Tiled Kitchen

If you are a handyman (or lady) or a DIYer (Do It Yourselfer), please take a look at one of the ideas you can use for your own home or to be used by any contractor in the business. 
I am presenting this image and many others just because I love doing this type of work and want to share it with anyone else interested. I'd also be happy to give a quote to get something like this done for you if you live in my area, but people from all over the world find my images online and just want to take a better look. 

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Tiling the vertical surfaces in the home is often overlooked, but can yield very nice results.
This kitchen island was tiled to complement the backsplash and the floor tiles.
In my opinion, the superior look comes from the use of natural stone, not ceramic or porcelain.
But those could be used in clever ways along with natural stone for a very good result.

Don't assume that just because you are using expensive tiles you get a nice look.
I have seen expensive travertine tiles used on the floors throughout the entire home and the results were mediocre at best.
A superior look comes only from a good design and the price of the tiles is almost irrelevant,
though more often than not some money should be invested into natural stone tiles
(travertine, granite, slate) for at least a portion of the tiling project.

As always, you get what you pay for and when you pay for robotic installers, you get poor results.
The best results are only by tilers who have some creativity in their blood
and that creativity is only possible because a lot of extra time is invested into the project.
You will pay for that time or you simply won't get top notch results.