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Jana Cupková Holmes
(6 cents per word)



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A native of Bratislava, Slovakia, Jana specializes in personal letters, vital records and village histories translated to and from English and the Slovak language at only 6 cents per word. This rate is half the price of many translation companies and the speed of service is very fast, usually the same day. Being that Jana is a native, she is excellent at translating.



What many people do when wanting to write to prospective cousins they've found in the Slovak telephone books is they write one basic letter which can just have the address and names substituted. They can send this letter to any number of hopeful relations.

If you don't yet know any possible relatives to write to, you can contact us to do a telephone book search. Just supply us with the surnames and locations and we'll do the search. Cost is $5 per surname, per village (telephone searches are only available when translation work is requested - otherwise, telephone searches are not normally available from us).

You can also have vital records, documents or old letters in Slovak translated into English.


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History: One of the most popular items to be translated is the short histories of each Slovak village. This is based on the 3-volume Slovak book, "Vlastivedný Slovník Obcí na Slovensku" (Geographical Dictionary of Communities in Slovakia). The information from this book may provide for each village:

  • 1. General data: includes old and foreign names of the community, administration structure, the parts of the community, regional parts, population numbers, size of territory.
  • 2. Geographical data: elevation, weather, rivers, flora, etc.
  • 3. History: includes archeology, history up to 1918, history after 1918.
  • 4. Culture: includes, theatre, music, literature, sight-seeing, famous personalities, etc.
  • 5. Health & welfare
  • 6. Sports & tourism
  • 7. References (used to compile the data of the entry).

(Each village will vary in which of the above data it includes.)

Some entries, such as the big cities, have many pages of information, not all of interest to the genealogist, so you may choose to have just the historical data translated. If you have your own copy of this reference, you can make a copy of the page and send a highlighted page of the parts you want translated.

We were lucky to find an old used copy of this geographical dictionary one of our trips to Slovakia, but volume 3 of the series was missing, so we can normally only provide villages which start with letters A-R. Villages which start with letters S-Z are usually not available to us (though we do have some of them), so you must send us a copy of the page.

Of course, if you have your own historical data from some books or references, you can have any of them translated, too. We have many books in our collection and might be able to find additional data about any of them. Just ask, but only ask if you want them translated. We can't provide a copy service for this material.



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Biographies: Yet another good source of genealogical information in the form of books comes from the 6-volume series "Slovenský Biografický Slovník" by Matica Slovenská (Slovak Biographical Dictionary). This great series has all of the famous or notable personalities of Slovak history. It's a great source of surnames and where people came from. The recent people often have a photo, too. This series is still available for purchase from our on-line book store, if you're interested. You can have any of these people's biographies translated. Just ask to see whether a surname is represented and we'll tell you how many there are. A photocopy of the page is available for $5 and you can then tell us which one you would like translated.





While most translators charge from 10 to 15 cents per word, Jana charges only 6 cents per word. The translation is done with a word processor and it has an option to provide a "word count" and that is what is used to determine the exact price of the page. Therefore, we must do the translation to English or Slovak before we can know the actual and final cost. But, to give you some kind of estimate before the translation is done:

Cost of translation is usually $15-$20 per typed page.
(There is a $15 minimum for translation work.)



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You can also estimate the cost of your letter by doing a word count in English
and it will be fairly close to the amount of words in Slovak.

Completed translations are normally sent in MicroSoft Word format and attached to email.

But for those who are not using a computer, it can also be printed and sent by letter.

Payment is normally by personal check, but arrangements to pay by charge card through PayPal.


Please send email to arrange for your material to be translated:

Jana Cupková Holmes
(send email for my complete address)
Sacramento, California

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