A History of the Azores Islands

A History of the Azores Islands (Volume 5) ($28.00)
By James H. Guill. The best English language history of the Azores Islands ever written. A "must have" book.



This book has been sold out for several years now. 
From time to time I hear about someone selling it on-line, so it is still sometimes available but now very hard to find. Perhaps the only thing possible is to read the book through inter-library loan.


A quote from the preface of volume 5:

It has taken this author and his family 45 years to unearth the research materials used to prepare this history. This small family--the author, his wife, and their daughter--have lived in the Azores, have walked in the footsteps of the early settlers, have worshipped in Azorean churches, and have studied myriads of documents and an endless litany of Azorean genealogists. They have explored the world for scenes of Azorean action. This search has taken them to all nine islands of the archipelago, to Madeira and Porto Santo, to the furthest corners of Portugal, Spain, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States....
...They took coffee in Azorean-owned cafézinhos in Rio de Janeiro and walked the halls of the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam, where Jews fled from Portugal, Madeira, and the Azores for continuance of their chosen way of life. This small family has documented Azorean graves in American cemeteries from Hilo to Cape Cod, collecting into a central databank the records of Azoreans who have lived, labored, made their mark in this world, and passed to the eternal rewards promised by their Christian religion.

In speaking with the author, I was given permission to mention the other books in this 5-volume series:

Note for 2003: Last I heard Dr. Guill was having health problems and is no longer in contact with anyone who writes him. As for volumes 1-4, a satisfactory publisher has not been found. So his daughter promises to one day get these volumes published, in case the author is unable to do so himself.

Note for 2008: The author died a couple years ago, but his work lives on. Let's hope his daughter finds the time to publish a lot more of what Dr. Guill was hoping to publish himself. A couple years before he died, he sent me all he knew about his wife's ancestry from the island of Terceira (going back about 4 generations) and I was happy to learn my family is distantly related.

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