Southwestern Themes

using the European art of

Slovak Lacework
(from Slovakia in Central Europe)




Now showing at the AZ Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona



For the other themes available, see  https://dholmes.com/palickovanie.html

If you have a particular theme you are using to decorate, just run it by me and I'll see what I can come up with.

Whether it's a large display piece for a living room, office, den or kitchen,
or something for a kid's room, bathroom, hallway, or a large walk-in closet, your imagination is the only limit!

This shows the Palickovanie art in progress.

It's a very detailed type of lace-work that takes hours upon hours to complete each piece:

Prices for each piece vary, so just ask for a quote based on
the size & detail of the piece you would like.

Contact Jana CupkovŠ Holmes by e-Mail

Now showing at the AZ Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ
(click to enlarge photo)