Portuguese Language Tapes

Here is a series of three Portuguese language tapes (for English speakers) by Maria Oliveira which are sure to be a valuable addition to any Portuguese reference library.

Fala português?

Maria Oliveira, a native of São Jorge in the Azores, holds a Masters of Arts degree and has 12 years experience teaching and translating in courts, hospitals and businesses. She has been an instructor and developer of language programs at various adult schools and community colleges in California. Her teaching style is enthusiastic. Also visit Maria's own website listed below.

Album One - Portuguese Vocabulary (2 tapes are 60 minutes each.)

Some of the comments about Album One:

"Maria Oliveira makes learning Portuguese easy and enjoyable" says Norm Gonsalves and here is what some of her students have to say about these tapes...

"The Portuguese tapes are wonderful. They have helped me greatly. They are very easy to follow." - Kathleen Langston, School Secretary

"The audio tapes add a great deal when learning a language. I can listen to them as much as I need to help in pronunciation. I love them." - John Souza, Electronics Technician

Series Two - Conversational Portuguese (2 tapes are 60 minutes each.)

Some of the comments about Series Two:

"Maria Oliveira has done it again - made learning a language enjoyable. The mellow music between lessons provides the relaxation necessary to learn easily," says Corinne Rau, school teacher.

Here is what some of her students have to say about these tapes...

"Maria, your tapes have greatly helped me to learn the proper pronunciation of the Portuguese vocabulary. The tapes can be listened to while I drive to work and on my lunch break."

- Diana Souza, Pharmacy Technician

"The tapes help me tremencously! The think I have the most trouble with is pronunciation so having the tapes with me makes me a lot more confident." - Bridget Langston, High School Student

Series Three - Conversational Portuguese (2 tapes are 60 minutes each.) More comments about these tapes:

"I enjoy the tapes very much. They bring back many memories of my grandparents when I am listening to the lovely language. I learned something new every time I listened to them." - Dorothy Pendergast, Auto Repair Shop Owner

Fala português? Then these two tapes might be the perfect thing for you to learn English:

Maria Oliveira, Licenciada em idiomas e professora há mais de 12 anos, é autora de vários livros e cassetes didáticos em Inglês, Português e Espanhol. No decorrer destes anos, desenvolveu vários métodos de ensino para todos os nativos da Língua Portuguesa que desejam aprender a falar Inglês. Os seus métodos garantem resultados imediatos. Nascida nos Açores e residente nos Estados Unidos há 27 anos onde se formou, é hoje também professora universitária e empresária. Siga o seu exemplo. Aprenda Inglês e novas oportunidades surgirão.

Conteúdo dos Cassetes (Série Número 1):

ingles-1.gif (21782 bytes)1º Cassete (53 minutos)

2º Cassete (55 minutos)

Conteúdo dos Cassetes (Série Número 2):

ingles-2.gif (17038 bytes)1º Cassete (60 minutos)

2º Cassete (60 minutos)

  Maria Oliveira

Cost for each cassette album (2 tapes per album) is $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping & handling to U.S., Canada & Mexico locations for a total of $22.95. Shipping to all other international locations is $6 (for a total of $25.95 each). If your address is in California, you must add 7.75% tax ($1.55) which makes the total $24.50. Send your check or money order to:

Maria Oliveira
2133 Via Alta
Benicia, California 94510
U.S.A. Telephone: (707)745-8267 / FAX: (707)745-8267 (*51)

E-Mail: MEleonor@aol.com

(Visa & MasterCard accepted)

Maria has her own websites:




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