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People of Portuguese descent; their lives and times, from all over the world.

Arranged by location, this page will link to stories of people as told by their descendants. Anyone can have their stories here. Indeed, they are encouraged so that the basic story of the immigrant or person who stayed in his native land can be seen in all its various flavors. These stories can be on your own website and just a link from here to your page, or if you don't have a place to put the story, it can be on this website.

Just click on the location you're interested in and you'll see the stories of people from that area. There will be many cases where a person from one location will mention other locations, so you might find things of interest in all of the stories here.

My reason for creating this page is that some people have a very interesting story of their ancestors and no place to publish it so it can be appreciated by the people who would be interested. The magic of the Internet can be seen here because with no costs to publish your material, you can have the space to have your story for all to see. You can help bring the sometimes "dry" field of pure genealogy into a new level of interest.


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To begin with, I have used the many stories found in the book Portuguese Pioneers of the Sacramento Area, by Lionel Rocha Holmes. You can find out more about this book on the PHCS page.

Please don't think that the stories can only be about people who moved to the U.S.A. I am very hopeful that some people will include stories of their ancestors who stayed in Portugal, Brasil, or any other place where Portuguese live. The rule of thumb here is to write about anyone who was Portugusese if this person was your ancestor or just interesting to you and you're not even related to them. This opens the door to any story about any Portuguese person, without forgetting copyright laws. So don't take something straight out of some book unless you have the author's permission or the book was written 75 years ago (the normal period for international copyrights to expire).

Your story can be in either language, English or Portuguese, but if it's in Portuguese, please consider translating it into English, too, and I will post both versions here.


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Choose from the following locations to read these interesting stories:


[Corvo] [Faial] [Flores] [Graciosa] [Pico] [Santa Maria] [São Jorge] [São Miguel] [Terceira]

Stories of people who came from some unknown location in the: [Azores]

[Cabo Verde] [Madeira] [Porto Santo] [Mainland Portugal]

Future locations to be added when there are submissions for these areas:

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