Play Areas #4

If you are a handyman (or lady) or a DIYer (Do It Yourselfer), please take a look at one of the ideas you can use for your own home or to be used by any contractor in the business. 
I am presenting this image and many others just because I love doing this type of work and want to share it with anyone else interested. I'd also be happy to give a quote to get something like this done for you if you live in my area, but people from all over the world find my images online and just want to take a better look. 

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This little bridge over some of the water features became a necessity in the design of this play area. 
And it turned out to be one of the favorite areas where the children played. 
It just goes to show that climbing and jumping elements are always appreciated by children 
and should be included whenever and wherever possible when designing a play area.