by Doug da Rocha Holmes


I am very pleased to announce a new way to discover how people who have done DNA testing through the Portuguese DNA Sponsors program are matching other people with Y-DNA, mtDNA and especially autosomal DNA. This last one, autosomal, is likely to be a test done at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and whose kit has been uploaded to Gedmatch. But as time goes by, they might appear in your MyHeritage or AncestryDNA matches, as well.


The purpose of DNA testing paid by Portuguese DNA Sponsors is to discover the origins of our Portuguese ancestors by means of Y-DNA initially, but also by mtDNA, too. These two tests narrowly focus on the direct paternal and maternal lines of the person who did the test. The main reason they got tested was to discover these origins. And all efforts are made to continue testing each person until they reach the top. The top for Y-DNA is the test called Y-111 from FTDNA and another called BigY, or a similar test from another lab such as Dante Labs, FGC or YSEQ. The top for mtDNA is called mtDNA Full Sequence, also from FTDNA.

During the course of DNA testing each person, there have been opportunities to add in the autosomal test called Family Finder for many people. Since this type of test is what most people are interested in, this offer will allow everyone to discover exactly how they connect.

When you see this image you know their testing was paid for by Portuguese DNA Sponsors:



Here is how it works. Anyone who matches you at Gedmatch who has my email (terceira@dholmes.com) or at FTDNA in your Family Finder matches, or even your Y-DNA matches or mtDNA matches, can purchase the baptism documents that apply to the ancestors of the person whose kit I manage. Documents will be from 1910 or before. It might be the document of a parent or grandparent, even a great-grandparent, depending on the age of the person. Eventually, I will state where each of the ancestors originated, such as this:

Father – Piedade, Pico
Mother – Ribeiras, Pico

(this above would be for someone who was old enough that their parents were born in 1910 or before)

Paternal grandfather – Angra, Terceira
Paternal grandmother – Velas, Sao Jorge
Maternal grandfather -  Horta, Faial
Maternal grandmother – Sao Roque do Pico

And if they are young enough that their grandparents were not born in 1910 or before, I will add in additional information:

Paternal grandfather’s father – Ponta Delgada, Flores
Paternal grandfather’s mother – Santa Cruz das Flores
Paternal grandmother’s father – Bandeiras, Pico
Paternal grandmother’s mother – Madalena, Pico

Maternal grandfather’s father – Candelaria, Pico
Maternal grandfather’s mother – Lajes do Pico
Maternal grandmother’s father – not Portuguese
Maternal grandmother’s mother – not Portuguese

You can see that with this information you will be able to take a good guess as to how you connect to the person you match, assuming you know your own tree.

It will take time for me to input all this new information at FTDNA. In the meantime, if they match and you would like to purchase a document, just indicate the person you match and I will add that information to their account right away for you to choose from.

The cost for each baptism document is $10. You will receive a digital image of the Portuguese language baptism document sent by email that will allow you to study all the information and continue tracing their line back further on your own. I will keep track of each request and the money earned will go directly to upgrade that person’s test level. They might have been tested only to Y12 (the lowest level) and so once there is enough money earned from that specific person’s kit, I will wait for the next sale at FTDNA to purchase the upgrade. Generally, I like to get the very best prices, so I wait for the best sales. Once they have done all possible Y-DNA testing, I will apply any other earnings towards their mtDNA testing, assuming their maternal line has not already been tested by another person. And once they have completed all DNA testing, additional earnings will go to upgrade other kits that I manage or pay for new people to be tested.

All money earned will go directly back into DNA testing

I am not earning any money from this. I am volunteering my time in order to see what can be discovered by DNA testing all these people, with the ultimate goal to:

Discover the recent and ancient origins of the Portuguese people

The great thing is that there are a whole lot of people who have not done any autosomal testing yet. All will match others who will be interested to know how they connect. And so I will make it a priority to get autosomal DNA testing added to everyone who has done only Y-DNA testing so far and this will give everyone more chances to connect.

This is a way to earn money for DNA testing and if there is enough interest, we will all see more DNA matches come to us.

Please use this PayPal link to place your order. Include a note saying the person you match and specify which baptism document in their tree you want. If I didn’t yet add the information about their grandparents, send me an email in advance (terceira@dholmes.com) and I will add it as soon as possible. I will send you an email when it’s ready for you.

Click here to see an example baptism document.

In case you are unable for any reason to read the document you order, for another $10 fee you can obtain an English language summary of the main facts. Just order another document and leave a note saying you want the English summary. Here is an example summary of the above sample document:

Child: Adelaide
Baptized on 26 Mar 1910 in Vila Nova, Terceira
Parents: José Martins de Lemos and Maria Teodora Brites
Paternal grandparents: José Martins de Lemos & Maria Josefa
Maternal grandparents: Jacinto Gomes Brites & Maria Teodora

In case you need a full English translation of the entire document, you can contact me by email. And if you need my professional help to document the ancestors named in the document you order, or your own tree, that can also be arranged.