao, Pico), Perry (Pico), Soares, Silveria, Vierra (Faial)
Comments: All my great grandparents came from Portugal. I have some information but it is not complete. My grandmother on my mother's side lived Rua da Ladeira no 16 Augustias Horta Faial. She left Portugal at the age of 16 and came to America with her two brothers leaving her Mom and sisters. She stayed in Boston, Mass. for a time and finally settling in Centerville, Ca. which is now Fremont. Up until 5 years ago a member of her family still lived at that address. Her Husband Manuel Joseph Silveria came from Pico. He to came to Centerville as a teenager and Lived with the Judge. He met and later married my grandmother. They had two daughters, Laura and Anna. They also raised their nephew John Maciel. I have almost no information on Manuel J. Silveria's side. His father was Antonio Jose de Silveria, a farmer and his mother's name was Maria Isabel. On my father's side (Bettencourt) the family came from SaoJorge, Portugal John Cabral Bettencourt my great-grandfather and Thomasia Rose Perry my great-grandmother. My great-grandparents on my father's mother side was Manuel Joseph Souza and Marie Luna. That's all I know about them other than their siblings ended up in Stockton, Calif. The Bettencourts also ended up in Centerville and became farmers and land owners. I have many pictures and some stories on their lives but on my father's mother's side I have little and on my mothers father's side I have little also. This is becoming an exciting journey I would enjoy more information and meeting other relatives. My mother's parents belonged to a Portuguese Lodge and attended many custome dances. I have the sheet music to the Chamarita numerous Portuguese dishes and a book on the Portuguese settlement in Washington Township Fremont, Calif. I'm sorry to say I don't speak Portuguese, my grandparents were trying to learn English so that's what was spoken. My Mom could speak and read it but didn't teach my brother or I. Looking forward to hearing from someone!

Gwyn Paterson, (no address submitted)
Email: gdp7c@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sun, 22 Jun 2003
Researching: Antonio daVarga born 12/1/1824 Azores
Comments: In the next few months family are hoping to travel to the Azores for family history research. I am helping my brother in law find his grandfathers birthplace and other family in the Azores. Antonio daVarga was born 12/1/1824. His father was Matheu daVarga and his mother Maria Felicia(na). Place of birth Western Isles. Said to be "taken "on board an American whaler "The Noble" early 1840's bound for Antartica.Also taken was his cousin or friend Emanual daSilva. Arrived in New Zealand mid 1840's (whaling ship wrecked 1846off New Zealand coast). Changed name to Martin by deed poll in 1851 in New Zealand. Married in Auckland New Zealand 1849. Died in Auckland 27/7/1882. Many descendents in New Zealand. Some reference to "Farilhoes" in family writings, but think this could be either Faial or Isle of Flores. Can anyone please help?

Marjorie Sylvia, 125 River Ridge Rd., Brunswick, Ga. 31523, USA
Tel.: (912) 265 - 2955
Email: msylvia01@adelphia.net
Date submitted: Fri, 15 Aug 2003
Surname: Sylvia
Comments: My grandfather was Francis Joseph Sylvia, born 15 May 1847 in the Western Islands. He emigrated from Faial Island in the 1800's (1863, 1866 or 1869). I have seen these different dates on different documents. He went by the name Frank. I believe he may have been born on Peco Island, but I am not sure. His father's name was Joseph. He came into New York and settled in Scituate, Massachusetts until the late 1880's. He lived in Massachusetts with his sister Posenia, who married Matthew Marguich (from Austria). He moved to Brunswick, Georgia in 1892 and applied for Naturalization. Naturalization was granted in 1894. He lived out the rest of his life in Brunswick, Georgia. He died 27 Feb. 1918 and was buried in Palmetto Cemetery. His wife was Mary E. Joaquin Gonzales, daughter of John. She was born in 1875 (Maderia Island). She immigrated to the United States in 1889 or 1890. She died 4 Feb. 1926. They had eleven children: (1) John (b. 27 Nov. 1891, d. 10 March 1892), (2) Anthony Benedict (b. 01 Jan. 1893, d. 6 April 1952), (3) Francis Jerome (b. 17 June 1894, d. 08 March 1943), (4) Mary Ethel Cecilia,( b. 05 Aug. 1896, d. 25 Oct. 1976), (5) Leonard Francis (b. 04 Oct. 1898, d. 19 Jan. 1943), (6) Edward Benjamin (b. 14 Aug. 1901, d. 12 Oct. 1961), (7) Anna Maria (b. 10 Oct. 1903, d. 29 June 1911), (8) Monica Therisa (b. 12 Oct. 1906, d. 16 Dec. 1927), (9) Albert Louis (b. 22 Jan. 1909, d. 26 Dec. 1973), (10) Joseph Vincent (b. 22 Oct. 1911, d. 02 Jan. 1950) and John Raphiel (b. 22 Oct. 1913, d. 31 May 1914).

Margarida de Lourdes Oliveira DaSilva, 93 Perry Street, Central Falls, RI 02863
Tel.: (401) 729-4667
Email: mdasilva4@cox.net
Date submitted: Wed, 10 Dec 2003
Comments: I was born in the island of Faial in 1965. My dad is Gilbert DaSilva, born in the island of Faial in 1923, he was a whaler until about 1960's when he and my mom opened a restaurant called "O Fim da Linha" in Feteira (Laginha). My mom is Alice Diamantina Oliveira "DaSilva" born in the island of Faial in 1927, she was a homemaker until they opened the restaurant. My paternal grandfather is Manuel Costa or daCosta, born in Faial, supposedly had a big farm in the island of Faial with many cows, horses, dogs, etc... My paternal grandmother Lucrecia daGloria, born in Faial came to the US in the early 1900's and lived in Fall River/New Bedford and returned to Faial some years after. My maternal grandfather Antonio Macedo or Antonio Oliveira, born in Faial. My maternal grandmother Margarida daGloria DaSilva, born in Faial.I looking for info on my grandparents and beyond...Please help.

Carol Sybrant, 1609 Pearl Eye Lane, Medford, OR 97504
Tel.: 541-245-3394
Email: Carolsybrant@charter.net
Date submitted: Fri, 6 Feb 2004
Comments: I am searching for information on my great grandparents who all imigrated from the Azores to Massachusettes, then settled in Centerville (Washington Township) California. I do not have information on their villages. PICO: Antone Oliveira, born August 1851; married Mary D. Lewis
PICO: Mary D. Lewis, born 1855, married Antone Oliveira
SANTA MARIA: Manuel Rezendes, married Rosida Dutra
FAIAL: Rosida Dutra, born 1868, married Manuel Rezendes
No other information known.


Elizabeth Williams, 525 Argos Circle, Watsonville, CA 95076 (formerly: 623 Sumner St. Santa Cruz, Ca 95062)
Tel.: 831-768-8805 (formerly: 831- 423-9215)
Email: Ewilliamsart@att.net
Date submitted: Thu 4 Mar 2004 (updated 5 May 2009)
Island: Faial
Comments: Searching for the parents of George Williams, who was born in Horta, on the island of Faial. He later died at sea at the age of 47. He married a woman named Hannah M. Higgins, who we are also searching for. Most of our ancestors were from Cape Cod and some from Canada. Whaling seems to be a common thread. Land lubbers are some of us, but the Williamses are still at sea in their own way.

Tammy Blaskowsky, 5804 Suncreek Drive, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Email: tammy@blaskowsky.com
Date submitted: Wed, 10 Mar 2004
Comments: My grandfather Anthony Enos was born December 11, 1899. He was born in Boston Mass. to Manuel Enos and Amelia Lucius Enos. Manuel and Amelia had 7 children that were all born in the Boston area. When my grandfather was around 8 to 10 his family moved to California. First to Wilmington and then to the Hayward area where all of them married and resided. I do know that most of the Lucius side stayed in the Boston area, however Amelia's sister Armenia lived with my grandfathers family until her death. Also, Antonio Lucius moved to the bay area with his daughter Beatrice. Beatrice married Antonio Rodgers and had a daughter Ione. The names change depending on what census or paper I am looking at, for example, Lucius is also spelled Lucia. The same with Enos, my grandfather told me his fathers last name was Silva but when he arrived in the states he changed it to Enos. Also, my grandfather was one of the first to join the California Highway Patrol and two of his brothers were also in law enforcement. Thank you.
More information, Manuel Enos birth Jan. 1859 in Faial, death April 1941 in Hayward, California. Amelia Lucius Enos birth March 1861 in Faial, death April 1919 in Hayward, California. Manuel Enos arrived in Boston? 1884, Amelia arrived in Boston? 1886. Amelia's parents names were Manuel and Maria Lucius. Manuel Enos had 3 brothers Joaquin, Seth, Joseph and a sister Lenora. Again many thanks.

Rose Fox, (no address submitted)
Email: aroseisaroseisarose@comcast.net
Date submitted: Fri, 26 Mar 2004
Surnames: Gonsalves, de/da Rosa, Rose, Corea, Silva, Raposa, Branco and Brilhante.
Island: Faial, village unknown
Comments: Manuel Rosa (also possibly used de/da Rosa or Rose) Gonsalves. Born prior to 1880 on Pico. Passed on as late as the very early sixties while living in Gloucester, MA. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 15. Worked at Anthony's Farm in Middletown, RI. Also lived in Portsmouth, and Bristol, RI. Was living in Cambridge, MA in 1929. After 1929, and the passing of his first wife, he re married and moved to Gloucester, MA. He was married to Mary N. Rosa Silva Gonsalves (b. 12/25/1880 passed on in 1929.). He married while living in the Middletown area. Had thirteen children, five of which lived to adulthood. Including Rose Helen (married name Corea), Lara, Mary, Emma, Georgina, Tony and Manny. Any help would be very gratefully appreciated.

Claire A. Perry, Massachusetts, USA
Email: captruro@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 1 Apr 2004
Surname: PERRY
Island: Faial
Comment: Looking for JOHN B. PERRY (Perreira?) born 1859; was a mariner who came to Provincetown, Massachuetts. He was my husband's great-grandfather; bought farmland and turned to farming as his occupation.

Phyllis Fish, South Kingstown, RI USA
Email: Flarry4814@aol.com
Date submitted: Tue, 27 Apr 2004
Surname: Roza
Island: Faial
Comments: Searching for Manoel Roza married to Filomena Goncalves, who had seven children, Henry, Frank Evelyn, Dorothy, George, John and Maria. Don't know where on the island of Faial. Manoel was born on April 15, 1877 his parents are listed as Manoel Enos Roza and Maria ? Manoel immigrated to the US NOvember 19, 1897 and lived in Providence, RI, Newport, RI and East Providence, RI Manoel Roza married in Providence, RI on September 17, 1898 and Manoel passed away on September 22, 1947.

Peter Dorr, 6 Beach Street, Westborough MA 01581 USA
Tel.: 508-366-9655
Email: WDorr40115@aol.com
Date submitted: Fri, 30 Apr 2004
Comments: Looking for a Julius C Sturgis. Born in1856 in Faial. Father: Frank Sturgis, a captain from Barnstable and Maria SILVA, a daughter of a ship's chandler. Thanks

Emily Dutra, 600 Meridian St. Ext Apt #633, Groton, CT 06340
Email: mustangdrvr330@aol.com
Date submitted: Thu, 20 May 2004
Surnames: Dutra, Luiz, Luis
Island: Faial
Comments: My great-grandfather, Manuel Luis (sp?) was born February 6, 1878 in Faial, his wife, Mary Conceicao Dutra, was born Jan 14, 1884. It seems when they married, Manuel took his wife's name. They had four children: Rose, Mary, John, and Manuel, (my grandfather). I am searching for more information about Manuel Luis (luiz?) and Mary C. Dutra, since we do not know much about them. I am also looking for any living relatives in Portugal. Thank you.

Virginia Lewis, 21 Onset Ave, Buzzards Bay MA 02532-4919
Email: saltmarshphoto@comcast.net
Date submitted: Wed, 14 July 2004
Village: Unknown
Surnames: Machado Luis, do Coracao de Jesus.
Comments: My great grandparents are Francisco Machado Luis (aka. Manuel Luis) and Isabel Luisa Do Coracao de Jesus and were married on St Jorge at St. Catharina Church around 1880 or 1881. I have found the ships record of their arrival on the Bark ‘Sarah. It lists Isabel as being born in Flores and Manuel as being born in Faial. They emigrated to Boston in 1881 with possibly their first born, Manuel Jr., then settled in Carver, Mass. There they had 4 more children, Antone L., John, Joseph Patrick, and Rose Minnie. Seeking information on decendants anywhere.

Maria Henriqueta Amorim, 4659 Bolero Dr San Jose, CA 95111
Email: cjpavila@msn.com
Date submitted: Tue, September 14, 2004
Surnames: Alves; Amorim
Comments: Born in Conceicao Faial Azores in July of 1945, mother was Cristina Alves Amorim, owner of Mira Mar, father unknown. Looking for any information that may be known regarding this family.

Patricia Gomes, Husb. Russell Arthur Gomes, Franklin, MA
Email: mrspgomes@comcast.net
Date submitted: Fri, 15 Oct 2004
Surnames: Almeida, from St. Michael, Gomes, from Fayal
Comments: Henry Lacerda Gomes b. Oct. 01, 1901 married Anna Almeida b. April 9,1905 in Jan. 1921. Children are Henry Gomes Jr., Helen Gomes, Lester Gomes all of East Prov., RI. Just started looking for ancestors.

Robert Perry Frates, 9 Unicorn Ave, Stoneham, Ma 02180
Email: B705Frates@aol.com
Date Submitted: Fri May 20, 2005
Surnames: Frates, Fratus, Fraties
Comments. My Grandfather Antone Frates,born Faial, about 1860, Married Jennie Sylvia, also from Faial, in New Bedford, Mass around 1895. Settled in Mattapoisett Mass as a dairy farmer. Raised 6 boys and one girl, Antone, Alfred, Walter, Arthur, Henry, Charlie, and Florence. From 1930 thru 1935 Antone, Alfred,Walter, and Florence moved to Gilroy Calif. Arthur, Henry, and Charlie Raised their families in Fairhaven, Mass. Grandparents buried in St. John cemetery in New Bedford. Any information on any decedents would be appreciated.

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Mel Oliveira, 512 Tony Drive, Rotterdam, NY 12306
Email: mrmelo@nycap.rr.com
Date submitted: Thu, 23 Jun 2005
Surnames: Oliveira, Rose, Temazia
Comments: Searching for ancestors in Faial, Azores. According to information given to me, my grandfather Manuel Frank Oliveira was born in 1902 in Faial. His parents were George Oliveira and Isabella Rose (born in 1867). Isabella’s parents were Manuel Francisco Rose (born in1837) and Maria Temazia (born abt. 1843). All were born in the Azores. The story told to me was that Manuel Francisco came over in the 1800’s to California, settling in Alameda County. He then sent for George, Isabella, and their four children. Two other children of George and Isabella arrived in the United States before their parents, accompanying their spouses (Mary Oliveira with John Terra, and Leonora Oliveira with Manuel Vieira). Any assistance finding connections to the Azores would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mel Oliveira

Jennifer Cook, 130 Old Spanish Trail, Lantana, FL 33462
Email: jenjonjac2005@adelphia.net
Date submitted: Tue, July 26, 2005
Surnames: Lewis, Massey
Comments: I am searching for information on my great-grandparents. They settled in Taunton, MA from Faial. His name was Charles Lewis and was a limo driver. Her name was Laura Massey Lewis. I don't know much about him but she apparently had several families and is thought to have had a total of about 18 children. My grandmother is Emily Lewis born in 1924. She had four sisters: Eva, Madeline, Rose, Laura. They were put in foster care around 1926 and adopted by a family friend. Later my grandmother would learn that she had other sisters and brothers out there. Her brothers were Leroy and Raymond? If anyone knows anything about this family, please let me know. I would like to research our roots and find out information. Since she never knew her parents, my grandmother knows little or nothing about her ancestory. Thank you.

Robert Venezio, 7977 Becky Ct., Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Email: bobbyv@sonic.net
Date updated: Tue, 6 Dec 2005
Island and Village: Unkown
Surnames: Gaspar, Henriques.
Comments: Don Pedro Henriques II, and Maria Henriques of Hayward were my GGG...? Grandparents. I would like to learn more about researching my family background. I have an uncle in San Jose, Ca., Manuel Gaspar. I don't know all of the village surnames, however, great grandfather several times removed was Don Pedro Henriques IV. Great grandmother, Maria Henriques of Hayward. Also, Faial Island is mentioned, surname Gaspar. Pedro Miguel Village, Vargas and Henriques. Fayal (Faial?) Antone Vargas Henriques, son of Dom Pedro IV. Pedro Miguel Village, Tomasia.

Ashley, (no place submitted)
Email: littleroosk@hotmail.com
Date submitted: Sat, 27 May 2006
Comments: Antonio de Freitas, born: 1879, Flores, Azores, Portugal, Leoregilda C. da Silva, born: 1881 Faial, Azores, Portugal. They were married May 21, 1900 in New Bedford, MA. They had 6 children and those childrens' surnames were changed to Frates. I am trying to find Antonio's and Leoregilda's parents and trace it back as far as possible. Any help is appreciated

Manuel de Almeida Jr, Ashland MA
Email: manniedejr@verizon.net
Date updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2006
Comments: I am researching Betancourt on Faial. Thank you.

Susan Gross, P.O.Box 733 S.Wellfleet, Ma. 02663
Tel.: 508-349-6227
Email: bnsgross@comcast.net
Date submitted: Mon, 19 Jun 2006
Comments: Seeking information on George Williams born abt.1818 on the island of Faial. He came to Wellfleet, Ma. and married Hannah Higgins in 1854. Any information would be appreciated.

Debra DeVerter, Sacramento, CA
Email: ddeverter@sbcglobal.net
Date submitted: Fri, 22 Sep 2006
Village: unknown
Surname: Jacinto
Comments: My great-grandparents came over to the U.S. around 1870 and settled in Cherokee, Butte County, CA. Supposedly they were miners. My great-grandfather's name is Manuel Marion Jacinto and he was born around 1840 on Faial. My great-grandmother's name is Anna Rose, born on Pico around 1858. Not sure if Rose was her last name or her middle name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Joy Hughes, Alstonville, N.S.W. 2477, Australia
Tel.: 02 6628 5592
Email: hughes1943@dodo.com.au
Date Submitted; Thurs 14 Feb 2007
Island: Faial
Comments: Agostinho SILVEIRA was a Catholic priest on Faial and Flores. He fell in love with a lady who became pregnant with child and had to leave the island. He took a working position on a whaling boat and jumped ship at Samoa. He married a Samoan princess, daughter of a high chief and had 7 children. Agostinho died 1874 in Apia, Samoa. Agostinho’s oldest son, Manuel DE SILVA was born in Apia, Samoa 18.3.1848. My guess is that Agostinho was born in 1780s or 1790s. A possible connection could be Dona Carlota Joaquina DE ALCANTARA who was born 15.6.1818 in Horta, Faial and orphaned by her mother and Spanish Priest father. She was given to be raised by parishioners Francisco Joaquim and his wife Rosa Joaquina. They appeared to be her uncle and aunt. She signed her name Carlota Joaquina DE ALCANTARA e SILVEIRA when married to Jose Henriques DA SILVEIRA born 28.6.1821. I am looking for Agostinho SILVEIRA’S birthdate, birthplace, parents and any relatives. Many thanks, Joy Hughes

Jeanne Sylvia Hartley, Rochester Hills, MI 48306
Tel: 248-651-9730
Email: wwhartley@wideopenwest.com
Date submitted: Thu, 15 Mar 2007
Village: unknown
Surnames: da Silva, de Castro
Comments: My great grandfather, Francisco Garcia da Silva (a.k.a. Frank G. Silvia 1824-1897) arrived in Stonington, CT onboard a whaler as a ship’s carpenter in the early 1840’s. He was from Fayal and sent for his wife who was a schoolteacher on Fayal, Helena Clara de Castro (1832-1908). They raised 7 children, Ellen, Mary, Clara, Josephine, John, Manuel and Francis G. Sylvia, Jr. Their daughter, Ellen, married Joseph Vargas, also from Fayal who was a student of Helena’s in Fayal. They were successful in Stonington and descendents remain in the vicinity. Since we plan a trip to Fayal in April to discover something of our heritage, we will be interested in any information as to their place and family of origin. If anyone has any suggestions on how to pursue this adventure, please let me know before April 13, 2007.


Ana Paula Baptista Cordeiro, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Email: acoreana4life@gmail.com
Date submitted: Fri, 13 Apr 2007
Surnames: Cordeiro, Benavides, Sousa - (Acores - Sao Miguel - Arrifes)
Surname: Da Silva (Acores - Fail - Feteira Cima)
Surname: Antunes, Baptista (Portugal - Riba Mar)
Comments: My grandfather Joao Antunes Baptista was born Aug 28 or 29, 1919 in Portugal - Riba Mar and moved to Fail sometime during WW2 (1940-1944). My grandfather married Ana Maria Da Silva born in Fail - Feteira Cima born Jan 4, 1929. These grandparents are on my mothers side of the family and they had 15 children, one set of twins died during my grandmother's pregnancy around 8 months. The surviving children 11 limmigrated to the US (California) and one lives in Sao Miguel Port Formoso and the other one lives in Fail Feteira Baixo and this person (My uncle was in the Army and has now retired. My grandparents on my fathers side were born in Arrifes - Joao Sousa Cordeiro born in Rua de Milagres back on March 12, 1909 and my grandmother Alzira Benavides was born on Dec 12, 1908 and had 6 children all immigrated to Vancouver Canada and on in Laval Quebec Canada. I (Ana Paula Baptista Cordeiro) was born in the hospital in Ponta Delgada (Acores) on July 4, 1968. My sister Maria Alzira Baptista Cordeiro was born July 11, 1969 however it is registered as July 30 and was born at home in Arrifes - Rue de Milagres and so was my brother Joao Jose Baptista Cordeiro on July 1, 1970. I have one other sister Linda Cordeiro born in Vancouver Canada on Aug 1, 1971. My parents got married on July 29, 1967 in Fail (Feteira Cima). My mother Maria Fernanda Da Silva Baptista was born on Sept 9, 1948 in Feteira Cima Fail at home and my father was born Jan 20, 1944 in Arrifes - Rua de Milagres, Soa Miguel. My father was in the Army from the years of 1965-1967. My sister Maria, brother Joao and my dad Joao along with myself were all baptisted at the church called Nosa Senhora dos Milagres in Arrifes. If someone could read this and provide me with any other information that could be related to my family that would be great. Regards

Mary Dutra Creighton, Warren RI
Tel.: 401-289-0475
Email: mac2bc3@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Tue, 26 Jun 2007
Island: Faial, Portugal
surnames: Dutra, Lewis
comments: I am trying to find information about my paternal grandparents who both lived on the island of faial they immigrated to the us at different times and must have met here from what i am told. my grandfathers name was frank (possibly francisco) Dutra i believe he was born dec. 20,1876 or '77 i think he left faial in 1893. i believe my grandmothe Anna Lewis was born in 1884 and i believe she left faial in 1900.

Mery Ash, (location not submitted)
Tel: 516-627-5016
Email: MMERYASH@aol.com
Date submitted: Sun, 5 Aug 2007
Island: Faial
Surnames: Vargus, Vargas
Comments: Looking for genealogical information on the family of Antoine (Antone) Vargus born about 1832 in Faial, Western Islands, Azores. Antoine was the son of Joseph A. Vargus (Vargas) possibly of Cedros. Antoine's wife was Mary ?????? born about 1830. Before immigrating to the United States, they had children in Faial: Mary born about 1862, Joseph born about 1867, Marianna (or Mary Anna) born 1870. Antoine had a brother Frank born about 1850. Both men were fisherman and settled in the Beechwood section (FAIAL means beechwood) of Cohasset, Mass. Their cousin Frank Mitchell lived with them. Any information would be appreciated, particularly the maiden names of the spouses! They were in Cohasset, MA by 1880.

Michelle Chote, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Email: almi20159@xtra.co.nz
Date submitted: Tue, 06 Feb 2007, updated 21 May 2010
Place: Faial
Surname: Vargas (Varagas in New Zealand)
Comments: My great great grandfather, JOSE RODRIGUES, born in Flores, c.1832, came to New Zealand around 1858, as a master mariner. In 1862, he married an Australian girl, MARGARET CAREY in Auckland at the catholic cathedral in the city. They had 12 children, 6 of whom lived to be of marrying and child-bearing age. In New Zealand in the late 1800's you could not buy land unless you were from "the Motherland" (England) and being an "immigrant" rather than a "colony settler" was not common and was looked down on. Jose changed his name to JOSEPH RODERICK, and was known as such until his death in 1911 at 80 years. His 7th child, MANUEL, was born 27 August 1876. He is the only son who was still alive at the time of Jose's death in 1911(mentioned on death cert as surviving child), but I cannot find documents for him after his baptism in 1876. I have a hunch he may have gone to the USA. Below are the names of the 12 children, in order of birth: Mary Anne, b. 1863, Margaret, b.1865, Joseph Edward, b.1867. John Roderique, b. 1870, Francis Katon, b. 1873, Selina Agnes, b. 1874 (my great grandmother), Manuel, b. 1876, Ada Winifred, b. 1878, Ivy Florence, b. 1880, Annie, b. 1881, Laurence Katon, b. 1882, and Josephine Ethel, b. 1884. I am not sure how long the comments can be and I understand if it needs to be edited. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to keep research ticking over as easily as possible! Kind regards, Michelle

Updated Comments: Since 2007 I have learned a lot. I have found Emmanuel RODERICK (RODRIGUES) in New Zealand. Also in my family I have found connections to Antonio SYLVIA (SILVA) in NZ...third son of Emmanuel SILVA, farmer, and Rosa VARAGAS, (Faial, Azores). Other names in NZ on documents I have... MARTIN, SOUTAR and various spellings of SILVA....SILVIA, SYLVA, SYLVIA, SILVEIRA, SILVERIA and SILVER. Still searching for exactly WHERE on Flores for Jose RODRIGUES. Father, Joao and mother Maria anna. Jose born c1831.

The 1st born daughter, Mary Anne RODERICK, b.1863, married an Antonio SILVA, from Faial, Azores. They married on 30 June, 1883, at St Patrick's cathedral, in Auckland city, New Zealand.

His 3rd child, Joseph Edward RODERICK, b.1867, was a steward on the passenger ship "SS Albany". There was an accident in the Cambridge Gulf, Western Australia, and he was killed. There is some confusion about the date...1888 or 1897? I have copies of the customs letters regarding the collection of his personal effects, and also from a colleague.

The 7th born, Manuel / Mannie / Emanuel RODERICK, married a Florence Louise BOOTH in 1911. The had 2 children but unfortunately he died 31 December 1920, after having fought on the Western front. His grave is in the Hamilton Cemetery, New Zealand.

Lynn Pritchett, Oro Valley, AZ, USA
Email: chocolynn@comcast.net (updated 2009)
Other/back-up valid email: thepritchetts@comcast.net
Date submitted:  28 Feb 2009
Island(s): Santa Maria & Faial
Village(s): unknown

Suspected family relationship between these men - Seeking information/sibling of any 1 of these men -
No snippet of knowledge or theory too small - Any input appreciated :

** CATON, Manuel F., Sr..:  born 26 Dec 1839 on Faial Island, Azores, Portugal to Francis CATON-CAETANO and wife (name unkn); immigrated 1855 at age 16; married Philomena Phoebe CONSTANTINE in Provincetown, MA 19 Jan 1865; died in Provincetown on 24 Feb 1918 - Occupation: fisherman/doryman, and in later years when the open ocean fishing became difficult for his aged body - gardener & artist model

;-)      CATON, Manuel R.,:  born May 1864 on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal to Manuel CATON-CAETANO & wife Isabella;              immigrated 1880 at age 17; married Ida SILVA (dtr of noted Captn. Joseph Antone Serpa SILVA & wife Rosa RODRIGEZ) in Provincetown; died at sea Jan 1918 - Occupation: fisherman/commander/captain, co-owner of schooners: Carrie F. Phillips, Addison Center, Sea Fox, & Philomena Manta**  (submitter's lineage: will trade/share documentation on this line already known)

** CATON, John B.:   born January 1869 on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal to Manuel CATON-CAETANO & wife Maria/Mary; immigrated 1889 at age 17; married Amelia/Amelda in Provincetown, MA; Occupation - fisherman to about age 60, then gardener

Erin Apostolos, (no address submitted)
Email librarianerina@gmail.com
Date submitted: 25 Jun 2009
Surnames: Magdanena, Rodrigues
Comments: I am searching for information on my Great-Grandfather, his siblings and parents.  My Great-Grandfather's name is Joao Pereira Rodrigues, born abt 1870 in Faial Azores, but unsure of which Parish.  He has two known siblings, Joseph and Manuel.  Joao (later changing his name to John Perry Rogers) came to the US abt 1888.  Joao settled in Boston.  One of his brothers settled in Brazil and the other in New York, I believe. His parents were Joseph Rodrigues and Mary Magdanena. Thank you in advance, Erin

J. Phelan, Washington USA
Email:  jpdion932@yahoo.com
Date submitted: Sat, 15 Aug 2009
Island: Faial
Surname: Brown
Comments:  I am looking for any information about the Brown family from Faial Azores.  Charles Brown and his wife Clara Mary (or Mary Clara), born about 1831, came to the USA in 1870 with their sons John W. Brown, born about 1861 and Charles W. Brown, born 1863, and possibly an older daughter Isabella.  They settled in Massachusetts.  Both sons became citizens of the USA in 1888.  United States records have shown the boys were born on the island of Faial, Azores as were their parents but non of these specify which parish.  Family lore has it that Charles Brown, Sr. was a seaman/sea captain but his son John became a machinist and Charles was a tinsmith all his life.  I was not able to locate any citizenship papers for Charles Sr and doubt if there were any because if he had his boys would have become citizens as a result of it.  His wife shows up a widow in the records in 1893.  I have not been able to verify if he actually accompanied his family to the US.  It may be that he had already passed away.  I would appreciate any information that is known about this part of our family.

Jacki Gentry, Pittsburg, CA
Tel: 925.439.7679
Email: jacki@cdmmarketing.com
Date of submission: 18 Aug 2009
Island: Faial
Surname: Medeiros, Maderos
Comments: I am looking for any information that will help me trace my ancestors from Faial. My grandfather, Jose Medeiros came to the US from Faial around 1905 with his father, Manuel Medeiros b. 1875 and his grandfather, Antonio Francisco Medeiros b. abt 1830. They came by ship to Massachusetts and then traveled to the Oakland, CA area. There may have been others with them when they came here. I'm not sure. My mother and aunt say that they came first and then sent for the rest of the family after they were settled.

Al Anderson, PO Box 561, Bisbee AZ 85603
Email: 1mdalisaway@gmail.com
Date submitted: 13 Sep 2009
Island: Azores (Faial??)
Comments: Looking for ancestor info for these people who were born in the Azores: 

Joseph CABRAL b-1872, d-1951 Lived in Salinas CA, started a family, moved back to the Azores, may have changed surname to PERIERA, moved back to CA and died in Livermore, CA.

Mary (Marinanna-Tomas) CABRAL b-1884, d-1928 (died as Mary SILVEIRA), Salinas, CA.

Mary & Joseph CABRAL had three children: Mabel CABRAL b-188??, d-19?? (was married to Johnny POCZEAKY b-1888, d-1952), Salinas CA; Lena (Francis-Tomas) CABRAL-ANDERSON b-1893, d-1919 Salinas, CA; Mary CABRAL b-1885 d-1960 Salinas, CA; Mary Cabral married Joseph P. SILVERIRA b-1876, d-1950 Salinas, CA

Brad Childs, 1545 Parker Drive, Santa Rosa, CA  95405
Tel: 707-527-5391
Email: spitzky@sbcglobal.net
Date submitted: 9 Jan 2010
Surname: Furtada, Small, Brown
Comments: My great-great grandfather, Anton Small AKA Antonio Small was born on Faial in 1850. His parents are listed as Domingues and Ignacia Furtada. He immigrated to Provincetown MA and was a fisherman and married Annie Brown ( born 1864) in Provincetown in 1879.  They had 9 children and eventually settled in Boston. Anton died in Boston on February 7, 1907 of Sepsis. I am trying to find out why/how the name changed from Furtada to Small. My great grandfather, George Small was their 3rd child and born in 1882 in Provincetown. He had a job as a cook with my great grandmother's ( Sallie Sarah Josephine ) family, the Buxtons of Peabody, MA. They eloped and married in 1902 in Boston. They had 7 children of their own. If anyone has any information to share, I would be most grateful.

Donna (Dutra) Wood, 51 Southwest Avenue, Jamestown, RI   02835 USA
Email: dwoodtax@aol.com
Date submitted: 21 Feb 2010
Surnames: Furtado, Dutra
Comments: Looking for information on my grandfather's family.  His name was Manuel Furtad Dutra, born 12/25/1904 in Faial.  He arrived in Providence, Rhode Island approx. May 1, 1917 when he was 13 years old along with a friend Jose Sintado Dutro on the ship Roma from Horta, Faial.  He may have been born in Medeos, Faial. He was sponsored by Ernest Vieria from Jamestown, RI.  He settled in Jamestown, RI and had relatives (brothers) now or previously living in California and New Bedford, Mass.

Leonie Morris, Cairns, Australia
Email: leonie.morris@bigpond.com.au
Date submitted: 6 April 2010
Island: Faial (unknown village)
Comments: John INNIS was born on Faial in 1830. He was married in New Zealand in 1852 and died in Australia in 1914. I don't imagine his name on his birth certificate is John INNIS. I've done some research and am led to believe he would have been born either Joao ENOS or INACIO. His parent's names were given as; John INNIS, (a shoemaker) and Louisa Constance.

Hilda Norris, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Email: h_norris@hotmail.com
Date submitted: 14 Jun 2010
Surnames: Viator, Silva
Region: Azores (Possibly the island of Faial)
Comments: I am looking for more information about my great grandparents Seraphine  and Rose (Silva) Viator. Seraphine immigrated to America in 1889. I am not sure if he's from the island of Faial and if he entered through Gloucester, MA. Any additional would be much appreciated...thanks!

Louise Kmosko, PO Box 72 Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
Email: shoreberd@comcast.net
Date submitted: May 11, 2012
Surname: Foster
Islands: Flores and Faial
Comments: Searching  for family information about Joseph Foster, born 1807 on Flores, Clara born 1835 on Faial, and Frank Foster, born 1835 on Flores.  Joseph and Frank were mariners and were listed as living in Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the 1870 US census.  Joseph and Clara are my great, great grandparents.  Very little is known about my family's Portuguese heritage and it appears that even my grandmother had no idea that her grandparents were born in the Azores.  Looking to discover who their parents were and whether Foster was actually their name in Flores.

Patrick Velasquez (no address submitted)
Email: patvelasquez@comcast.net
Date Submitted: Sunday, 15 Jul 2012
Region: Azores Island of Faial
Surnames: Goulart Brum
Comments: I am looking for more information about my grandfather Antonio Goulart Brum, born February 1883.  I am not sure where he's from on island of Faial or when he immigrated to the U.S.  The story from my father was that my grandfather came over on his uncles whaling ship and jumped ship somewhere on the east coast when he was 17.  Any information will be greatly  appreciated...thanks!

Sammie Lepre, Louisiana
Email: lepre.sam@gmail.com
Island: Unknown, possibly Faial
Surnames: Faria, Enos, Vargas
Comments: Looking for any information on Manoel (Manuel) P. Faria and wife Emma Enos Faria. Both lived in Richmond, Contra Costa county, CA for some time. All I've been able to find of Manuel is from mostly census reports and a US WWI Draft Registration. Manuel was born in Jan. or Feb. 1877 in Portugal. He was 23 in the 1900 census and had been in the US for 6 years. Both parents were born in Portugal as well. In 1900, he and Emma were living in Port Costa, CA and had just been married that year. His immigration year was listed as 1894 when he was 17. In the 1900 census, he and Emma's last name was spelled "Feria". On his draft registration card 1918, his last name was spelled "Feria" again. At that time, they lived in San Pablo, CA. He was listed as a "non-declared Alien of Portugal". In the 1910 census records, the last name is Faria and Manuel was listed as the head of household. His birth year changes here to 1876, and the immigration year to 1895. In the 1920 census, his birth year changes again to 1878, and the immigration year is back to 1894. In the 1930 census, the head of household changes to John S. Faria. Then in the 1940 census, Emma alone is listed as the head of household. I have no death information on Manuel. Most of those census records had the family living at 2734 or 2534 Pine Ave. Richmond, CA. I have no idea who John S. Faria is, or why he replaces Manuel in that census report, unless Manuel died by then, but I have no record of his death and I do still have Manuel living at that address in the 1947 city directory. There's also record of a John Faria at that address too, and they did have a son named John, but his middle initial was H., not S. The son John H. was 17 at the time of the 1930 census, and the John S. listed as head of household then was 53. I've been told that maybe Manuel changed his name to John, but at his age that seems unlikely. Manuel and Emma had 9 children: Manuel George, Lawrence Daniel (my grandfather), Mary Evelyn, John H., Anthony, Philomena, Margaret, Frances, and Rose/Roseanne.  
     Emma Enos Faria was born around 1880 in CA. Her mother's maiden name was Vargas, and I've seen Emma's maiden name spelled "Enes" too. She died 09/30/1957 and is buried in St. Joseph's cemetery in San Pablo on 10/03/1957. Her son Larry (Lawrence) handled the arrangements and he was possibly an employee of the Diocese of Oakland at that time. Emma's father was born in CA; her mother in Portugal. I cannot find record of her marriage to Manuel in 1900, or any birth information. She raised my mother, Doris Faria, and her twin sister Deloris/Dolores from about 1940 until about 1945 or 1946. Their father, Lawrence D. Faria was in the military and their mother, Ruth Madison, had deserted the family which is how the girls ended up with their paternal grandmother Emma. When Lawrence returned from the military in late 1945, the twins were put into foster care at age 12 and by age 16, they lost contact with each other and the rest of the family. 
     If any of this information jogs the memory of anyone who knew this family, please contact me. I was given up for adoption by Doris Faria in 1964 and only just found out that she was my birth mother. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2006 and since she stopped contact with her family when she was 16, I have no other living relatives to ask. I am trying to research this family and would love to know where they came from and anything about them, especially which person my great grandfather is: Manuel or John! Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help! 

Carol Sybrant, P. O. Box 160, Cave Junction, OR 97504
Tel.: 541-821-8751
Email: carolsybrant@wildblue.net
Date submitted: May 8, 2014
Surnames: Oliveira, Lewis, Dutra, Rezendes
Comments: I am searching for information on my great grandparents who all imigrated from the Azores to Massachusettes, then settled in Centerville (Washington Township) California. I do not have information on their villages.
PICO: Antone Oliveira, born August 1851; married Mary D. Lewis
PICO: Mary D. Lewis, born 1855, married Antone Oliveira
SANTA MARIA: Manuel Rezendes, married Rosida Dutra
FAIAL: Rosida Dutra, born 1868, married Manuel Rezendes
No other information known.

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