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This information page is designed to answer many questions about the genealogy group called the Hungarian / American Friendship Society and the quarterly newletter it produced known as "Regi Magyarorszag."

"Regi Magyarorszag
(Old Hungary)" used to be published four times a year by the Hungarian / American Friendship Society in Sacramento. Publishing dates were: Winter (February), Spring (May), Summer (August), Autumn (November). A total of 15 issues were published.

The society was founded in 1992 by Douglas P. Holmes who is the director and the editor of the newsletter. Doug performed all functions solo with no board of directors or non-profit status, thus avoiding the complications of a formal group.

The group is no longer active because the director no longer has time for it. To fulfill past obligations, all members from 1997 will receive one final big issue, planned for maybe sometime in 2003, which will represent the 3 issues 16-18 which were never sent out in 1997. Once that is complete, all back-issues will kept available to people who are just now discovering this former group. The information contained in the newsletters continue to be of great help to anyone doing research in this part of the world. For this reason, it is the plan to always keep the newsletters, maps, books, etc. available on this website for anyone interested, despite little being offered in the way of personal attention by Doug Holmes.

See what the director now is active with by vising the Portuguese genealogy section of this website:

Hungarian/American Friendship Society
c/o Doug Holmes
Sacramento, California 95821

The main emphasis of the group is genealogical research in the region known as the "Hungarian Kingdom" until World War One. This covers modern Hungary, Slovakia and parts of Romania (Transylvania "Erdely" and the Banat), part of far-western Ukraine, and parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. Special emphasis is placed on modern Hungary and Slovakia, though other areas are not neglected.

Back-issues are available for $3.00 each to the U.S. or Canada, and for $4 to International locations.

Rare references can be purchased from these two bookstore pages:

Doug Holmes writes most of the articles and bases them on personal research he conducts in search of his own, mostly Slovak, ancestry from Békés county, Hungary where he has traced them back to the very beginning of the records (about 1720-30) for villages in that county.

Note: Make checks for back-issues payable to DOUG HOLMES.

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